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The only past President of the State Bar of California ever elected from the Inland Empire, James Heiting handles civil litigation matters throughout California, recovering over $300 million for clients, dealing with wrongful death, serious injury, professional malpractice and transportation accidents. Also past President of Riverside’s County Bar, his firm has served the Inland Empire for over 30 years.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • ZF

    Jan 26 2018 DDDDD

    Jan 26 2018 DDDD
  • Emilia Mogensen

    Jan 25 2018 Mr. Heiting was very caring, and was always available. and all the workers in the office were always considerate and helpful.
    • James Heiting

      Jan 25 2018Thank you, Emilia. It has been an honor to represent your family and to work with you.
  • Denise Bell

    Dec 26 2017 My experience was a smooth as can be expected. I didn't have to worry about any details the office of Heiting and Irwin took care of everything.
  • Pam Pryfogle

    Nov 25 2017 Excellent
  • test

    Nov 03 2017 Loved it
  • Anne Wade-Hornsby

    Oct 27 2017 Dennis Stout, an associate, was the person who handled my case, but Jim was my original contact. From beginning to end, I had no complaints. It was a complicated case and was settled in my favor. I would recommend this firm to ANYONE who needs excellent experienced people.
  • Starnisha Bradley

    Oct 26 2017 My experience was pleasant for the most part. If I had any questions or doubt about anything while my case was pending the option of a simple email or message with reception (which the call was always returned in a timely matter) they problem would be taking of with ease. I hope to not be in another situation where I'd need your assistance, however I take comfort in knowing that your staff is fully willing and able to comply. I know I've said thanks a few time, for the last time Thank You (all)

    Oct 26 2017 I have known and worked with Jim Heiting off and on for 25 years. Jim is an excellent attorney, passionate advocate and man with integrity. I still refer matters to Jim when I have the opportunity.
  • anne c wade-hornsby

    Sep 27 2017 When I went to H&I, I received excellent advice and help over a prolonged (not their fault!) period of time. Dennis Stout and team worked until they got the conclusion I deserved and I am VERY thankful.
  • David L Price

    Sep 26 2017 Dennis Stout, the attorney assigned to my case, did an excellent job for me and my wife. The firm accepted our case despite the fact that it wasn't a "big" case and we were pleased with the settlement. Dennis was great to work with and the staff very cooperative.
  • Adam LLoyd

    Sep 26 2017 I have been using Heiting & Irwin for many years now and they are my first call if I ever need a lawyer. Always knowledgeable and very helpful. I definitly wouldn't go anywhere else.

    Sep 26 2017 I have known and worked with Jim Heiting for over 25 years. Determined, stubborn, professional, dedicated to his clients and an outstanding lawyer. I have great respect for Jim which is why I regularly refer clients to him.
  • Brian

    Aug 17 2017 Awesome
  • Janet

    Aug 14 2017 I have dealt with Jim's firm for quite awhile. He has been very knowledgeable on my needs & respond in timely matter.
  • Rocco Savage

    Aug 10 2017 great
  • John Buckley

    Aug 09 2017 unexpected good results
  • Carla Carrasco

    Aug 07 2017 Mr. Stout handled our medical malpractice suit. He and his staff were exemplary. We felt we were in good hands with skilled professionals that were especially respectful of our physical and emotional needs. Our suit dealt with very sensitive and personal issues and we appreciate the care with which it was approached. We are pleased with the outcome.
  • Anne Wade-Hornsby

    Aug 06 2017 The lawyer who mostly handled my case was Dennis Stout and his associates. He put forth a lot of effort, explained things each step of the way and though it took time due to the guilty party's speed bumps, he got us to the end and a decent settlement. I appreciate all that was done and feel that his firm is the BEST!

    Aug 06 2017 Working as a colleague for 25 years. Good experience. Ethical, honest, outstanding lawyer.
  • Vincent Pia

    Aug 06 2017 The entire firm works hard on their clients behalf. I've always felt confident that they handled my case with my best interest in mind. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of legal representation.
  • Rick ewaniszyk

    Aug 06 2017 Truly a diligent advocate for his clients and a great human being .
  • Brian Freeman

    May 08 2017 I personally know Mr. Serrano, Mr. Heiting, and Mr. Irwin. They are all gentlemen and scholars. Smart, professional, and highly respected. They are also my competition, so this 5-star review comes as a huge compliment as to their professionalism and reputation in our industry.
  • Aubree Raya

    Mar 22 2017
  • Tina Davy

    Mar 21 2017 Love Mr. Irwin
  • Michael H

    Oct 28 2015 A brief review of my experience with the law firm of Heiting and Irwin. I found the staff at the law firm of Heiting and Irwin to be very professional in all manner of dealings. My case has been resolved. I found the assigned attorney, Mr. Dennis Stout, to be particularly knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. Mr. Stout was quick to return my phone calls, well prepared for all events, and insightful in his counsel. He is, simply put, a extremely competent and experienced attorney. I highly recommend Mr. Stout and the Law Office of Heiting and Irwin. 5 stars, Mike H.
  • Rosie Addison

    Jun 20 2014 My mother has been a client for a year and a half. I found Jean Serrano very understanding and patient of our situation. My mom would come to the meetings but wanted me to handle and translate for her. As is always the case in these types of situations, they always take longer than you want them to, but we did end up being very happy with the way the situation ended. I will say that whenever I have used lawyers you should also be diligent to follow up. I found them to be very trustworthy and professional and would recommend them again.
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