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Jerome Allan Landau has been serving as a professional Mediator, Group Facilitator, Arbitrator and Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) professional since the mid-1970s. He is admitted to practice law in Arizona, New York and Colorado and the U.S. District Courts for Arizona and the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.
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Reviews and Testimonials


    - Oct 17 2018 Parties and counsel who have used Jerome Landau would overwhelmingly use his services again and would, without hesitation, recommend him to others. Typical of the comments reflecting Mr. Landau’s acceptability are: (i) I would highly recommend Jerome. He was outstanding; (ii) Mr. Landau has good judgment and a calming presence; (iii) Jerome maintains a lovely balance of letting his clients have space when they need it and when it is appropriate, and then guiding and driving needed dialogue and focus when that too is necessary – a hard balance to strike, and he did it very well on a number of occasions; (iv) I would work with Jerome again without hesitation. His work with us was much appreciated; and (v) Jerome is a natural leader. His manner is so personable and nonthreatening that he naturally motivates communication. He is able to draw out those who are reluctant to speak. Mr. Landau’s mediation skills and abilities are rated as highly effective. Typical of feedback received in this regard are: (i) Jerome is patient, an excellent listener and remains very professional at all times. He also became well-versed in our specific group issues to render credible advice in a very volatile situation; (ii) He has excellent listening and learning skills, solid judgment, and he is very professional with all parties. His personal communication skills and intelligence earned the respect of our clients; (iii) He is knowledgeable, which gives you confidence that he is going to be helpful. He uses his experience sparingly though, which worked for us and gave us the help we needed to come to a satisfactory conclusion; (iv) He knew when to push and when to let things play out. He also used excellent questions to ensure people didn’t just react; (v) Mr. Landau has the ability to manage challenging discussions that expose disparate opinions in such a way that participants feel listened to, cared about and that they have made valuable contributions to the discussion at hand; and (vi) Jerome has the capability to listen in such a way that others feel heard. His natural traits of empathy, non-judgment and compassion enhance his powers of listening. In turn, he establishes a safe environment that empowers participants to share fully and become fully engaged in the mediation process. Mr. Landau is also highly regarded for his ability to effect a positive outcome. For example, one provider of feedback noted that Mr. Landau has the capacity to generate animated discussion and in such a caring environment that diverse opinions add to the discussion creating connection rather than separation. While another noted that Mr. Landau’s approach brought out the strengths and weaknesses in each side without judging their merit. The result was a willingness on the part of each party to accept the truth of the issues and to resolve the matter amicably. Costs were widely reported as reasonable in the context of the value of the disputes mediated by Mr. Landau, and in general a very high degree of satisfaction was reported. No reportable negative comments have been received since Mr. Landau’s designation as an IMI Certified Mediator.
  • Robb Itkin

    - Oct 14 2018 I have had the pleasure of serving with Jerome on the Executive Council of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Arizona State Bar. I have also have participated in one of his presentations on ADR. His philosophy of bringing people together in the most humane and practical way is rare, and beautiful.
  • Lee Jay

    - Oct 25 2017 Hi Jerome, Congrats on your work anniversary! Your depth and breath of experience makes me feel like such a rookie! You, my friend, are the guru! Hope you're doing well. says:

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