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319 S Sharon Amity Rd #120
Charlotte, NC 28211
(704) 447-7547
Risser Law is a Charlotte law firm focusing on family law. Heidi Risser strongly believes that Collaborative law methods can be used in most cases to avoid litigation and find good solutions to families wresting with the issues surrounding separation, division of assets, custody, child support and divorce.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Timothy Risser

    Jun 23 2018 She’s amazing
  • Tamra E Carpenter

    May 18 2018 Heidi is amazing! She was such a blessing to have!
  • Sandra Lee

    Feb 27 2018 I often think people believe working with an attorney is a cold, anxious and unpleasant experience. This is completely not how you will experience Heidi. She is passionate about her career as a family law attorney but she is equally caring about her clients. She will listen to you, make you feel at ease and you will feel her compassion because she knows how hard divorce is on people individually and on their family. She believes in a kinder more gentler approach and hopes with you to find healing and hope on the other side of such a difficult transition. You will be glad you worked with Heidi!
  • Linda Schowalter

    Dec 07 2017 I love this gal!! Very responsible!!
  • MR

    Nov 12 2017 Extremely professional. Heidi has compassion and empathy for those going through changing challenges.
  • ER

    Nov 07 2017 Mrs. Risser is the consummate professional. If you want to resolve your family law case using a collaborative approach, this is the attorney for you. Mrs. Risser truly cares about her clients.
  • Miranda Risser

    Oct 08 2017 She's very professional and efficient
  • Nancy Schowalter

    Sep 09 2017 Heidi has compassion and empathy for those going through life changing challenges.
  • Amy Roadman

    Sep 08 2017 Extremely professional, knowledgeable and experienced.
  • Paul W Schowalter

    Sep 08 2017 She fights for the little guy with energy and probity!
  • Connie Glover

    Sep 08 2017 I have known Heidi for years and she is the epitome of intelligence, humor and ethics. She excels at everything she does and her business is her passion...helping others.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Aug 18 2017 Heidi is a featured attorney on She specializes in family law and we highly recommend her services.
  • Donna Gilley

    Jul 20 2017 Heidi was the best attorney I could imagine in my particular divorce experience. She advised me wisely all along the way with professional guidance but also compassion. I would recommend her to anyone going through a divorce.

    Jun 28 2017
  • Sarah Maxey

    Apr 25 2017 Heidi helped make a difficult time less stressful. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable in her field and very reasonably priced. The insite, support, and guidance that Heidi provides is truely priceless! I would recommend her to anyone looking for the best family attorney in Charlotte.
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