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When you feel that you’re in a situation that requires the personal attention of a lawyer in Farmington Hills, or Oakland County, MI then there’s a legal practice you may want to consider consulting. At the Law Offices of Harry Steven Ellman, we take pride in offering individualized advice for all of our clients. We’ve been involved in the legal field for more than 40 years, and our firm has served this community since 1971.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Pamela W.

    - Apr 16 2021 Harry sell man Attorney at law is the absolute BEST!!! I love the professionalism with correspondence with updates, emails and all aspects of handling your legal needs. Excellent work!!! Thank you, Attorney Harry Ellman Law Office!
  • Linda Ann Barrows

    - Feb 03 2021 I was in dire straights for an immediate response regarding the Deed to my property. I searched for many Realtors that could assist me with this matter. None, but for the exception of HARRY ELLMAN even bothered to return my calls and he did so as mentioned in his advertisement( responds within 24hrs)-True to his words. I was immediately contacted by him personally as I did mention-time was of the essence for me. I was very pleased with his communication skills and his ability and willingness to be of service to me and did indeed DO EXACTLY as I had asked of him. His timing was impeccable and greatly appreciated as was his efforts to help me. I am so pleased with my experience that I wanted to share what its like to actually talk to a human being that actually cares about helping others. I HIGHLY recommend him for any of your realtor needs. Thank you VERY much Mr. Ellman!!!
  • Mike Haikin

    - May 18 2018 I like to work with Harry. Always professional and accurate.

    - Mar 19 2018 Harry and Jeff have been very professional, worked on my case and we won it. I would definitely recommend them.
    • Harry Ellman

      Mar 19 2018Thanks Loay our successfull appeal to the Circiut Court from the City Council's denial of your special use permit was instrumental in negotiating a good settlement and now you are open for business.
  • Herb Strather

    - Feb 17 2018 Harry has been my lawyer and Title company guy for many, many many years. I have closed $2 billion in transactions and I have the most sophisticated (some would say complicated) deals and I need an experts expert and Harry is that person. I strongly recomend Harry.
    • Harry Ellman

      Feb 17 2018Thanks Herb. State Michigan is forever grateful to you for bringing casinos and tax revenues for wonderful purposes for the state including our educational system.
  • herb Strather

    - Feb 16 2018 Awesome!!
  • Goldie Hp

    - Jan 19 2018 The best attorney who was so patient and experienced.
  • R. Golden

    - Jan 18 2018 I had a problem. He solved it.
    • Harry Ellman

      Jan 18 2018This was a very complicated chain of title involving multiple platted lots. The title company I engaged and I resolved the open issues.
  • j.b

    - Dec 19 2017 trying to get 7 people to sign a power of attorney ...
    • Harry Ellman

      Jan 20 2018All agreed and now we are negtiating a sales price over $2.2 million.
  • Lisa Brusate

    - Oct 17 2017 Harry is a hard worker and was responsive to my calls and emails, and got me results above and beyond my expectations. What a great experience!
  • Thomas Pronesti

    - Oct 17 2017 Harry is a featured attorney on Mediation.com and we highly recommend his services.
  • Cheryl Rothenberg

    Jan 19 2018 Mr. Ellman was very helpful when I got myself in a messy situation with my home. With his wisdom and expertise, I was able to keep my home. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a real estate attorney. I'm so glad that I found him!!
  • Mark Zobel

    Jan 19 2018 Harry Ellman went above and beyond to help me. Extremely exception at his profession. Highly highly recommend.
  • Nichole Winowiecki

    Jul 31 2017 Mr. Ellman was available when I needed him, the day before a holiday. Due to the urgency of my case, Mr. Ellman even offered to meet me on the holiday if necessary. I experienced some trouble producing the attorney fees with such short notice and because of the holiday. Mr. Ellman kindly accepted a significant deposit and worked out a payment plan for me to pay off the remainder of my debt in just a few months. Mr. Ellman is certainly a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. However, I can only give him 3 stars. We had a little bit of trouble communicating. I felt stupid when he told me I was the only client who ever claimed they couldn’t see the documents posted. I hunted down the number to tech support for them to tell me, “oh, they probably just didn’t check the right box.” They had to call Mr. Ellman’s office to fix the problem. At one point, he told me to call “Doug” - I had no idea who he was talking about. He also yelled at me during one of our phone conversations like he was my dad. I defensively, and regrettably yelled back as if he actually was my dad. The majority of our conversations were awkward. All that being said – Mr. Ellman won my case. He did loads of research and I could see his progress with my case every step of the way (with the exception of the unchecked box hiccup). Mr. Ellman is a compassionate and accomplished man. Unfortunately, communication is a big thing for me, so that is why I rated him the way I did. I hope this helps you find the right attorney for you!
  • E Salas

    Jan 26 2017 Mr. Ellman was very helpful, quick and affordable in assisting us with a minor real estate matter. Thank you very much!
  • Mark Shepherd

    Sep 23 2016 Harry is very responsive and extremely qualified. He has over 40 years of experience, and knows how to take care of his clients. He's an experienced transaction attorney and litigator that truly cares about helping others.

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