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Family Reconciliation & Intervention Mediation (Couples, generational or parent-child when appropriate), Eldercare & Guardianship, Employment, Multi-Party Team/Business &/or Personnel Grievance, Non-Profit, Faith-Based Individual & Organizational Formats on request, Child Custody or Support Modification, Collaborative Divorce, Co-Parenting Plans, Divorce or Modification. IA also offers an array of counseling & training services—call to inquire. 713-222-2525
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Maria Montes

    Jan 15 2019 Never had or thought I would ever had to seek counseling but just the 2 sessions with Little's It had made me realize that this is something good for me and to help me cope with what I'm going through
  • DB & SM

    Jan 10 2019 Connie Austin works amazingly well with my son Daniel. He is in a difficult phase right now and Connie is able to match is spiritual beliefs with additional scripture. She is so kind and gently guides him. We/he will continue to see her.
  • kelly Spriggs westerlin

    Jan 08 2019 Fantastic!
  • Abigail Farfan

    Dec 06 2018 This source has been extremely helpful to me, and I definitely recommend it to anyone.
  • DLS

    Nov 28 2018 Thank you Sharon Bayus with IA for your tremendous guidance and help during our organizations most trying times. You are appreciated. Highly recommend Sharon, her knowledge, and team.
  • Iliana Suarez

    Nov 14 2018 Gee was very hands on with my son and I absolutely loved her!
  • Alia

    Nov 14 2018 I loved it felt really comfortable and at ease
  • Candice

    Nov 07 2018 I just started with counselling services and I am very pleased with the empathy and positive support I have gotten thus far. I look forward to working through my PTSD issues from years of turmoil with this agency and my one on one support with Sharon.
  • Anne Feagins

    Nov 05 2018 My daughter had a great experience with her counselor! Excellent Service! Thanks again
  • SJF

    Nov 05 2018 The specific tools we received for conflict resolution can be applied in all relationships and arenas of life.
  • Sue Roberts

    Oct 10 2018 Innovative Alternatives (Sharon Bayus) helped us develop a healthier corporate cultural norms after a change in leadership. She was professional and very empathic with staff and our leadership. I would highly recommend Innovative Alternatives for corporate, individual and family difficulties. She navigated the waters for us and we greatly appreciate it.
  • Eloisa Camargo

    Oct 05 2018 Estoy comenzando con un consejero aquí, y con solo dos citas me he sentido muy bien.
  • Danielle Yates

    Oct 05 2018 Worked with both my sons various issues Lovely staff and couselors Friendly and fast office personel Love everything about them
  • Dannielle G Meyer

    Sep 05 2018 Extremely skeptical coming into the process but IA provided guidance, ideas, leadership and a steady hand to move the needle of change. My agency was able to create new company norms which I look forward seeing come to fruition.
  • BB

    Sep 05 2018 IA helped our agency and employees in transitioning from a culture of resistance to a culture that expects openness, honesty and trust. I was not sure we would get to where we needed to be but now I feel that not only did we bridge the communication gap, we also share common norms, expectations and goals for our future. Thank you Sharon for sticking with us.
  • GC

    Sep 05 2018 Sharon at Innovative Alternative was so very helpful in dealing with a conflict where feelings had been hurt and the whole situation had turned negative. She listened and had us turn it all around into a positive. What a wonderfully pleasant experience to be a part of.
  • Randi Odom

    Sep 05 2018 I felt my experience was positive and that there has been an obvious change in our agencies atmosphere.
  • Carolann Peters

    Aug 07 2018 This was an exceptionally positive experience and the service was excellent with outstanding professionalism. All my concerns were handled quickly and efficiently. Sharon Bayus with Innovative Alternative was obviously very experienced in handling difficult circumstances and very conflicted staff. She made me feel comfortable to be honest and open with our conversations, and I believe with the entire staff. With her excellent skills, we seem to have a very positive outcome, and appreciate her going the extra mile in helping us heal our culture.
  • Kristi Allen

    Aug 06 2018 IA assisted our company in a leadership transition that had affected every aspect of our company. They were thorough and thoughtful in their approach. The collaborative process they facilitated on creating norms was cathartic, professional, and practical. While I was very apprehensive about the entire process before it began, I can honestly say it was transformational at every level of our company. I strongly believe our company will be a stronger, healthier environment in regards to customer service and for our employees. I highly recommend their service.
  • Ron Bibby

    Aug 06 2018 Very positive!
  • Randi Odom

    Aug 06 2018 I felt very comfortable with agency through out the process.

    Aug 05 2018 excellent
  • Alison Hall

    Jul 06 2018 Brent has been helping my family work with NPD and emotional, verbal abuse for my brother and his children. While it has been a tough road to journey and we have such a long way to go , we are grateful for IA walking with us and helping us navigate this unknown path.
  • Barry B

    Jun 06 2018 Outstanding mediation session, my son's mother and i left there with an understanding that will allow a peaceful last 4 years of high school. No courts and no lawyers, thanks so much for your services.
  • Doug Graham

    Sep 07 2017 They care for everyone, try to help where they can
  • catherine ledbetter

    Sep 01 2017 Everyone is very nice and my daughter really likes her therapist
  • Gail Gregory

    Aug 30 2017 Have had very helpful counselors.
  • tabitha christiansen

    Jun 19 2017 Polite, courteous, and on schedule. Very professional.couldnt ask for more.
  • Christina Lauderdale

    Nov 27 2016 Amazing programs and exceptional counselors. Love this place for my counseling.
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