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Jacqueline Armstrong is committed to her clients. Her goal is to accomplish the client's goal. The law firm embraces the importance of listening to the client to fully understand the details of their situation and their goals. Jacqueline Armstrong then provides a thorough explanation of the law that applies to that client's unique situation. This counseling provides an understanding of employee rights that will benefit the client throughout their careers
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • BH

    May 18 2019 I got in contact with Jacqueline Armstrong for services regarding a very sensitive matter. Mrs Armstrong understood my needs and provided excellent service. Our case was handled in a very timely and efficient manner, and Mrs. Armstrong always made sure to keep me updated and keep an open line of communication. Overall I felt like Mrs. Armstrong dedicated the appropriate amount of time towards our case and I felt like things went very smooth. The whole process was fairly simple on my end. We contacted her assistant, Mrs. Armstrong got in touch with us very quickly and scheduled us a consultation, and the ball started rolling from there. I highly recommend her services and can assure you that you won’t be disappointed!
  • LL

    May 17 2019 Excellent service..timely and prompt communication. Valuable insight and an overall professional experience.. She’s one you will always want on your side !
  • Phillip

    May 17 2019 Very professional, fast turn around on my issue and very reasonable fees!
  • Alicia Matsushima

    Apr 28 2019 Ms. Armstrong is a lawyer of great competence and character. I will refer her without hesitation to anyone that needs an employment attorney. She works hard and really cares about her clients. She is the fighter you want on your side. Ms. Armstrong will go the extra mile and get the job done.
  • Audrey Spanko

    Mar 27 2019 From our first meeting to the completion of a 3 year trial experience, Jackie was immensely supportive and responsive. After quitting a job due to sexual harassment and a hostile work environment, Jackie helped me navigate the unemployment benefits process and preceding appeals that lead to a deposition, mediation, and eventually a trial. Her knowledge, expertise and empathy made a very challenging experience manageable. She advocated for my rights and well being through the unemployment benefits process, mediation and extensive trial. My case was presented professionally in a jury trial, and thanks to Jackie's due diligence and hard work was won unanimously. Jackie is a phenomenal attorney.
  • Rick L

    Jan 09 2019 Jackie is very thorough and knowledgeable. She took over a frivolous suit against my company and ended up haveing the plaintiff withdrawal their case. She is awesome!
  • MO

    Nov 19 2018 Jackie was prompt, thorough, strategic, responsive, and successful in handling my situation. I have referred three other clients to her and all have had good results.
  • ah

    Nov 19 2018 Jacqueline is one of the most honest and professional people I have worked with. This was my first time needing an attorney. She was patient and explained all of my options to me. She helped me when I found myself in a situation I never thought I would find myself in. If I ever need an attorney again, she will be my first call.
  • Appreciative client

    Nov 16 2018 After many years in a predominately male company, I found myself having to address discrimination issues. I turned to Ms. Armstrong for advice. Jackie listened to me and explained the steps I needed to take. For years I succeeded by being good, better than most, at work, never wanting to use my gender to get preferential treatment. When I had a difficult time calling out the discrimination to my management, Jackie was patient and continued to coach me. With her guidance, I have been able to reach a good outcome without litigation. I would definitely recommend Jackie to anyone needing assistance with workplace discrimination.
  • George Montes

    Nov 13 2018 Jackie was great to work with from the very beginning and guided me through the legal process. She made a very long and stressful situation much easier to cope with and represented me extremely well during our trial. I am very grateful she was on my side. I strongly recommend her and will certainly engage her again should the need arise.
  • Jacki J.

    Oct 31 2018 To say Jackie is tenacious, is an understatement! For 6 years she fought against a company that wrongfully terminated my employment. They had high-powered lawyers that looked like amateurs next to Jackie's skillful manner of handling my case. She was totally committed to me every step of the way, even willingly appealing an unfair decision by the judge to the Federal Court of Appeals. She was compassionate and really made it her job to thoroughly understand my medical issues and how it affected this company's discrimination toward me.Her arguments were written very clearly sand persuasively. She clearly explained how the law applied to my case. She stayed in touch with me and communicated regularly and never delegated any tasks to junior staff. If you want an attorney you can depend on and who will really give it her all, I highly recommend Jacqueline Armstrong.
    • Jacqueline Armstrong

      Oct 31 2018Thank you, Jacki! Having your trust and confidence meant so much!
  • Marnie Stites

    Oct 17 2018 Jackie did an excellent job educating the witnesses about what to expect while being questioned by the attorneys and ensured everybody was informed about the entire court process. She was professional, thoughtful, compassionate and focused during the entire trial.
    • Jacqueline Armstrong

      Oct 31 2018Marnie, I was proud to take your case to trial. Your commitment to the case and belief in me kept me going through that long and challenging process. Thank you.
  • Glenn Braccolino

    Oct 11 2018 Jackie ....... fantastic person She is the one I want on my side
  • Eric Lloyd

    Oct 10 2018 Jacqui is truly a world-class lawyer who serves her clients with distinction. I give her my highest recommendation.
  • Mark Gaddis

    Oct 10 2018 Jackie truly listens to her clients needs and ideas. She offers excellent negotiating and legal advice. I would not hesitate to use her again if the need arose.
  • Scott Reeves

    Feb 05 2018 I have used Jackie on several occasions to negotiate employment agreements in advance of accepting a position, and also when severing employment. In each case Jackie provided excellent advice which helped in reaching fair and equitable outcomes. I value her counsel greatly, and will continue working with her when I have such legal needs.
  • Bill Matthews

    Jan 31 2018 Without reservation, I recommend Ms. Armstrong as an effective attorney. My experience with her legal work and professionalism have been top notch. I’ve engaged her at least two times in the past five years to review complex employment agreements and appreciated how hard she worked at representing my best interests. She was skilled at considering and proposing alternatives to the other side and getting them accepted. Payment terms were clear and fair to me each time I engaged her.
  • Lanny Schoeling

    Jan 31 2018 Jackie is an excellent lawyer for me! I am a very successful oil and gas executive and I needed someone with her skills. She explained everything to me and made it something I could understand. I was very pleased on how she handled the other lawyers, with wonderful people skills. I would recommend her to any other executive for assistance and have already did that. If in the future, I need an attorney I would contact her immediately. If you need a great attorney to handle your affairs, I would recommend Jackie.

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