Hugh McGavick, PS

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208 Lee St. SW, Ste 108
Tumwater, Washington 98501
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Discrimination, Divorce, Employment, Family, Sexual Harassment, Wage and Hour, Workplace, Wrongful Termination
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Tammy Tittle

    Aug 09 2018 While I live in a different state, Hugh provided me with insight to take action that would lead to a win-win situation. Hugh was nonjudgemental in his approach. He is very compassionate and well presented. He helped me gain the confidence needed to approach my case head on in a rather embarrassing situation. I was not able to retain him as my attorney, however his insight, professionalism and compassion ranks him high among his peers. Highly recommended.
  • Bill Broich

    Jul 27 2018 Hugh has represented me on 2 occasions. Both experiences were positive, High was always prepared, thorough and convincing in his approach. Hugh keyed on on our issues, explained the best approach, represented us in court and won. Without any reservations, Hugh would always be a recommendation (an referral) from me as a professional and competent attorney.
  • Jason Rushforth

    Jul 26 2018 People typically dread working with lawyers but that wasn't my case at all while working with Hugh McGavick who is as compassionate as he is capable. You never want to be in a situation that you need counsel but you will sleep easy when Hugh is your counsel.
  • Patricia Kay

    Jun 05 2018 Hugh McGavick is a deeply ethical man with solid knowledge of the law and deep concern for people. He is able to bring clarity to difficult situations with compassion and equanimity. I have received great benefit from his insights and legal guidance over the years.
  • Rosie Finn

    Jun 05 2018 Hugh brilliantly assisted me through a difficult legal matter. His calm, easy manner combined with astute observations and understanding of the law were absolutely what I needed. I highly recommend Hugh!
  • Michele

    May 07 2018 Hugh McGavick has helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. He offered his skills with an abundance of compassion and understanding, without judgement. Hugh brings calm and peace to any situation and I continue to be grateful for his rock solid guidance.
  • D.Jorgensen

    Apr 19 2018 For over twenty two years Mr. McGavick has handled legal cases for myself and members of my family with outstanding results. I found him to be the most ethical, trustworthy attorney I had ever hired. He will not waste your time or your money. I highly recommend Mr. Hugh McGavick.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Apr 13 2018 Hugh is a featured attorney on and we highly recommend his services.
  • Jason Rushforth

    Nov 19 2018 Hugh McGavick is as compassionate as he is capable and will make you feel completely at ease while he does his part to resolve your situation effectively and painlessly.
  • Ann Broich

    Nov 13 2018
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