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6640 NW Monticello Dr
Kansas City, MO 64152
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Jeff has over 20 years of experience successfully resolving contentious disputes across the country. Jeff has experienced mediation from all perspectives in dozens of states. He has been the lawyer representing clients during mediations. He has been the client representative as the plaintiff in several mediations. And Jeff has been the client representative as the defendant in over 100 mediations. Jeff has also served as the mediator and helped resolve difficult disputes. Jeff’s experience handling mediations includes personal injury claims, consumer disputes, employee conflicts, product liability, breach of contract, corporate disputes, construction matters, securities litigation and disputes involving government entities including the Department of Justice and state Attorneys General. From his vast experience in all aspects of dispute resolution, Jeff understands the value of resolving disputes before trial. Jeff is a member of the Association of Missouri Mediators and is on the approved list of outside mediators for the Mediation and Assessment Program for the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri. He is also a member of the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Eric Jensen

    May 16 2019 Jeff is a top notch mediator and fair to both plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Kelly Bland

    Jul 31 2018 I have worked with Jeff for 22 years. Jeff's biggest success has centered around the ability to see both sides of a situation, give guidance on the issues, and find the solution. He has patience, creativity and is a great mentor. If there is a problem, you can depend on Jeff to find the best result for all parties involved.
  • Brenda McKee

    Jun 11 2018 Jeff and I have worked together for many years. He is a team player, an extremely loyal person. He is knowledgeable in his area of subject matter expertise. He is very strategic. He is passionate about getting the right result for the company. His interpersonal skills are very good; he gets along well with everyone and listens to differing points of view. In our corporation, he was known for his ability to balance the needs of the business with the legal risks involved.
  • Jane Bartley

    Jun 08 2018 I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jeff for many years in his roles as both a private practitioner and in-house counsel. Jeff has a wealth of experience in successfully resolving an extensive range of litigation matters. He is well-versed in broad and diverse areas of law. He is consistently and reliably thorough, detail-oriented, and well-prepared. Jeff’s professionalism and communication skills serve him well in bringing parties together toward a successful result.
  • LM

    Jun 07 2018 I worked with Jeff for many years. He is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. He is fair and kind. His past experiences working in both law firms and corporations gives him the advantage of first-hand knowledge of both settings.
  • Matthew D. Keenan

    Jun 07 2018 I've worked with Jeff in private practice and for Jeff when he was in-house. Very capable guy with good instincts. He has an even-handed disposition that serves him well in navigating disagreements. He helped settle many cases in his days in-house and has a broad range of experiences that he brings to mediation. I would highly recommend him.
  • Meagan Thwaites

    Jun 07 2018 I've had the pleasure of working with Jeff for almost ten years in-house in a corporate legal department. Jeff is an effective leader with a great personality. Jeff has a strong handle on all aspects of litigation and is a quick study in new areas of the law. He is an effective communicator and able to work well across party lines. Jeff enjoyed a lot of success negotiating good outcomes for the company in product liability, government and breach of contract disputes for the company. Jeff has a proven track record for handling contentious litigation matters and achieving favorable outcomes for all parties involved. Jeff’s previous experience as a litigator and in-house counsel will serve him well as Mediator (for your matter)!
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Apr 06 2018 Jeffrey is a featured attorney on and we highly recommend his services.
  • Eric Jensen

    May 09 2019 I have been a plaintiff's lawyer for over 24 years. Mr. Kruse is a top notch mediator, and as a plaintiffs guy I can tell you he is extremely fair to both sides. Don't let his in house lawyer background fool you, as a mediator he is as middle of the road as it gets. 100% recommended.
  • Renzh Neil Carreon

    Aug 15 2018
  • Matt Keenan

    Jun 08 2018 I've worked with Jeff in private practice and worked for him when he was inside counsel. I've known him professionally for 22 years. Very knowledgeable and competent with a deep skill set. He knows what it takes to get cases resolved and I would say that is one of his strengths. He also has tried cases and can draw on those experiences as well as a mediator. I would highly recommend him.
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