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James Noll Law practices criminal defense, family law, and mediation in Kenton and Campbell County Kentucky. For more than 20 years, James Noll has protected clients rights and provided a trusted name and strong voice for the people of Northern Kentucky. James Noll Law employs the latest legal software and technology to keep you informed on your case and to provide transparency into our process.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Chuck G

    Jun 02 2022 ***I will update this review as soon as our business is taken care of. So far, I still stand by the good communication portion of my review. I'm currently dealing with James Noll on filing some documents with the courts. He has been great at keeping an open line of communication with me and I never have to worry about phone tag. We're still in the process but so far I couldn't be happier with the services he's provided for me and has kept me in the loop as far as any progress. So far, it's been a great experience dealing with Mr. Noll. I have no problem recommending him to someone else for the services that he provides.
  • amber schraer

    May 05 2021 The fact that my case had many random unexpected turns that through all of us off, I can honestly say I couldn’t have chosen a better attorney to represent me. He took all the right steps to fight for me without a doubt ever in his mind. I’ve never had an attorney that actually reached out just to see how I was holding up during all of it. I never had to wait wondering what was going on. I knew if I reached out he’d answer or return my call within a small timeframe. Never had to wait hours or days. That is how I knew that I had a caring, worthy and trusting attorney. Thank you for being great and being there for me! I appreciate it more then you know. I Would recommend him to everyone that asks without a doubt! James Noll is a bomb lawyer!!!
  • Timothy Roskey

    Feb 09 2021 James Noll is one of the best lawyers I have ever worked with. His honesty and transparency were a real game changer for me. I felt like he was working for my best interest, and that he truly cared about the outcome of my case. Not only is he personable and efficient, he is also affordable, which allows me to continue to work with him stress free!
  • Braiden Dowling

    Aug 04 2020 I spoke to James for a good 20 minutes in regards to a Domestic violence case between my husband and I. We already have a lawyer on the case however I was a little concerned with the direction the case was going. James literally sat and reassured me knowing I already had a lawyer on the case And explained why my lawyer is doing what he is doing. He was extremely knowledgeable and if I ever need an attorney again (I preach I won’t lol ) I will definitely contact him! Thanks so much again James and thanks for beIng counselor as well by making sure I stay positive and giving me positive advice in our marriage in general ! You gave us such a great peace of mind and I am so thankful I was able to find you and speak to you today! - Shelly

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