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Jeffrey Bloom, a graduate of Concord Law School, has over 13 years experience as a litigation paralegal and conflict resolution specialist. He has also completed his master’s degree in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution from Creighton University. He has hosted weekly radio talk show on AM1240 WGBB in 2014 called “The Mediator”and most recently on WLINY radio talk shows. “Ask The Mediator” and “360 Degrees to Success”. Jeffrey’s goal is to help get the word out that Alternative Dispute Resolution is a viable option in helping people resolve their issues without losing all their time, money and sanity during the litigation process. Jeffrey is also the founder of, in addition to providing mediation trainings as well as other speaking engagements and leadership trainings.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Katherine Storch

    Oct 18 2018 Jeff's mediation training was so helpful. He went above and beyond to help each student. He was also available for questions and gave the tricks of the trade. Thank you so much Jeff.
  • Patrick Hosein

    Sep 21 2018 Jeff took a non biased approach to our issue and tried his best to resolve these issues without going to court. He’s fair and honest...

    Sep 11 2018 I am the Executive Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts. We serve a population of protective parents threatened with separation from their children and total life disruption. Jeff Bloom, CRG has provided multiple critical services as part of the FCVFC team. Apart from being skilled , competent and totally reliable, he has been kind and sensitive to clients in great distress. We have enjoyed our work together and look forward to a long, productive future.
  • Al D.

    Aug 27 2018 My name is Al D. I just wanted to say I come from a military background as does Me. Bloom is a man of honor and made for a wonderful caring mediator someone that you should highly seek even in Suffolk county where we resided, Mr bloom within 2 months had gotten my wife and I divorced without hesitation and understanding our situation, unfortunately my wife is in a nursing home on a ventilator from a form of ALS Mr. Bloom traveled to her bedside to do the mediation we had been married for 28 years but due to Medicaid guidelines, She knew she would not qualify married to me. Mr. Bloom took it slow to explain everything very clear so my young daughter POA for my wife can feel at ease as well. He has saved me 1000s of dollars in litigation. When you love someone that much and divorce is your only solution take my advise and use this honorable man. I recommend him 100 percent. He is fair, punctual, polite, answers calls, gets information that I may need, I can go on for hours my sincere thank you from myself and my family and my wife. You have honored us with your service both for this country and our lives. Sincerely Al D. Aka Alex Fox
  • CR

    Aug 06 2018 Jeffrey was extremely efficient in everything he did. He answered all of my questions quickly & with no hesitation. He even corrected things for me that he technically didn’t have to. He was absolutely amazing & fast!!
  • Rob b

    May 23 2018 Jeff took a lot of the pain (and expense) out of a bad situation
  • Anjelyne Martinez

    May 23 2018 He was great throughout the process from start to finish
  • gary jacobs

    Apr 17 2018 As family law reform advocate, I always recommend staying out of court whenever possible. I know Jeffrey and he is a professional, honest man whom I recommend often
  • Jessica Washington

    Apr 12 2018 Excellent communicator and listener. Very sensitive to each person's needs. Creates a harmonious atmosphere.
  • Edward F. Gibbons, Jr., Ph.D.

    Mar 12 2018 Over the past five years I have had the wonderful experience to work with Jeffrey Bloom as a client and a colleague. In both capacities I have found Jeffrey to be professional and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Jeffrey Bloom to anyone who either may need his services as a mediator or as a business colleague.
  • A.K

    Dec 14 2017 Mr. Bloom was knowledgeable, competent, and extremely supportive handling my matter. I highly recommend him to anyone in pursuit of resolving marital issues through the course of the mediation. Thank you, Mr. Bloom, for your utmost dedication and commitment to my overall interest.
  • Matthew Radin

    Dec 12 2017 Jeff provided me with excellent entrepreneurial coaching and help in delivering my message to the business community. He is also working with me on an innovative program for mediation and arbitration.
  • Vashti Gunness

    Dec 08 2017 Really professional and,cheap,You can relax and know you are getting the best help possible without waiting for a long time, I was really impressed by his service, I would recommend anyone who wants great help at the lowest cost.
  • Gary

    Dec 07 2017 I much better alternative than court!! Jeff "gets it" and understands the reality of divorce. This is by far the best option for a bad situation. You will save money and your sanity by never having to step foot in a biased, unfriendly courtroom
  • Martin Pritikin

    Dec 06 2017 On behalf of the faculty and administration at Concord Law School, I wanted to send you a message expressing my deepest gratitude for your assistance with helping us develop ADR-related content for our new Family Law Practicum course. This course is an integral part of our effort to make our program of legal education even more relevant to students and to what is needed in the legal profession today, and your contribution to the course brings a level of depth that we could not have achieved without your expertise. Thank you again for your participation in this exciting endeavor. I look forward to being able to share more successes at Concord as we strive to shape the future of legal education.
  • Donna Douglas

    Sep 16 2018
  • Edward Gibbons

    Sep 16 2018 Jeffrey Bloom is a leader in the discipline of conflict resolution. I highly recommend Jeff whether you are having a martial dispute, difficulties in coming to an agreement with employees and vendors, or in any other aspect of your business or personal life.
  • Bob Levin

    Sep 14 2018 I have been dealing with Jeff for over 2 years and I find him to be a man of his words with the utmost integrity.
  • Bob Levin

    Sep 13 2018 I have been dealing with Jeff for over 2 years and he is an outstanding mediator
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