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126 Ridge Ave
Asbury Park, NJ 07712
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The James Hunt Funeral Home, located on 126 Ridge Ave in Asbury Park, NJ, was founded in 1959 by James Henry Hunt, Sr. We are a family-owned business and have a proud legacy of providing fairly priced beautiful memorial services with compassion, dignity, and professionalism.

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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Anthony Maccracken

    - Mar 25 2023 Excellent services and thankful
  • Sharon Bristow

    - Mar 22 2023 Good thank you Vivian however I miss Kevin
  • sandra king

    - Mar 03 2023 Very informative
  • Tameika Buckley

    - Feb 17 2022 To the entire team thank you!! for the excellent service/treatment we received from your establishment for the final farewell to our beloved Matriarch "Elizabeth Victoria Griffiths Buckley" On October 9, 2020. Even though we were going through a pandemic no stones were left unturned. So from our family "The Buckley family" we say a heart felt thank you
  • Laura Gage

    - May 30 2021 Everyone was so patient and compassionate during this difficult time. My Dad was part of a medical study that involved organ donation. All aspects of
    • Xenia Ware

      May 30 2021Laura, thank you for your review.
  • Evelyn Hannah

    - Apr 29 2021 difficult time. They were available when we were. They were so kind, patient, accommodating and knowledgeable. They explained every single detail and used technology to help us make plans and view the details plainly. The communication is clear, professional and they pay special attention to details. They were compassionate. Though it was a business transaction, they did not treat us like a customer. We felt like family as they walked us through each step until the final day. The Home is beautiful and up-to-date decor with lots of bright lighting. They follow State rules for CV19 and the media staff did an awesome job with slide shows and sound system. They have current year funeral cars and an awesome administrative and make-up staff/artist! I would choose Hunts any day!
    • Xenia Ware

      Apr 30 2021Evelyn, thank you so much for the wonderful review! Xenia
  • Annette Wilson

    - Apr 16 2021 The professional and caring way of Ms. Zenia and associates in handling the funeral arrangements of my brother was a blessing. The willingness to assist in all areas was phenomenal. I definitely would again use and recommend James Hunt Funeral Home.
  • K Nance

    - Apr 07 2021 Death is hard. "They" made it easier. They were patient, kind, flexible, and efficient.
  • OB

    - Mar 29 2021 The staff of the James Hunt Funeral Home compassionate, professional, and made sure every detail of my dad's service was perfect! I would highly recommend their services.
  • KB

    - Mar 27 2021 No words can express my heartfelt gratitude to Xenia Ware for the outstanding and exceptional care provided to our family, before and during the funeral services for my mother. She will give you the inspiration, comfort, compassion and strength you will need during this difficult time. I am so humbled, deeply appreciative and tremendously grateful of the kindness and professional atmosphere received from the whole staff at the James Hunt Funeral Home. Thank you for the outstanding service and devotion provided to our family.
  • Kim A Fellenz

    - Mar 17 2021 The management and staff at the James Hunt Funeral Home did a fantastic job in handling our arrangements, extending every courtesy, and making our experience as best as it could be under what are always difficult circumstances in losing a loved one. Xenia Ware was always there, attending to every detail. We thank her and her staff again and again.
    • Xenia Ware

      Mar 17 2021Kim, thank you very much for the wonderful review. Xenia
  • Dr. Semaj Vanzant, Sr

    - Mar 16 2021 Always friendly, always professional, excellent at helping families in their most tender of moments.
    • Xenia Ware

      Mar 16 2021Rev. Vanzant, thank you so much for your review! Xenia
  • gregg

    - Mar 16 2021 very professional group always strive to do well and they succeed every time i highly recommend them and Xenia is as poised as she was in high school GREAT SERVICE
    • Xenia Ware

      Mar 16 2021Gregg, thank you so much for your review! Xenia
  • Rev. Bernard D. Oates

    - Mar 15 2021 I have had the opportunity to be called in to do the eulogy at various times by family, and the services went very well. I have, in the past, asked to be placed on your rotating roster of Pastor/Minister List to provide the eulogy for families that do not have a preferred eulogist.
    • Xenia Ware

      Mar 15 2021Rev. Oates, thank you for your review! Xenia
  • MM

    - Mar 15 2021 Pleasant, professional, and their experience is evident.
    • Xenia Ware

      Mar 15 2021Thank you! Xenia
  • Lillian Florence Scott

    - Mar 15 2021 We received excellent service. Caring and professional. I have referred your service to friends in New Jersey. Our mother passed during the pandemic. Our service was the same before and after. We are glad we choose your funeral service.
    • Xenia Ware

      Mar 15 2021Lillian, we are so happy you were pleased with our services. Thank you, Xenia.
  • Gilbert Brown

    - Mar 13 2021 I would definately recommend James Hunt Funeral Home to anyone I know that would require their services.They are very Professional and compassionate. Xenia thanks for care and understanding, you are a real professional.
    • Xenia Ware

      Mar 14 2021Gilbert, thank you very much for the great review! Xenia
  • Marion W Russell

    - Mar 09 2021 My experience with Hunts Funeral Home started with Xenia, she was very informative with the information. Xenia was our Guardian Angel the day we met. She took care of our family.
    • Xenia Ware

      Mar 09 2021Marion, hope you and your family are doing well. Thank you so much for the great review.
  • Maria Clausen- Harmony Ministries USA, Inc.

    - Feb 23 2021 My experience with The James Hunt Funeral Home was most congenial, they are very professional, thorough and very compassionate and accommodating to the families and our facility!
    • Xenia Ware

      Feb 23 2021Thank you very much for your review. We appreciate it!
  • T. Burnett

    - Feb 17 2021 Although it has been a few years, Hunt services were excellent - the care and professionalism that was provided was what we needed for that time. The beautiful touches including the throw with our most precious memories of our mother is a treasure that our family values. We were glad we used your services.
    • Xenia Ware

      Feb 17 2021Thank you for taking the time to give us such a wonderful review! We so appreciate it.
  • William

    - Feb 16 2021 Warm and personable
    • Xenia Ware

      Feb 16 2021William, thank you for your review, Xenia Ware
  • Yeraida Medrano

    - Feb 16 2021 Very understanding and compassionate during times like these with lots of experience on funeral arrangements.
    • Xenia Ware

      Feb 16 2021Yeraida, I appreciate you taking the time to give our funeral home such a great review!
  • Holland

    - Feb 16 2021 Very personable
    • Xenia Ware

      Feb 16 2021Holland, thank you for your review! We appreciate it.
  • Vernita Ramsey

    - Feb 15 2021 The staff members at James Hunt are OUTSTANDING! They helped us get through the most difficult time in our lives. They took care of all of our needs and really went above and beyond. The service was beautiful and my Mother looked Gorgeous. It was handled with a superb level of dignity, grace and professionalism. Every little detail was taken care of. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this funeral home and their incredible staff to take care of your loved ones services.
    • Xenia Ware

      Feb 16 2021Vernita, thank you so much for a wonderful review!! We really appreciate it!
  • Wayne Brown

    - Feb 15 2021 Xenia Ware was very understanding during the entire process. She gave me and my family comfort and support during our time of grief while handling our Mom’s final arrangements with total professionalism. She was always responsive to all our needs and concerns.
    • Xenia Ware

      Feb 16 2021Wayne, thank you so much for your wonderful review!!
  • Vivian Stanley

    - Feb 15 2021 Xenia Ware and Catherine Ford are very caring understanding people. They give me and my family comfort and support during our time of grief while handling our loved one’s final arrangements with total professionalism. The were always responsive to even our smallest concerns. I don’t think I could have gotten through this daunting period without their unwavering support.
    • Xenia Ware

      Feb 15 2021Vivian, thank you so much for your wonderful review!!
  • Ep

    - Feb 15 2021 I was pleased with the service we received
    • Xenia Ware

      Feb 15 2021Thank you so much for your review! We really appreciate it!!
  • asher trae

    Jan 22 2021 James Hunt Funeral has been amazing with the help of laying my mother CP to rest last month(12/20). This was my first funeral that I had to plan, they have helped me every step of the way. They were available via text, phone and email. As a result, my mother funeral service was beautiful. I was to give a BIG “thank you” to the women, who did her make up, she treated her like family while dressing her and adding accessories.
  • Lori Rashad

    Nov 21 2020 They had my mother in law look like a Queen. They were very professional. I highly recommend them
  • Nita Ramsey

    Jul 03 2018 This funeral home came highly recommended and handled my mother’s services when she passed away suddenly. The James H. Hunt staff is outstanding! Kevin and Zenia helped us through the entire process as this was the most difficult event my siblings and I have ever had to face. They are professional, knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. They made sure that no stones were unturned and was there to help however and whenever we needed them. The cosmetologist made my mother look absolutely stunning and she was such a pleasure to work with. The Pastor, Reverend Mark E. White Jr. of Shiloh Baptist Church in Asbury Park, NJ was chosen to oversee the service and he and his staff were AMAZING. My mother was given a home going service that truly honored her memory and was classy, dignified and filled with love and respect. We truly were treated like members of the James H. Hunt family. My mother was buried in a Military Cemetery in another state and Kevin drove her there, where he met us for the burial ceremony. He was on time, and again THE ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL. He went above and beyond his call of duty! I am eternally grateful and appreciative for what the entire staff especially Zenia and Kevin did for my family and I. I highly recommend their services!
  • Clara Peten

    Jan 20 2018 They did a great job handling my mom's funeral during my difficult time and the staff treated you like family

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