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Child Custody, Child Support Modification, Commercial, Contract, Divorce, Family Law, Insurance, Marital Property, Personal Injury, Trusts and Estates
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • James Litzler

    - Sep 13 2018 Jim effectively combines his experience, knowledge of the law, and persuasiveness to successfully mediate almost all of his cases. I highly recommend him.
  • Mark Breding

    - Sep 12 2018 I have worked with Jim McLeroy for many years as an attorney and mediator, and I have always been impressed with his professionalism, preparation, attention to detail, honesty, courtesy, and insightful legal wisdom. I highly recommend him both as an attorney or mediator.
  • Phil Smith

    - Sep 12 2018 Jim is very knowledgeable and is a very good mediator. He is especially knowledgeable in the area of municipal law.
  • Bob Scott

    - Sep 12 2018 Over the last 20 years I have been involved with cases in which Mr McLeroy was involved, both for and against me. I have always found him to be very competent and ethical. Over this period of time I have referred several cases to him in which I had a conflict. I would not do that unless I was confident he would take care of the client.
  • Chad Cable

    - Sep 12 2018 Excellant trial lawyer turned mediator has depth of experience to effectively evaluate cases, which he then forcefully shares with the litigants and counsel. Jim gets results.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    - May 14 2018 Jim is a featured attorney on Mediation.com and we highly recommend his services.
  • Mark Breding

    Sep 12 2018 Great experiences over many years working with Jim both as an attorney and mediator. Honest, prepared, and professional!

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