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The only past President of the State Bar of California ever elected from the Inland Empire, James Heiting handles civil litigation matters throughout California, recovering over $300 million for clients, dealing with wrongful death, serious injury, professional malpractice and transportation accidents. Also past President of Riverside’s County Bar, his firm has served the Inland Empire for over 30 years.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Robert Bond

    - Sep 26 2023 The team of this office is absolutely the best. Understand that these things take time and time is on your side when you are patient. Due to my work related broken hand, I thought I was only going to get a small amount. Not knowing the law and my injury, the team at this firm was able to get me over 3x the amount I was expecting to receive. I would highly recommend this firm!
  • Afonso Alfonso

    - Sep 18 2023 I spoke with attorney, William Bibb regarding a post judgement collection issue. Mr. Bibb was very friendly, courteous, and professional. He gave me very good advice. I would recommend your firm to my friends and relatives.
  • Amber

    - May 30 2023 I was hit by an uninsured motorist while pregnant and Mr. Bib assisted with my case and got me the money I deserved. The office was very attentive and Mr. Bib was very quick with the mater. They handled everything for me and I felt very taken care of in this hard time. I’m so glad I used this office for my case.
  • Robert B.

    - May 30 2023 I had a broken hand from a work incident. After 8 months, my hand was not getting any better and was a little deformed where the break was at. I had heard of Heiting and Irwin several years prior. I reached out to them and opened up a case. With any attorney that gets hired, nothing is quick and easy and I expected a long case, but it did not bother me. During the course of my case, the team of Heiting and Irwin went above and beyond to keep me informed and handle anything that came up. There were times the other attorneys were trying different things to dig further into myself and when I was aware of these things, I notified the team of this and it was immediately addressed, taken care of (and went away!). Honestly, I did not expect much monetary compensation from my claim, as there was really nothing that could be done as the hand had healed. When the case settled, I was awarded about 4x the amount i initially expected to receive. This was only in part because of the expertise and exceptional teamwork of the Heiting and Irwin staff! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Robert B.
    • James Heiting

      May 30 2023Thank YOU, Robert B., for entrusting us with your concerns and allowing us to be of service.
  • Luis Fernandez

    - Mar 21 2023 I called this law firm regarding a case concerning my mother and although they could not help me they directed me to an office that was better suited to handle my issue. They were professional and very helpful. It would be so easy just to take my money but they chose to help me instead. Their are still honest people in this world and they work at this firm.
    • James Heiting

      Mar 21 2023Thank you for your kind comments. That\'s why we became lawyers. Best wishes.
  • Jeanette

    - Feb 25 2023 They Always Return My Phone Calls. And Thank You For All The Work They Do On My Workers Comp Case. Thank You To Mr Irwin Debbie And Martha. You Are All So Great
  • Monica Nunez

    - Feb 23 2023 Great consultation and dedicated to serving consumers. When engaging with the staff: it was easy, free, professional, and clearly communicable regarding my medical situation.
  • Caroline Amaya

  • Emily Bokor

    - Jan 11 2023 I spoke with William Bibb about a case I wanted to pursue. He was very knowledgeable about the subject...but more than that he was kind and a good listener. He was patient and answered my questions and I had a few. I would recommend him to anyone needing an attorney.
  • Debbie Lopez

    - Nov 25 2022 William was extremely helpful and provided truthful, honest answers. He willingly answered all questions I asked. I appreciate his openness and empathy.
  • Gary Mountain

    - Nov 10 2022 Great service!!!?
  • Tommy S Luna

    - Jul 01 2022 The Law office Heiting & Irwin . I would recommend this law office to anyone looking for a Straight forward and Honest law office. I'm very thankful for the work they put into my case . I felt they had my best interest from the start to the very end of my case . Jon Serrano just Awesome. Thank you .
  • David Ortloff

    - Aug 25 2021 Very through and informative during the whole process.
  • Regina Delaney

    - Aug 05 2021 Wonderful! Superb! I think those are the words that best describe this firm and its compassionate attorneys and staff. From the first moment I entered their offices to the final disposition of my case, I was treated with dignity and compassion. They were there for me in my moments of doubt and despair. Their wisdom and counsel carried me through the arduous and torturous procedures that accompany legal proceedings. I bless the day they accepted my case.
  • Ron Price

    - Aug 30 2020 Heiting & Irwin Law Firm has gone out of their way to handle my case. Every one of their staff goes out of their way to communicate with me. My workman Compensation case has been dealt with very professionally. I highly recommend this law firm.
  • SB

    - Aug 16 2020 No worries. Most honest attorney I have ever met. Would definitely recommend to anyone
  • DM

    - Aug 16 2020 Caring service
  • Sherry Davis

    - Jul 15 2020 EXCELLENT
  • S.B.

    - Jul 14 2020 Honest and caring
  • Ron Price

    - May 30 2020 I have always considered the help and attention that I have received from Mr. Irwin and Debbie to be very professional. Martha has been very helpful as well. I feel that Heiting and Irwin law firm has gone far and beyond to help with my case.
  • Aaron

    - May 16 2020 Very professionally ran business and went above and beyond my expectations to get things settled
  • Arnold Allende

    - Apr 24 2020 Good services and communication.
  • Joyce Cook

    - Apr 22 2020 Very satisfied
  • Arlene Mason

    - Apr 20 2020 The person I talked with was very professional and did enlighten me on some of my concerns. Of all the firms I contacted, yours was the most polite. Keep up the professionalism.
  • Betty kringel

    - Apr 01 2020 He was a answer to prayer he is very kind and he gets the done if you are needing a lawyer I would Recommend him
  • Martha Mirelez-Enriquez

    - Mar 03 2020 Heitinga & Irwin helped me at one of the worst times of my life. I was completely falling apart but they were very sensitive to my needs and I received help immediately. They were aggressive and they got the job done with much grace and dignity. I will forever be grateful to all of them especially to Debbie Beals , she's a very knowledgeable and attentive paralegal. I reccomend Heiting & Irwin to everyone. They'll do you right!
  • Craig Danielson

    - Dec 23 2019 Trying to tell my tail in just a few passing words, seems like an injustice to the team of Heiting and Erwin. I came to Mr. Erwin convinced that the insurance company didn't give a hoot whether I lived or died. I tried to handle everything on my own, and ended up with DVT, and Bi-lateral Pulmonary Embolisms. I survived, but knew I had been saved by the grace of God alone. Being a Marine veteran, I was certain there wasn't anything I couldn't handle, but found there were some things the even training hadn't covered. I scheduled an appointment with Mr. Erwin, and during our visit I knew I was in the right place. He restored my shattered self confidence, and his council soothed the savage beast within. Throughout our ordeal together, I also found I didn't just have an attorney, I had made a new friend. I had also developed friendships with many of the people that worked in the office. They never lost sight of why I was there, and I always knew that they had my best interest at the top of their list. I never had the opportunity to meet Mr. Heiting in person, but from the way this office conducts its practice, I have no doubt that he, like Mr. Erwin, is a most phenomenal individual.
  • Becky Shawver

    - Dec 09 2019 My case was brought about by a severe auto accident that nearly left me a quadriplegic. At first, all seemed professional with the law firm. However, early on, John Serrano found out that my insurance limitations and the injuring party's insurance limitations were the same, meaning, in my case, everything had to be paid out of the $!00k personal injury limitation. In the end, the neurosurgeon/hospital & lawyer received more compensation than I did, and I'm the one with the life-long injury that will require future surgery. There was, essentially, nothing in the plan for future medical as I was told initially. I should have been informed of the potential outcome as soon as the firm was made aware.

    - Nov 26 2019 I am very pleased with the professionalism I have received from Mr. Irwin, Debbie, and Martha. My calls have always been returned and addressed in a timely manner. I feel that Heiting and Irwin law firm has gone far beyond meeting my expectations in dealing with my Wokers Compensation case; definitely a top tier law firm.
  • Ron Price

    - Nov 26 2019 Excellent! I am very pleased with all the attention I have received from Mr. Irwin, Debbie, and Martha. Workers Compensation has not helped in a way that has been as cooperative as I would like; this is not acceptable and has created a lot of heartache.
  • Ron Price

    - Nov 21 2019 I am very satisfied with the way my case has been handled. I have worked with, Mr. Irwin, Debbie, and Martha. My only complaint is Workers Comp. In their lack of cooperation and latency in communication or lack of approvals for my case. I am very pleased with all of the staff of Heiting & Irwin.
  • Francisco

    - Nov 12 2019 Professional and compassionate law firm. Highly recommend their services
  • Tereza Lepore

    - Oct 09 2019 Professional and productive, great team.
  • Francisco

    - Oct 08 2019 Amazing, compassionate service with unmatched expertise in law. I recommend their service to anybody looking for professional help.
  • Stephen Durkee

    - Jul 03 2019 Excellent and very professional
  • Scott Blystone

    - Jun 21 2019 Always felt that I was in capable hands as we navigated our way through this personal injury saga. At the end, I obtained a fair result. HI always maintained consistently excellent client contact.
  • Ralph Lopez

    - May 30 2019 The duration of my case was rather lengthy but because it was also a unique and complex case in regards to my injury. But never the less, Dennis, my attorney was tenacious and determined to ensure that I receive the maximum compensation that I deserved. Him and his team always kept me abreast via by mail or by phone of any status updates and would address any of my questions or concerns. I was very satisfied with the final outcome. Thank you, Dennis and to your awesome team!
  • Tonja Santiago

    - Apr 17 2019 If you want a Law firm you can trust, look no further for Heiting and Irwin is the best firm around. I would recommend them to everyone I know.
    • James Heiting

      Apr 17 2019Thank you for that very kind review. We appreciate the trust our clients place in us with their cases (and, through their cases and concerns, with their lives). We take our roles and responsibilities very seriously; and we look forward to lifelong relationships with our clients.
  • Kristopher Williams

    - Apr 01 2019 Nothing but professionalism at all times from this office.
  • Richard Stancliff

    - Oct 18 2018 Your firm's attorney Sarah Morgan graciously cleared space on her busy schedule to meet with me and my sister Barbara on an expedited basis (I live out of state and wanted to help my sister with her legal issue, but my time in town was short). Sarah developed an outline of Barbara's case and advised that, unfortunately, the cost of proceeding would likely exceed the possible gain from Barbara's case. We were pleased to receive that truthful answer rather than a "sales job" to pay a few thousand dollars to "evaluate" the case, as has been my recent unfortunate experience with another attorney in another matter. Sarah gets my highest rating for honesty and integrity. Sincerely, Richard Stancliff

    - Sep 07 2018 They took what I thought maybe a case and made it a winner. very honest and straightforward. Dennis Stout did a great job and was easy to talk with ,and made time for me when I needed to talk. Thank you guys
  • Kenneth (Kenny) Baldwin

    - Jul 31 2018 Richard was and I consider him still today my attorney. He helped me through some sad and trying times. I had 10 surgeries to correct my legs, feet and lower back. I believe Richard today feels that Workers comp handed us/me not so good out come. But I must say that Richard did everything he could to reach the decision that was reached. Wasn't the best I thought but it was better than nothing.
  • Dustin

    - Jul 20 2018 John took good care of us. Our case was a long shot but We settled out of court for a fair amount and I'm happy to say we are glad it's done. John was very helpful in the beginning but nearing the end of the case seemed a little rushed during our meetings. All in all though I was pleased with the service and the outcome.
  • Ken Bennet

    - May 23 2018 Professional, trouble free, uncomplicated!
  • Natasha Hair

    - Mar 22 2018 I had an inquiry on a road easement dispute with a neighbor. Sara Morgan was very helpful and informative. I will be using her in the future if it becomes necessary.
  • Sherry Mellott

    - Mar 02 2018 Sara was very thorough in her explanation of potential outcomes of the case. She was very professional, but yet compassionate towards my nephew and his recent loss. We appreciated the time and attention she gave the case.
  • NICKLAUS Navarro

    - Feb 22 2018 Great experience would hire again!
  • Emilia Mogensen

    - Jan 25 2018 Mr. Heiting was very caring, and was always available. and all the workers in the office were always considerate and helpful.
    • James Heiting

      Jan 25 2018Thank you, Emilia. It has been an honor to represent your family and to work with you.
  • Denise Bell

    - Dec 26 2017 My experience was a smooth as can be expected. I didn't have to worry about any details the office of Heiting and Irwin took care of everything.
  • Pam Pryfogle

    - Nov 25 2017 Excellent
  • Anne Wade-Hornsby

    - Oct 27 2017 Dennis Stout, an associate, was the person who handled my case, but Jim was my original contact. From beginning to end, I had no complaints. It was a complicated case and was settled in my favor. I would recommend this firm to ANYONE who needs excellent experienced people.
  • Starnisha Bradley

    - Oct 26 2017 My experience was pleasant for the most part. If I had any questions or doubt about anything while my case was pending the option of a simple email or message with reception (which the call was always returned in a timely matter) they problem would be taking of with ease. I hope to not be in another situation where I'd need your assistance, however I take comfort in knowing that your staff is fully willing and able to comply. I know I've said thanks a few time, for the last time Thank You (all)

    - Oct 26 2017 I have known and worked with Jim Heiting off and on for 25 years. Jim is an excellent attorney, passionate advocate and man with integrity. I still refer matters to Jim when I have the opportunity.
  • anne c wade-hornsby

    - Sep 27 2017 When I went to H&I, I received excellent advice and help over a prolonged (not their fault!) period of time. Dennis Stout and team worked until they got the conclusion I deserved and I am VERY thankful.
  • David L Price

    - Sep 26 2017 Dennis Stout, the attorney assigned to my case, did an excellent job for me and my wife. The firm accepted our case despite the fact that it wasn't a "big" case and we were pleased with the settlement. Dennis was great to work with and the staff very cooperative.
  • Adam LLoyd

    - Sep 26 2017 I have been using Heiting & Irwin for many years now and they are my first call if I ever need a lawyer. Always knowledgeable and very helpful. I definitly wouldn't go anywhere else.

    - Sep 26 2017 I have known and worked with Jim Heiting for over 25 years. Determined, stubborn, professional, dedicated to his clients and an outstanding lawyer. I have great respect for Jim which is why I regularly refer clients to him.
  • Brian

    - Aug 17 2017 Awesome
  • Janet

    - Aug 14 2017 I have dealt with Jim's firm for quite awhile. He has been very knowledgeable on my needs & respond in timely matter.
  • Rocco Savage

    - Aug 10 2017 great
  • John Buckley

    - Aug 09 2017 unexpected good results
  • Carla Carrasco

    - Aug 07 2017 Mr. Stout handled our medical malpractice suit. He and his staff were exemplary. We felt we were in good hands with skilled professionals that were especially respectful of our physical and emotional needs. Our suit dealt with very sensitive and personal issues and we appreciate the care with which it was approached. We are pleased with the outcome.
  • Anne Wade-Hornsby

    - Aug 06 2017 The lawyer who mostly handled my case was Dennis Stout and his associates. He put forth a lot of effort, explained things each step of the way and though it took time due to the guilty party's speed bumps, he got us to the end and a decent settlement. I appreciate all that was done and feel that his firm is the BEST!

    - Aug 06 2017 Working as a colleague for 25 years. Good experience. Ethical, honest, outstanding lawyer.
  • Vincent Pia

    - Aug 06 2017 The entire firm works hard on their clients behalf. I've always felt confident that they handled my case with my best interest in mind. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of legal representation.
  • Rick ewaniszyk

    - Aug 06 2017 Truly a diligent advocate for his clients and a great human being .
  • Brian Freeman

    May 08 2017 I personally know Mr. Serrano, Mr. Heiting, and Mr. Irwin. They are all gentlemen and scholars. Smart, professional, and highly respected. They are also my competition, so this 5-star review comes as a huge compliment as to their professionalism and reputation in our industry.
  • Aubree Raya

    Mar 22 2017
  • Tina Davy

    Mar 21 2017 Love Mr. Irwin
  • Michael H

    Oct 28 2015 A brief review of my experience with the law firm of Heiting and Irwin. I found the staff at the law firm of Heiting and Irwin to be very professional in all manner of dealings. My case has been resolved. I found the assigned attorney, Mr. Dennis Stout, to be particularly knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. Mr. Stout was quick to return my phone calls, well prepared for all events, and insightful in his counsel. He is, simply put, a extremely competent and experienced attorney. I highly recommend Mr. Stout and the Law Office of Heiting and Irwin. 5 stars, Mike H.
  • Rosie Addison

    Jun 20 2014 My mother has been a client for a year and a half. I found Jean Serrano very understanding and patient of our situation. My mom would come to the meetings but wanted me to handle and translate for her. As is always the case in these types of situations, they always take longer than you want them to, but we did end up being very happy with the way the situation ended. I will say that whenever I have used lawyers you should also be diligent to follow up. I found them to be very trustworthy and professional and would recommend them again.

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