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Joan Geiger is an experienced and skilled mediator, who's been dedicated to helping people resolve disputes with care and consideration for over 20 years. An Accredited Member of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators, Joan has served as a Court Appointed Mediator for the Custody/Timesharing, Economic, and Probate Mediation Programs. She's a frequent Presenter on Mediation Topics for the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators, the New Jersey Institute of Continuing Legal Education and the Somerset County Bar Association.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Christine Szolkowski

    - Jun 21 2023 Ms. Geiger was neutral, fair, and very knowledgeable. She explained the pros and cons of separation, divorce and what we needed to do to mitigate the financial repercussions associated with ending a marriage. The terms of the mediation agreement were used without many changes to draw up the final property settlement agreement for an uncontested divorce. She is ethical, honest and compassionate, which are qualities needed in divorce and separation cases. I highly recommend her.
  • Lucianne Smith

    - May 22 2023 Joan was professional and kind from the first meeting we had. She guided us through the process and was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of NJ Law. Joan had very good suggestions and was willing to talk "straight" about difficult issues. She was responsive to all emails and phone calls. I would highly recommend her.
  • Michael Coslett

    - May 22 2023 Satisfied
  • Lori Ricci

    - Apr 22 2023 Joan handled our original divorce agreement and also the reevaluation 10 years later. She is honest, fair, understanding, knowledgeable and truly works in the best interest of both parties.
  • JoAnn G

    - Dec 13 2021 Working with Joan made a difficult situation much easier to handle. She is a true professional who cares about her clients as people. Joan is very personable and put me at ease during our meetings. I would highly recommend her!!
  • John Getz

    - Nov 16 2021 This is something that nobody looks forward to do.However if both parties are just at the of the marriage and will work with each other normally ,she is the one.
  • Odile Julian

    - May 18 2021
  • Becky

    - Apr 16 2021 No matter what your circumstances, Joan Geiger is fair and thorough. We scheduled more appointments than average and that was the point, we saved thousands of dollars avoiding the system that takes too long and costs too much. Joan was very easy to work with. She is prompt and scheduling was easy. All done in a timely manner. Thank you for your knowledge and support!! Oh and if you happen to be worried about covid she's got that all under control with plastic separators between all three of you!
  • SK

    - Mar 26 2021 Joan made a difficult situation much easier. Joan explained the process and executed our agreement in an easy and efficient manner. I would highly recommend Joan!
  • Carmine Picarello

    - Mar 25 2021 Joan was very personable and efficient. At times where I felt I could have been better prepared for a session, she easily carried us through to make significant progress. I felt she was very fair and advised us equally. Emails and phone calls were returned promptly. She explained things well and offered different options for each of our issues. I would highly recommend Joan as your mediator.
  • sherif sonbol

    - Feb 25 2021 Joan is very reasonable and rational
  • Eliseo

    - Feb 25 2021 Excellent and very helpful
  • Lisa Beatrice

    - Jan 26 2021 Joan was always available to help me navigate through all the steps of the mediation process whether in an appointment or responding to an email or phone call.
  • Cristina Almeida

    - Jan 26 2021 Joan was great!
  • Chad Kennedy

    - Dec 27 2020 Very pleasant and fair. Help both of us with our concerns. Would highly recommend
  • Kimberly Richards

    - Dec 23 2020 Very Professional. Both parties were satisfied with the results.
  • Farhana Vassall

    - Dec 22 2020 I had a great experience working with Joan.
  • David Gallo

    - Dec 19 2020 Joan deftly and efficiently mediated the recalculation of child support for me and my ex spouse as our daughter was starting college and needed to also agree upon a fair split of car payment and car insurance for our daughter as well.
  • Patrick

    - Dec 10 2020 Joan was extremely professional and very reasonable.
  • DE

    - Nov 19 2020 Joan was a pleasure to work with during a very difficult time. Initially, I consulted a lawyer for my divorce which inflamed the situation with my ex. After working with Joan, my and I were finally able to come to an agreement on custody and have an amicable divorce. Joan was able to again assist me when I wanted to move out of state after our divorce. My ex and I now coparent very well and my daughter is happy and secure. None of this would be possible if we had a contentious divorce. I highly recommend Joan!
  • Brian E. Persaud

    - Oct 23 2020 The entire experience was clear to the point. Supportive of each others views.
  • Farhana Vassall

    - Sep 23 2020 Joan was amazing at handling my complicated case. She was professional, unbiased, and far. She is great to work with. Available via phone and email and I always received prompt responces from her.
  • Nikole Feno Stig

    - Aug 26 2020 Joan is awesome, she helped us to make an even decision regarding our separation. She even recognized the abusive outbursts and directed me to a place to get assistance for my children regarding that. She knows exactly what she is doing and I would gladly recommend her!
  • RA

    - Aug 01 2020 In my experience of separation/divorce Joan was very helpful. She seemed very impartial through out the process. She is also very knowledgable on child custody, financial and emotional matters. You would be pressed to find someone with as much knowledge and empathy as her. I highly recommend her!
  • Julio Solano

    - Jun 14 2020 Very straightforward fast and real No time waste The way it has to be
  • Jodi Fitchett

    - May 28 2020 Joan is great. Made the process very easy. Highly recommend her.
  • jodi fitchett

    - Apr 27 2020 My experience with Joan was great. She had the answers to all my questions and she was patient with getting the process finished. I would recommend her to anyone.
  • BC

    - Apr 27 2020 Joan was very helpful in making both divorcees happy.
  • KF

    - Apr 02 2020 No one ever talks about where to start when you decide to separate and look into getting a divorce but mediation was the way I wanted to go. Not knowing where to start I went on a Google search. I typed in top-rated mediators (in my state) and Joan Geiger popped up among others. I did my research and checked three mediators that appealed to me. I checked them out on several review sites including Avvo and NJAPM. I decided to go with Ms. Geiger. I reached out to her via email, she called me back the very next day. We spoke at length about my situation, what I wanted to happen, she asked VERY prudent questions...I felt that she genuinely cared about ME! Joan Geiger talked about her experience and how she could help me. This whole conversation on the phone was key. Other mediators would only talk with me with a scheduled consultation and those consultations were NOT free! I was a bit turned off by that. Ms. Geiger was open about her fee (if we proceeded) and we scheduled a meeting to get started and told me the things I needed so as to expedite the process. At our first meeting she was beyond professional asking a lot of questions, very knowledgeable, amiable and true to her word as we wrapped things up in the time that she said it was going to take. Separation and divorce is no easy thing to go through and it helps (beyond words) to have a professional who knows their stuff and cares about you on your side to help you. While our divorce is still pending, I am very happy to be working with Joan Geiger and I would recommend her highly to anyone dealing with a divorce especially when its an amicable one.
  • Jp

    - Mar 27 2020 Our experience was really good. Joan was very impartial, professional and compassionate. Our situation was odd in that we ultimately reconsiled. But would highly recommend her services to anyone who is needing to separate or divorce.
  • Ruchika Anand

    - Mar 27 2020 I was extremely happy and highly recommend her.
  • Fertig Steve

    - Jan 05 2020 In an effort to resolve an irreconcilable family dispute my attorney suggested mediation and strongly recommended Joan Geiger. Through Joan’s efforts, a fair and equitable settlement was negotiated and a costly trial was avoided. Her empathetic style and professional skill as a facilitator should be welcomed by anyone looking for an alternative, cost effective approach to conflict resolution.
  • Steven F. Nerger

    - Nov 06 2019 Was good experience
  • Alex Grohol

    - Oct 01 2019
  • Louis Pizzigoni IV

    - Jun 28 2019 Joan was thorough and fair. She made the process as good as it could have been. Thanks Joan!
  • Sean P Roe

    - Jun 09 2019 Joan was a complete professional, non-biased and created a positive atmosphere in a very difficult situation.
  • Elaine Jackson

    - May 31 2019 Joan is compassionate and fair. She was extremely helpful in dealing with a difficult and personal situation.
  • Carrie Bennett

    - Apr 22 2019 Joan was amazing during a very difficult time in our lives! Thank you so much!
  • MFW

    - Apr 10 2019 Very fair. Didn't sugar coat anything. Very easy to get along with and made the experience less painful
  • djr

    - Apr 09 2019 Joan did a great job with our mediation, but left us unprepared for the questions we faced when filing for the divorce with the county.
  • JP

    - Apr 02 2019 Joan made a difficult process so much easier. I highly recommend her.
  • Karl Braun

    - Mar 09 2019 Joan was a pleasure to work with and was very thorough in her evaluation and obtaining all our information to come up with an amicable agreement and also save us a lot of money. I would highly recommend her for anyone who is going through this process.
  • Karen B

    - Mar 07 2019 Joan was both wonderful and comforting to work with. Highly recommend!
  • Karen Bauer

    - Mar 07 2019 Joan was both wonderful and comforting to work with. Highly recommend!
  • JM

    - Feb 28 2019 Joan was awesome as always! This was my third time using her. Professional and fair as alway!
  • John Walsh

    - Feb 28 2019 Everything was perfect. Thank you
  • Holly Gibson

    - Feb 28 2019 Joan was amazing and made the whole horrible experience of getting divorced go as smoothly as possible.
  • MM

    - Feb 08 2019 Joan helped make my divorce less traumatic than it already was. The led the way with a compassionate, steady hand.
  • katrina

    - Jan 22 2019 Joan was good. Aggressive and yet very pleasant. She knows the law and the environment. I think we both walked away feeling not 100{cbbf165febdb5c9e7382d0ea2260dd38549f33437b67133716bb132863876b24} thrilled, which is exactly how mediation should end!
  • Judi

    - Jan 09 2019 Joan was awesome. She made the most stressful time of my life, much easier. She was always calm, and presented reasonable options to us when we couldn't come to an agreement. She was fair in dealing with both of us, she's a good listener, and was timely in her work. I highly recommend Joan, and have done so several times.
  • Mark Windt

    - Jan 08 2019 Joan was very helpful in the process. I was a bit reluctent to meet with Joan with both our lawyers also present but it made a great deal of sense in the settlement process. We agreed to terms in just two meetings with Joan. She is a great mediator and she drove the process in an organized manor.
  • joan geiger

    - Nov 23 2018 I am a colleague of Brian's and worked with him for years on a very complex matter. The clients and the other professionals in the case, including a realtor and Brian's then supervising partner all respected Brian and appreciated that he often went above and beyond to do his job and help the people in the case. He has brains and heart.
  • KC

    - Oct 24 2018 Joan was prompt, straightforward and knowledgeable. I think we both left somewhat unhappy, which is how all mediations should go!
  • Patti Allegretta-Riga

    - Oct 12 2018 She was knowledgeable and helped me through the process.
  • Fred Fitch

    - Oct 12 2018 Great
  • Donald Krug

    - Sep 02 2018 A pleasure to work with.
  • JL

    - Jun 10 2018 Joan clearly brings a wealth of experience to her practice. She is professional, compassionate and objective. One of the things that pleasantly surprised me was that she showed no predisposition to the woman in the course of mediating issues.
  • Michael Puorro

    - Jun 09 2018 Joan made a difficult situation easier for me and my ex. I found her explanations and analysis of our situation and negotiations to be simple and fair causing no reason to draw out the process or make it any more difficult than it needed to be. I would recommend her to anyone.
  • Bonnie A

    - Jun 04 2018 Joan was recommended to me by a friend. I was very pleased. She was professional and made our divorce as smooth as possible in a timely manner.
  • Maria

    - Jun 04 2018 Joan made a difficult situation much easier. She was very understanding and patiently explained the entire process as she walked us through it.
  • joe noto

    - Jun 04 2018 professional and tactical
  • Christine T.

    - Jun 03 2018 Ms. Geiger has been our mediator since 2001, when we first got separated. Through the entire process, she has been fair and pleasant. While going through a divorce is never a pleasant experience, I can honestly say that handling the ongoing child support adjustments through mediation has been the best thing we decided to do. She listens to us both, takes out concerns into consideration and brings us to an outcome that we can both live with in the end. I would definitely recommend her.
  • AA

    - Jun 03 2018 Always a calm, positive experience.
  • lori leotta

    - May 05 2018 Very professional and objective - could reduce length of session as appropriate -but all in all made my divorce a tolerable experience. She has made the divorce journey bearable - appreciated her insights.
  • Michael Stoloff

    - May 04 2018 Very professional and impartial. Knew when to step in and offer advice. Made recommendations and helped keep focus of the situation
  • SBC

    - Apr 04 2018 Very fair and knowledgeable. Joan is kind and is there to mediate fairly for both parties.
  • Cathy Karp

    - Apr 04 2018 Joan was great! Planning the meeting was very smooth, and she was patient with all parties and never rushed anyone, was able to restate everyone's opinion and worked through issues that our family had not been able to resolve until then.
  • Marguerite

    - Mar 10 2018 I've worked with Joan for thirty years and know she's fair , kind considerate mediator
  • DJ

    - Mar 10 2018 Fair to both parties; good to work with.
  • Donna

    - Feb 10 2018 She stayed neutral and was professional and friendly. Gave good advice to help us decide on things to consider.
  • Karen Ostberg

    - Feb 10 2018 Intelligent and fair very experienced attorney.
  • James Russell

    - Jan 27 2018 Joan was very friendly and clear about explaining the issues facing us as we went through the process.
  • TW

    - Dec 29 2017 Joan provided us with mediation services. She was very professional, fair, thorough, and very reasonably priced. I highly recommend her services for those that need them.
  • Gary Droppa

    - Dec 12 2017 answered all questions regarding equitable distribution. Joan helped in a tough time, and fairness to everyone seemed to be key.
  • DT

    - Dec 10 2017 Overall, I was happy. The only thing that would have made the experience better was if Joan had shared in advance that a witness was required when getting documents notarized. She was apologetic when I shared the details of the struggle, though.
  • Russell Weiner

    - Dec 04 2017 A very positive experience. Joan never takes sides, but rather evaluates the information and proposes a solution that can be discussed. Fairness was the focus of all of our sessions. I highly recommend Joan.
  • Donna Levinston Braff

    - Dec 01 2017 As a fellow divorce attorney , I have known Joan for over 30 years and I have worked with many clients over the years who have used Joan Geiger as a divorce mediator. They have always been impressed with Joan’s skill , fairness, knowledge of the law, as well as her her ability to remain neutral and professional throughout the process. Donna Levinston Braff, Esquire
  • Jennifer Miller

    - Nov 28 2017 Joan made the divorce process as painless as possible.
  • Sarah D

    - Nov 28 2017 Very fair and professional.
  • Joseph H Vinci

    - Oct 31 2017 Fair, easy to talk to. Focused and compassionate.
  • Sarah

    - Oct 29 2017 Was fair, professional, knowledgeable and considerate of both parties.
  • JH

    - Oct 21 2017 Smooth process. Mediate is better than litigate
  • James Musson

    - Oct 12 2017 A smooth process in difficult times, and a much better alternative to lawyers.
  • Susan Wood

    - Sep 30 2017 Joan was a pleasure to work with dispute the circumstances. She was efficient and thorough. I highly recommend her services.
  • Lisa

    - Sep 07 2017 I have worked with Joan for years. She is an effective mediator who is able to make each side feel respected and their point of view valued.
  • David LaFever

    - Aug 31 2017 Joan Geiger was a pleasure to work with..she had a very unique and calming way about her through the entire process...she was extremely fair to both parties
  • Diane Leclair

    - Aug 30 2017 Joan was excellent. She went above and beyond to make sure our situation was handled properly.
  • Brian

    - Aug 30 2017 Most excellent!
  • Donald Krug

    Sep 02 2018
  • Michael Puorro

    Jun 27 2018 Joan made a difficult situation easier for me and my ex. I found her explanations and analysis of our situation and negotiations to be simple and fair causing no reason to draw out the process or make it any more difficult than it needed to be. I would recommend her to anyone.
  • Daniel Lane

    Jun 12 2018 I routinely refer my cases to mediation with Joan. She is reasonable, relatable and a confident mediator. Her down to earth demeanor coupled with her encyclopedic knowledge of the law makes her one of the finest mediators in the State. She is an asset to anyone looking to amicably resolve their divorce in a cost effective way.
  • marguerite baranowski

    Mar 31 2018 I think Joan is a very compassionate person with people going through a divorce. Many a time one or the other become upset with decisions that may not go the way planned, but somehow she always turns things around with couples with a compromising plan. All in all she is a very successful mediator and even has received an award for being one of the best meditator in the state of New Jersey.
  • Marc Pollak

    Jan 27 2017 Joan is a true professional. She handled our delicate situation with care and fairness. I would highly recommend her services if you have tried everything to save your marriage and failed. She guided us through this difficult time and treated both sides with fairness and dignity. says:

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