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Jared Febbroriello is a graduate of Hong Kong University, Suffolk University Law School, and Gettysburg College. He holds an LL.M. in Corporate Finance, a Juris Doctor with an international business concentration, a B.A. in Psychology and he speaks and writes Mandarin Chinese. While attending law school Mr. Febbroriello clerked for the Rhode Island Business Court under the Honorable Michael J. Silverstein. He also studied EU law at Lund Universitet in Sweden and he has written extensively on the Chinese legal system and the Chinese Bond market’s influence on Eurobond pricing. Jared is admitted to practice law in Massachusetts and Texas. He holds (inactive) Series 7, 24 and 63 licenses, he is licensed with the Texas State Securities Board and is a registered FINRA arbitrator.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Michael Yorba

    - Apr 08 2019 The best on all fronts.
  • Crystal Sanders-Brown

    - Mar 14 2019 Jared has a great and professional team that works along with him! They are good at explaining things thoroughly and have a lot of patience and addition they truly make the process extremely easy.
  • Kevin Case

    - Mar 11 2019 Jared and his team have been instrumental in assisting our collective team with patent work regarding a very specialized electronic technology. Their knowledge and experience has allowed for a much quicker than expected turnaround. We would not have been able to get this far this quick without the professional touch and know-how that JPF Securities provided us! We're very appreciative of all the work the team has, and continues do for us.
  • Tino Villanueva

    - Mar 09 2019 Attorney Febbroriello has been altogether understanding of my case. From the beginning he made me feel comfortable as he listened carefully to the details of my legal situation when I first laid them out (January 2018); and was visibly helpful in defending me during the mediation process six months ago. I would certainly recommend him to others in a similar legal predicament.
  • Sandhya Padala

    - Feb 06 2019 It was great.
  • R.K.

    - Jan 07 2019 Amazing experience. Still working with Jared. Very professional, will guide and help you in your business legal endeavors
  • Kit D

    - Nov 08 2018 Jared has helped guide our business with everything from patents to ITAR. His in-depth knowledge of the Chinese legal system, import/export regulations, along with his thoroughness has made things much easier for us.
  • Edward A Baxter

    - Nov 08 2018 Jared is professional, competent and leaves nothing to chance in the legal process. He is thorough!
  • Andrew Kaufman

    - Oct 10 2018 Excellent attorney. Very thorough.
  • Alex Black

    - Oct 09 2018 Jared provided me excellent legal counsel and assistance during the start up of a new venture. I would highly recommend his services.
  • Chris Lalik

    - Sep 10 2018 Jared and his firm have done a great and thorough job helping us navigate some complicated issues. He is an asset to our team.
  • Peter Liou

    - Sep 09 2018 Very professional service
  • Nathan Dionne

    - Sep 06 2018 I trust Jared with my business and my personal work. Do it.
  • Jason Bartmess

    - Aug 10 2018 Great to work with. They came through and got much overdue client to pay me and basically saved my business.
  • Justin K. Muller

    - Jul 21 2018 Excellent work for international matters and securities/investment.
  • Brent Polanchek

    - Jul 17 2018 Jared has been great to work with. The best I have ever used!!!!!!!
  • Matthew P Culmone

    - Jul 15 2018 JPF Securities were efficient and professional at all aspects of the process of handling my lawsuit. Good communication was present the entire time, which helped me stay informed about the direction things were taking, the costs I could expect and the decisions that were being made. I would definitely use them again, and I am especially appreciative of Mitchell and Carlos who worked with me directly.
  • Alvaro Mancilla

    - Jul 12 2018 JPF is efficient but also human-centered. Professional and dedicated, Jared helped us during the whole process.
  • Brad Severs

    - Jul 11 2018 JPF Securities is very quick and precise. The amount of detail they provided in our last two projects was exactly what I needed to move forward. If your looking for a firm with endless integrity JPF Securities is it. Jared's legal services have been perfect.
  • JL

    - Jul 11 2018 Very bright and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Jared, couldn't be happier.
  • Matt Severs

    - Jul 11 2018 As a new client of JPF Securities I can say that the firm has already exceeded my expectations. The service I received was exceptional, concise, and timely. I would highly recommend JPF for your legal needs.
  • Taylor conway

    - Jul 11 2018 Jared has been my attorney since 2000. He and his firm are very responsive and quick to resolve my needs.
  • Jody Johnson

    - Jul 11 2018 The team at JPF is thorough and fast. They were able to come in and tighten up our processes, protect us for scaling up, and readily available along the way. Super happy with this firm.
  • Joe Polizzotto

    - Jul 11 2018 The service you received The quality of our services was excellent Concerns were handled quickly and as expected I would definitely recommend the firm to a friend
  • Bryce Hansen

    - Jul 11 2018 Fast, Professional, Catered legal services to my unique international requirements.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    - Jul 04 2018 Jared is a featured attorney on Mediation.com and we highly recommend his services.
  • Bryce Hansen

    Jan 16 2019
  • Jody Johnson

    Jan 15 2019 JPF has been very helpful structuring, organizing, and protecting our business entities. Very thankful for their services.
  • Ramy Kamaneh

    Jan 07 2019 Amazing experience. Still working with Jared. Very professional, will guide and help you in your business legal endeavours
  • Chris Lalik

    Dec 18 2018
  • Jason Bartmess

    Aug 10 2018 Great people to work with. They basically saved my business when I had a client that would pay me. We got it resolved and business is good. Thank you to the JPF team.

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