How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help in the Event of a Car Accident?

How a personal injury attorney can help in the event of a car accident?

When you have been involved in a car accident, it is important to surround yourself with supportive people who are looking out for your best interests. An experienced Hillsborough County FL personal injury attorney like Scott Toner can protect your legal interests while you focus on your recovery. Some of the things that a Hillsborough County FL personal injury attorney can help you after a car accident include:

Advise You to Seek Medical Treatment
In the immediate moments after a car accident, it is common for accident victims to experience a surge of adrenaline. This may mask symptoms of injuries that they do not know they sustained. Additionally, some injuries are not visibly apparent. A Hillsborough County FL personal injury lawyer can advise victims to seek medical treatment to identify all injuries. This will help protect the value of the claim by factoring in all medical expenses related to the treatment of injuries sustained in the accident. Additionally, seeing a doctor shortly after an accident can document the connection between the injuries and the accident.

Conduct an Investigation
Hillsborough County FL personal injury attorneys can conduct an investigation into the cause of the accident to determine all liable parties and the factors that contributed to the accident. He or she can take photos of the accident scene; see if there is any video of the accident from nearby traffic cameras or business surveillance cameras and interview eyewitnesses. 

Handle Communications with the Insurance Company  Insurance adjusters often use tricks to try to get you to talk to them and say things that will damage your claim. They may try to get you to give them a recorded statement or say something that minimizes your injuries. Once you retain a skilled Hillsborough County FL personal injury lawyer, he can take over communications with the insurance company while you focus on recovering. 

Protect Your Interests 
Your Hillsborough County Florida personal injury attorney will provide you with ongoing advice and support to help you with your claim. He or she can advise you steps you should take to protect your claim, such as keeping all doctor’s appointments, following doctor’s orders and keeping a pain journal to document your pain and suffering. 

He can also explain things that you should not do. For example, your lawyer may advise you not to post on social media while your claim is pending because insurance adjusters may be looking for any little piece of evidence to use against you. He can also advise you not to discuss your injuries or accident with any third parties so that they do not get dragged into your case.

Negotiate a Fair Settlement
Hillsborough County FL personal injury attorneys work on personal injury claims every day. They understand the potential value of your claim based on similar claims. They can also ensure that all of the damages that you have sustained are considered when negotiating a settlement on your behalf.

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