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Criminal Defense, Family Law, Traffic Violations
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Todd Brank

    - Mar 26 2023 Excellent
  • Austin

    - Feb 07 2023 I’d highly recommend Douglas fleenor he’s a great lawyer. if you want a guy who will stand up for you in court and get the results you want . Douglas is the man you want in your corner. Him and his wife make a great team !
  • Austin Noel

    - Jun 10 2022 If in need for a lawyer we would highly suggest Douglas Fleenor. If you need a man with compassion and fight in him, he's your man. He did a wonderful job with our case and our family. We're super thankful for what he done for us.
  • Amy Davidson

    - Jul 26 2021 Excellent
  • Sally

    - Apr 29 2021 The best lawyer we could’ve hoped for. He got our Unfair charges reduced!
  • Josue

    - Mar 16 2021 I’m a long haul truck driver that needed help defending my license. I had a great experience with J. Douglass Fleenor Attorney at Law. Doug and Kim took care of me from the moment we first spoke on the phone and through the process of defending my license. There was great communication and an overall good feeling which gave me confidence. He was able to get the charges reduced, and at a very fair price. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience- I highly recommend.
  • Erica Gurkin

    - Mar 03 2021 I live out of state and received a speeding ticket as I passed through Bristol. This was the best experience with an attorney I could have hoped for. I was taking care of immediately by receiving information on the first day I called. This wonderful attorney represented me in court for a reasonable amount and got my ticket dropped after only paying court fees and taking a short online class. This office is professional efficient and fast at taking care of their clients. Thank you so much!
  • SSS

    - Feb 17 2021 Douglas Fleenor is a FANTASTIC LAWYER. He did what seemed impossible. He got our DUI ticket reduced by fighting for the truth of our case. We cannot thank him enough. Mr. Fleenor was a Godsend for us!
  • N

    - Jan 14 2021 He is a good lawyer, took really good care of my reckless driving charge from speeding, I was out of state so I was worried about what to do. But the services provided my his Officer are amazing smooth, and the process is easy, and super friendly. If you are out of state and need help in the local traffic court in Bristol, definitely give the Fleenor law office a call!
  • Jason B

    - Jan 06 2021 Getting an out of state ticket can be stressful to say the least. I went with Doug Fleenor on a whim and couldn't be more grateful that I did. Fleenor and his team turned an awful situation into a resolvable and manageable case. I can't thank them enough for preventing an already unfortunate situation from becoming worse. No brainer- call them before your matter gets worse.
  • NM

    - Nov 27 2020 Doug and Kim were so wonderful to me. My experience with them by was nothing but reassuring. Court was postponed several times (over a year), but Doug kept strong and continued to fight for me. When it came time to present in court, Doug stood strong against two commonwealth attorneys, not even batting an eye. Thanks to him and his support, I’m happy to say that this holiday season has gotten so much brighter. I owe my life and freedom to him and his wife. I highly recommend seeking out Doug.
  • Pamela Rouse

    Oct 22 2019 Mr. Fleenor has been an absolute God send to our family on more than one occasion. He represented my husband in a custody case that we had fought for 4 years, he guaranteed full custody in 6 months and thats exactly what we got. Kimberly Fleenor was kind, caring and very professional, during what was one of the most stressful time in our lives The two of them make a great team. I would recommend DOUG FLEENOR above all others.
  • Ct Ferg

    Jan 22 2019 From our initial consultation to the day our case was dismissed, Doug and his wife were extremely helpful and caring. The very first day we met Mr. Fleenor he told us, I am going to do everything I can to get the best outcome for you. We trusted his judgment every step of the way, and in return he got our DUI case dismissed completely. We are forever thankful for the amount of heartache, stress and money he saved us from. He and his wife are Godly people and I would recommend them to anyone. We hope that we are able to keep ourselves from facing another legal issue in the future, but if another arises, Doug will be the first person we call.
  • Felix Eshun

    Jan 11 2019 I am satisfied with the services of Doug Fleenor law firm. His staff, Kimberly Fleenor was patient and understanding. She has an outstanding customer service skills. Communication was great. I was told what I need to do. I did my part and they performed their part so well. I highly recommend this law firm.

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