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Personal Injury, Social Security Disability, Workers Compensation
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Clara Kornish

    - May 27 2021 Bryant Sutton was very helpful and successful in my SSDI case. Anne was very friendly and a joy to work with. Anne was very helpful and knowledgeable with anything that was needed. I would highly recommend Calbom & Schwab to anyone needing a disability Lawyer.
  • Cory LaMar

    - May 26 2021 My experience was smooth and effortless. My attorney was very professional and very thorough. My case was awarded quickly and without issue. I would highly recommended Calbom and Scwab to anyone filing a disability claim.
  • Erika M Cox

    - May 25 2021 Excellent people to work with while going through hard times. Very skilled and knowledgeable! Thank you for everything you have helped me with!
  • CG Storms

    - May 09 2021 Ms. Softich and her Assistant Sally Foster were great at guiding me through the process, dealing with the complications that arose, and getting to the finish line. Highly recommend this team!

    - May 03 2021 Courtney Softich and the rest of the Calbom team help people in their time of need! They are super friendly informative, compassionate and thorough. I would recommend them to everybody! All I have to say is this team knows what they're doing and they will get the job done and get it done well!! Thank you so much guys you're the best!
  • levon rooney

    - Feb 27 2021 Jeffery Schwab is my ssi lawyer and today i got the wonderful news that my ssi claim was approved! he is very friendly and he gets results! in my life i have had experiences with alot of lawyers mostly bad ones but Mr. Schwab showed me that lawyers can be kind and compassionate and he helped me get the ssi benefits that i need.
  • levon rooney

    - Feb 27 2021 Jeffery Schwab is my ssi lawyer and today i got the wonderful news that my ssi claim was approved! he is very friendly and he gets results! in my life i have had experiences with alot of lawyers mostly bad ones but Mr. Schwab showed me that lawyers can be kind and compassionate and he helped me get the ssi benefits that i need.
  • Lynette Chaska

    - Feb 01 2021 Jeffrey Schwab took my fears and laid them to rest after hearing me out when no one else would even give me the time of day. I had spoke with several large law firms after my original attorney quite when my case went into appeal after closing. Jeffrey talked to me and my husband, helping us understand the laws. He was kind, respectful, informative and most of he listened. He took my anxiety and turned it around, letting me know that there wasn't anything to fear and that everything was going to be ok. He had my back even though he wasn't yet my attorney. His information helped us make the best decision we could concerning my disability and my situation. It wasn't easy but with Jeffery's help we were able to make the right decision.
  • James

    - Jan 05 2021 When I walked into Mr. Schwab’s office in 2012 , I was not sure what benefits I was eligible for . He educated me on the facts of my case and having been hurt on the job he got me the benefits that will sustain me for the rest of my life. He was very knowledgeable and informative and always kind and respectful. He also got back to us whenever we had any questions or concerns . Thank you again for all you’ve done .
  • Sheri

    - Dec 18 2020 Dedicated & Compassionate Attorney Jeffrey Schwab is an outstanding and compassionate attorney. I suffered a work related injury which left me disabled and struggling to find care within the L&I system. My injuries were such that Jeff encouraged me to also apply for SSDI. It took years of hard work and dedication to eventually win both appeals. In the end Jeff demonstrated that he cared more about getting me the help I needed than his commission. Now that’s an attorney with heart! Thank you Jeff!
  • James Straw

    - Oct 18 2020 Jeffery Schwab was my attorney and he was awesome. He got my disability approved very quickly. I appreciate that he was kind, caring and friendly. Thank you Mr. Schwab.
  • Ondra Galloway

    - Oct 06 2020 Jeff Schwab was professional and defended my case as if I was family. He took it personal he gave his best we won,it change my life finances. Jeff Schwab was blessing thanks for everything Ondra Galloway
  • Jimmy Anderson

    - Sep 01 2020 I walked in to the office of Calbom and Schwab off the street with no appointment and was treated like I was an important client from the onset. I waited about 10 minutes and was greeted by a friendly attorney I think her name was Gracie. She educated me about my case and gave me the advice I needed she told me that if a certain line was crossed to return and they would take me on as a client. When that happened Calbom and Schwab took me on as a client no out of pocket money was ever required. As things progressed I was introduced to Jeffrey Schwab and he took my case and I received a excellent settlement. The process was difficult for me at times but Mr. Schwab made me feel like his friend. He put me at ease during the hearing and after he stayed in touch and always accepted my calls Jeffrey called me just to check on my well being after the settlement. I would recommend this firm and if I am in need again they will be the one's that I call.
  • Mom Lisa and Daughter Hayli

    - Aug 11 2020 Experienced; fast response turnaround; very caring office staff and attorneys; go beyond without pay; when all hope fails call this firm. They stay with you and provide options and referrals even on the road. This law firm was successful in winning our case, and they continue to show interest in our lives, which says it all. Thanks Jeff and Irene and all the wonderful people at Calbom and Schwab Law.
  • shaun

    - Jul 22 2020 was slow at firist prosess of info long courts and settlements could have been fasterif possible stil waiting for final repairs
  • Ruby S

    - Jul 20 2020 It took 5 years Jeffrey believed in my case and st the end he won it for me. Im very thankful
  • Shane westlund

    - Jul 19 2020 Huge thank you to Stephane for all her help and for being so patient with all my questions.
  • Richard Post

    - Jul 19 2020 I have some divorce issues, and Jeffrey Schwab very professionally got me more than I expected thank you Jeffrey
  • Jason Johannsen

    - Jun 19 2020 I had Dave Lybbert (hope I spelled it right) represent me, he was awesome. He made everything easy. Thank you again Dave.
  • Kimberley Bussler

    Jan 20 2020 Friendly and fast! Never made me feel bad about anything I had to do . I hated to file for bankruptcy but they are great! They did most of the paperwork for me, I just had to supply the information. Very kind. Took payments.
  • Bartonion

    Dec 05 2019 Helped me through the arduous process of filing a social security disability claim. I even had the opportunity to meet a fellow Harley rider. Good people and great lawyering.
  • 710 enduro

    Nov 24 2019 Very honest and will work hard for you!
  • Patricia M

    Jun 21 2019 I am so happy we chose Calbom & Schwab for our personal injury case. The whole firm has been nothing less than amazing! They have been up front, honest, and sensitive to all our needs. If I ever need an attorney in the future I will not hesitate to call this firm!
  • Tamara Von Essen

    Oct 14 2018 Jeff Schwab & staff (Glenna, etc) always provided prompt answers to questions and acted in a courteous and professional manner. During this stressful time, which took years for them to settle on my husband's behalf with L&I, they were fun to work. This says a lot when your entire financial future is on the line because a work-related injury. says:

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