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Civil litigation, including family law (divorce, property division, custody and child support), personal injury (wrecks and slip and fall), and real estate title disputes.

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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Josh Humphreys

    - Aug 11 2022 Jean Derrick is a lion. She helped navigate a very difficult situation with a very difficult person and was able to get me an outcome better than I had ever thought. She cares about you and what you want and deserve. If I ever need help again, Jean WILL be the first person I call. Thank you Jean.
  • Rebecca Smith

    - Aug 11 2022 Jean Derrick represented me in my divorce case she has deep knowledge in Family Law she was invaluable in navigating a very difficult divorce from a very difficult person. She listened to me and was able to get me a settlement that I am very pleased with. I completely trust her and highly recommend her. I would definitely use her again for anything that may arise in the future that requires an Attorney.
  • ARB

    - Mar 29 2022 Jean Derrick helped me navigate through one of the most difficult times of my life. Going through a divorce is never easy yet Jean was a strong advocate as well as expert in family law. She helped me in overcoming many obstacles relating to my case as well as giving me confidence that we were doing the right thing for both myself and my children. I would highly recommend her legal expertise and commitment to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.
  • Chuck and Vicki Fenters

    - Feb 28 2022 We have known and had the pleasure of working with Ms. Derrick multiple times over the past 13 years. She has represented us several times in two separate family law issues over the years. Each time we were represented well and extremely satisfied with the outcome. Ms. Derrick is truly one of a kind. She is very ethical and practices the same. She is extremely perceptive and able to identify dishonesty. Her ability to evaluate family dynamics and identify root causes for behaviors is uncanny. Her years of experience have served well for her. We would highly recommend her to anyone.
  • GMH

    - Dec 02 2021 Hired Mrs Derrick to help with a divorce. She was outstanding. Although I hope to never need a divorce lawyer again in my life she was amazing to work with. My ex and I had an agreement before we separated but after she hired an attorny her desire to cooperate went to zero, and was using every tool she had to intimidate me. Mrs Derrick brought that to a halt and we were able to settle the case for less than the original agreement without mediation. Can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with her.
  • RJK

    - Dec 01 2021 I went to Ms. Derrick for advice, leadership and a Divorce, in that order. She rendered great advice and leadership immediately. She listened to all I had to say and she shared a third option with me. She total me for sure she would ultimately get me a divorce, however after 38 years of marriage she thought I owed it to myself and my husband to see if things could be corrected. After many conversations with him and with her advice we are heading in a different direction. Thank you Ms Derrick for your guidance and great advise.
  • Roxanne

    - Dec 01 2021 I went to Ms. Derrick for guidance, leadership and a divorce. She gave me two without hesitation and rendered the other as a need to basis. She spent time with me listened to all I had to say. She gave great advise and totally lead me in the right direction for me and my situation. Divorce is not always the answer and she helped me see there was another option. She also let me know that if fixing it was not an option she would help me go forward with ending my 38 year marriage. Thank you Ms. Derrick you are a great asset to your profession and a wonderful lady.
  • KC

    - Nov 12 2021 Jean Derrick is the attorney you want when you feel backed into a corner. She fights hard for her clients.
  • Ashley

    - Nov 04 2021 Jean Derrick has been beyond amazing. Going threw a nasty divorce she has been on top of everything. Every time I have a question I get an answer right away. In court and mediation she does not back down and really went went for everything I asked for! I’m so thankful I found her. I highly recommend Jean Derrick. Divorce and custody is hard but she made it a lot easier for me.
  • Melodie Rayer

    - Mar 17 2021 If you are looking for the right attorney to fight for you and have your back that is Jean Derrick. She hasn’t steered me wrong so far and I trust her to do what is best for me and I know she will you too.
  • Richard D

    - Mar 13 2021 I rarely litigate differences but this time I needed assistance. Jean represented me and I learned that she is competent, professional and very smart. Furthermore she was very successful. You definitely want her on your side!
  • Shaugn

    - Feb 15 2021 Jean has worked tirelessly with integrity and honesty in my family law needs. Jean's representation of my case in court has always been of the highest calibre. The staff at Jean's offices are friendly, helpful and reliable. Jean came highly recommended to me and in turn, she is highly recommended by me.
  • LB

    - Feb 15 2021 Jean has been wonderful in her representation during a child custody situation. She has integrity, is honest and straight forward. I highly recommend her for family court.
  • Shane D

    - Jan 18 2021 Great attorney who will fight for you and do her very best. Trustworthy and professional.
  • Ashley

    - Jan 13 2021 She has been amazing helping me with my divorce and custody , very quick with responses and answering any questions I’ve had.
  • Leslie Gage

    - Jan 13 2021 Ms. Derrick has always been focused and professional while still understanding of my situation. I would and in fact have, recommended her to others including friends and family.
  • Dee

    - Jan 13 2021 I highly recommend Jean Derrick for family court.
  • Michael R DeForest

    - Jan 13 2021 Jean has been an amazing advocate for my family from day 1. She works tirelessly on my behalf and has represented me better than I could have imagined! I would recommend Jean to anyone without any reservations!!
  • gina salatino

    - Jan 13 2021 hard working, fought hard for me, well prepared, easy to work with
  • Jim Mathis

    - Jan 12 2021 I began as a client of Ms. Derrick over 10 years ago. Her representation has been first rate. She assertively protected my interests and also made me keep my children's interest the priority. Throughout the course of her work for me, she had to wear many hats; counselor, advisor, advocate in addition to legal advice. I recommend her representation without hesitation.
  • David Neighbor

    - Dec 10 2020 We worked with Ms. Jean Derrick over three years addressing the non-payment of a renter, his eviction and restitution for damages to our property. Multiple efforts were made to reach a negotiated settlement which provided futile and we finally sought relief through litigation in court. Ms. Derrick presented our case clearly in a contentious setting and won a favorable judgment. She was at all times professional, thorough and respectful of all parties. She kept us informed and guided us through the legal process. She is very well respected by local attorneys and court officers. We highly recommend her services for effective legal counsel.
  • Graham Carr

    - Nov 22 2020 My experience with Mrs. Derrick was hands down the best and most comfortable and rewarding experience I could have ever asked for. She is very knowledgeable, truly trustworthy and made sure I was treated fairly in my particular situation. I recommend her to anyone and everyone. I’m grateful for her help.
  • Christian Danser

    - Oct 15 2020 Jean Derrick is an absolutely amazing attorney. She is aggressive while being fair and honest; which is a breath of fresh air these days. I never once questioned her morals or ethics as her actions spoke for themselves. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Mrs. Derrick!
  • Scott Toombs

    - Oct 15 2020 Jean and her staff were completely professional, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. Hopefully I never need her services again, but if I do, I won't think twice about where to go.
  • Aimee Crouch

    Feb 24 2020 Jean is a wonderful attorney and person and we've always had highly positive experiences with her. Not only did she help us through the legal process, she did so with our best interest in mind. She is an attorney with the highest integrity, she's tough, and she's fair. I wouldn't consider using anyone other than Jean.
  • Leslie Boland

    Feb 20 2020 So far good progress in my son/grandson's custody issues. We are not done yet, but am thankful for the expert representation thusfar. Thank you, Jean!
  • Adrienne Henning

    Oct 24 2019 Wonderful attorney! She is very professional and fast. She is also very knowledgeable and has lot's of experience. I have needed her help several times and on all occasions she was amazing! It was a great feeling to know I was in good hands.
  • Jake Kaminer

    Sep 16 2019 Jean Derrick is the best of the best.  She knows her stuff!  She’s not going to waste your time OR money. She’s going to do what is right.  In my case, Jean has always kept the best interest of my child at heart.  She’s upfront and professional.  I have the utmost respect for Jean and words cannot express how grateful I am to have her representing me/my family.
  • Dana Haulbrook

    Sep 16 2019 Excellent attorney. What stands out most about Jean Derrick is that she is an attorney with integrity. A rare find these days. Jean is very knowledgeable of the law and highly respected in the community. She’s not going to sugarcoat the issues at hand so don’t expect to be coddled. She’s not here to be your mommy, she’s here to fight for you/your family and seek justice…something she does very well. If you need an experience family court attorney, I highly recommend Jean Derrick. says:

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