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501 West First Street, Claremore
Rogers County, OK 2700
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Owner/manager Jennifer K. Kern concentrates her law practice in the areas of ADOPTION and ASSISTED REPRODUCTION, guardianship, conservatorship, Guardian ad Litem, OKDHS/foster care, grandparents raising grandchildren, paternity/child custody . . . and nonprofit organizations. Jennifer also provides MEDIATION services in all areas of family relations/communications (including issues surrounding elder care, custody, and probate/estate planning) and various civil disputes (such as rental agreements, real estate sales, and other contracts).
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Katie

    - Jun 19 2019 Jennifer was very personable and treated us as family!
    • Jennifer Kern

      Jun 20 2019As family is just how I see you guys, Katie! Thanks for your kind review.
  • Mary Lee Weaver

    - Mar 11 2019 Jennifer Kern has represented Catholic Charities for over 10 yeas and has provided excellent counsel and legal representation.
    • Jennifer Kern

      Mar 15 2019Thank you so much, Mary Lee. It is a privilege--one of my most treasured--to represent such an honorable institution, made up of such honorable people as yours is. Among the many things I appreciate is the Agency's philosophy of receiving children for adoptive placements (in which the children's parents typically have personally chosen parents for their children), rather than "taking" anyone's child.
  • justin jano

    - Feb 11 2019 Jennifer was awesome! She is extremely knowledgeable and works very hard for her clients. We are blessed to have her working for our side.
    • Jennifer Kern

      Mar 15 2019I have been so blessed by knowing and working with you and Janie, Justin!
  • Lisa Grimes

    - Feb 09 2019 If you want an attorney that is down to earth, efficient, and extremely effective - then you want Jennifer! She is also very knowledgeable about the adoption process which helped so much! We are so thankful for all of her help!!
    • Jennifer Kern

      Feb 13 2019Thank you very much, Lisa!
  • Cole

    - Jan 07 2019 Mrs. Kern truly cares for those she represents and will work tirelessly for them. Our case was unique and impossible, but through impossible odds Mrs. Kern used her knowledge of the law and her experience in the courtroom and we won our case! She changed our family’s future for the better! God Bless Jennifer Kern!
    • Jennifer Kern

      Mar 15 2019How can I ever thank YOU guys enough, for your courage in such tough circumstances; for your faithfulness in challenge after challenge; and, most of all, for your steadfast love for your family? What an example you have been!
  • Tracy Morgan

    - Dec 13 2018 Jennifer is an outstanding person & dedicates her life to helping others. Jennifer personally helped me & in doing so changed my life. I highly recommend her. She is a lady of great character & integrity.
    • Jennifer Kern

      Jan 07 2019Thank you for your kind words, Tracy.
  • Ron Acree

    - Dec 13 2018 Jennifer is an outstanding person and really understands the adoption process. She is truly an attorney you can trust and be confident she has your best interest in mind.
    • Jennifer Kern

      Jan 07 2019Ron, you are greatly appreciated!
  • Haley Archie

    - Dec 11 2018 Jennifer Kern is absolutely hands down the best! She keeps constant contact on anything happening and is quick to respond! She cares about her clients!
    • Jennifer Kern

      Dec 12 2018Haley, you are a JOY! I love your spirit and commitment. Keep up the good work!
  • Gayla Lee

    - Dec 11 2018 Jennifer is the absolute best. She has compassion for a delicate situation. She is very attentive to the requests needed to make a life changing event a smoothly as possible. I highly recommend Jennifer. Thank you Jennifer and God Bless.
    • Jennifer Kern

      Dec 12 2018Gayla, I have been blessed to see you lead by example in humility and love--placing others' needs above your own. I wish you well as your journey continues to new heights.
  • Mark Pedigo

    - Dec 11 2018 Jennifer Kern is an excellent attorney! My wife and I connected with Jennifer during the adoption of our beautiful baby girl. We couldn't be happier with her services. When our baby girl was ready to be discharged on a Sunday afternoon and there were legal concerns to be dealt with before we could take her home, Jennifer dropped everything and rushed from a personal outing to the hospital to help us out. I completely credit her and all of her efforts for a smooth transition that day and I cannot thank her enough. That was huge! In addition, Jennifer is very professional, reliable and extremely accessible, but she's also very personable and I believe she truly cares about her clients and what's going on in their lives. We always felt like she had our best interest in mind and she seem to work tirelessly on our case with regular updates via phone calls and emails that often came in very late at night while everyone else was sleeping. I cannot recommend her enough. She truly made our lives easier at a time when it could have been very difficult.
    • Jennifer Kern

      Dec 12 2018Mark, you and your family are very precious to me; I was blessed and honored to be able to assist you. Your hearts are so compassionate and kind. You make the world a better place!
  • Heather Vest

    - Jul 20 2018 Jennifer was an absolute godsend. Professional, courteous, responsive. Forget anything you ever knew about attorneys, she is cut from a different cloth. I can barely tell the story of our adoption and how is she played such an integral part without crying, she played the most amazing part of that story. If you are thinking about adopting, use Jennifer. Both my husband and I and my brother-in-law and his family used her. I can't recommend her enough to enough people. And if you have any hesitations or questions, feel free to Google my name and call me personally.
    • Jennifer Kern

      Jul 24 2018Thank you for your kind review, Heather. It was such a joy to share your family formation journey!
  • Alex Temple

    - Jun 04 2018 As a fellow adoption attorney, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Jennifer Kern! Her knowledge of adoption law is extensive. Jennifer also cares deeply about ensuring that the adoption process is done right from the get go. I am thankful for Jennifer and her contributions to such a nuanced area of the law.
    • Jennifer Kern

      Jul 24 2018Alex, I am so pleased that you are part of the wonderful world of adoption professionals in Oklahoma. Thank you for your support!
  • Michael & Dawn Caldwell

    - Jun 02 2018 Jennifer is awesome. As the first attorney we ever hired, Jennifer set the bar incredibly high for all the lawyers we've hired since we moved out of state. She knows her craft. She maintained her professionalism, high ethics, and moral character even in the face of other attorneys with much lower standards. She worked hard for us. She celebrated with us. She cried with us. She prayed with us. She continues to be a part of our story, our friend, even after her "work" was done. We would give her six stars if we could. Don't look any further, Jennifer is the attorney you need.
    • Jennifer Kern

      Jul 24 2018I am grateful and humbled by your comments, guys. You are superstars in my book!
  • Virginia Frank

    - May 24 2018 Jennifer is a wonderful Adoption Attorney in the Tulsa metro area. She has experience and loves building families. I would highly recommend using her for all your adoption needs.
    • Jennifer Kern

      Jul 24 2018Thanks, Ginny. And back at you! Your knowledge, skill and professionalism have helped raise the standard for the practice of family formation law.
  • Michael A. Nomura, Esq

    - May 24 2018 Jennifer did a superb job a representing a young woman who was using the services of an adoption agency that I represent. I engaged her services for this young woman because as an adoption attorney myself, I am very aware of her exceptional knowledge of the issues. I highly recommend her.
    • Jennifer Kern

      Jul 24 2018As you know, Mike, making an adoption parenting plan is a significant event/decision in a placing parent's life, and I appreciate having the opportunity to walk with the parent through that sometimes confusing legal process. (Thank you for your kind words).
  • Melanie

    - May 24 2018 Excellent service. Very attentive and proactive on the case. It felt like she was very involved and actually cared about me and my daughters.
    • Jennifer Kern

      Jul 24 2018Melanie, your family will always hold a very special place in my heart--I am in awe of 'all y'all's'' strength, patience, and devotion to your children.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    - May 07 2018 Jennifer is a featured attorney on and we highly recommend her services.
  • J\'me Hatfield

    Sep 12 2019
  • Ron Acree

    Dec 14 2018 A great person and extremely knowledgeable in the adoption process. Fair, honest, competent.
  • Heather Vest

    Jul 20 2018 Jennifer was an absolute Godsend. Professional, courteous, responsive, knowledgeable. Forget anything you ever knew about attorneys, she is cut from a different cloth. I can barely tell the story of our adoption and how is she played such an integral part without crying, she played the most amazing part of that story. If you are thinking about adopting, use Jennifer. Both my husband and I and my brother-in-law and his family used her. I can't recommend her enough to enough people. And if you have any hesitations or questions, feel free to Google my name and call me personally
  • Michael Caldwell

    Jun 02 2018 says:

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