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Criminal Defense, Estate Planning and Administration, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Paulette Hicks

    - Sep 24 2020 I found Mrs. Crawford to be very informative, responsive and helpful every step of the way in a process I was unfamiliar with.
  • Lisa Hawthorne

    - Sep 20 2020 As if I were. Special
  • Wendy Delgado

    - Sep 20 2020 Mrs. Jessie helped me so much getting everything straighten out with the car insurance. Thanks to her help I was able to keep my car and get it fixed.
  • James F Boone Sr

    - Sep 20 2020 She is a very good attorney and I would recommend her to other people
  • Stephanie Gillis

    - Sep 18 2020 Ms. Lyons Crawford was very knowledgeable, professional and efficient in her work. I could tell that she really has a passion for helping people and it’s not about billing the most hours and making the most money for her. Ms. Lyons Crawford was friendly and empathetic. She took the time to listen to my story and answered all of my questions, relieving significant anxiety. I felt so much better after leaving her office on the initial visit and through her hard work she was able to obtain justice for me. I would highly recommend Ms. Lyons Crawford to my friends or family members without hesitation!
  • C. David

    - Sep 18 2020 Ms. LYONS was my first attorney I've ever hired, and I wont work with anyone else. She is efficient effective and straight to the point. I love and appreciate her straight forwardness and will always keep her number handy for any further legal needs.
  • Naji

    - Sep 11 2020 Very professional. Very caring
  • Clara

    - Sep 10 2020 Mrs. Crawford was anointed by God to be an attorney. I had an injury case, so many attorneys turned my case down because the injury did not cause any broken bones in my body, however I suffered in pain for weeks. Mrs. Crawford took my case on and when the defendants gave her the run around she shook them down, then it was like God gave her a dream or something that broke the case wide open and got things moving fast and I was compensated for my injury. Mrs. Crawford as well as her team were honest, caring and professional, I did not have any problem afterwards. Your in good hands with Mrs. Crawford and I would definitely contact her again for legal assistance.
  • JLH

    - Sep 10 2020 EXCELLENT
  • Odianosen Oriaifo

    - Sep 10 2020 Great lawyer!! The best I have dealt with. Had settlements in all my cases. She lets you know how it will end right from the beginning

    - Sep 10 2020 Mrs. Crawford was professional. She was very knowledgeable of the law. Most importantly she was caring.
  • Robert

    - Aug 28 2020 Very caring attorney. Very wise attorney.
  • Gabrielle

    - Aug 22 2020 Ms Jessie and her assistant Derrick did a wonderful job with my case. That was years ago though, but I remember everything went smoothly. Derrick kept me on updated with everything. When I met with Ms Lyons, she first tried to relate to me before going down with business. She is a wonderful lawyer and I still remember all advices she gave me. I enjoy the stories too! Keep doing what you do best! You have a great team ??
  • Felicia D.

    - Aug 21 2020 Mrs. Crawford provided me with excellent service on an employment discrimination matter. I first hired one attorney and saw that he was not moving the case along after having it for over a year. A relative told me about Mrs. Crawford and after speaking with her, I hired her too. Once Mrs. Crawford became involved things started moving on my case because she was filing motions, depositions and the like. We ended by settling my case for a six figure verdict and boy was I pleased. I'm not saying each of her cases will end in a six figure verdict, but she will work hard to make you whole. I'm happy to have been introduced to her and I will not hesitate to reach out to her for my legal needs.
  • Timothy&Annette Edwards

    - Aug 21 2020 Flawless, pleasant

    - Aug 21 2020 Very professional honest and many years of experience.
  • Ashley Rheiner

    Nov 21 2019 Great people, easy to deal with, and Ms. Jessie will get your case settled fast, easy, and with the best payout she can get you.
  • Sam A

    Oct 04 2019 Very patient, understanding and a good listener. She is not after the money but will listen to your case, get to the truth and put a human face in your case. Thank you for the good work.
  • Mechie Mo

    Sep 28 2019 I have worked with Mrs. Crawford's office for over ten (10) years. She is an aggressive lawyer and an excellent advocate. I would recommend her.
  • Liz Onyekwere

    Jul 21 2017 Great says:

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