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Ideal Organizing + Design helps you organize and style your home, office, and business so can be more productive. Ideal Organizing + Design also offers move management that takes the stress out of moving from one location to another. Ideal Organizing + Design works in teams bringing a variety of talents and skills to each project allowing us to accomplish in days what could take months when working alone. Ideal Organizing + Design serves clients in the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • P.C.

    - Jan 20 2023 I'm so glad I hired Ideal Organzing as my organizer. They did in one week what I procrastinated for years! Thank you to the whole guys rock!!
  • Jacqueline M Wells

    - Jan 19 2023 Michael and the staff where very professional and down to earth. They Got everything put away and done.
  • Dee Bell

    Jan 20 2023 Ideal Organizers is THE WAY TO GO!! I was on my way to becoming a hopeless hoarder. I thought getting outside help would be too much pressure and anxiety. The Ideal staff know their jobs. They made me feel relaxed within five minutes of their arrival. I felt no pressure to let go of any cherished item. There was no judgement!! None! The company had reviewed the process with me beforehand and they delivered just what was they promised. I was overwhelmed by years of ‘stashed stuff’ in my large multipurpose room. Ideal staff came on time and wasted no time. They accomplished in two days what would have taken me ages and ages to do on my own. (probably would never have happened on my own, lol) The best part is I was totally comfortable working with the staff and I feel so so good with the result. A weight has been lifted. I recommend them to any and everyone anywhere struggling with ‘stuff.’ I certainly plan to use them for other areas in my home. D.B. in Newport News, Va.
  • faYe Howe

    Nov 10 2022 This company is so professional and so efficient. My room went from clutter everywhere to a beautiful, organized space. If you are ADHD and overwhelmed, call these people. If you are disabled or have mobility issues, call these people. They do all of the work. You just have to say, “Keep, recycle, donate, or trash.” Maybe a little on the pricey side, but really so worth it. And they offer no interest financing!! They inspired me to keep the space organized and clutter free. So happy with the results.
  • Gaynelle Ayers

    Sep 04 2022 We moved from a big house to a smaller one. I had recently hurt my back. We absolutely could not have done it without ideals help. It was labor intense and they rose to the task. Friendly and informed. I would definitely use them again.
  • melinda Simpson

    Sep 03 2022 I loved working with these women. They were hard working, and helped me make decisions about so much stuff I had after losing a parent and combining two households worth of stuff into one neat package. My garage will be next project on my list to get purged and organized with their help.
  • Abi H

    Jun 11 2022 Michael & Ray did an amazing job helping us unpack, sort and arrange our new house. Took a huge load off our shoulders. They offered great organizing suggestions, too! We would definately use them/Ideal Organizing & Design again. Thanks again! says:

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