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Attorney Joanna Cobleigh can show you that there is an effective alternative to settle differences rather than a costly courtroom battle. In Divorce and Domestic Partner mediation, couples can control the decisions that affect their life, family, children, finances, and business. Blended Family Arrangements, Parenting Plans, and Support Agreements address the changing needs of modern families which exist outside of marriage. Conflicts between extended family members, between neighbors, and within organizations can be addressed in the mediation process as well.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • MCR

    Nov 13 2017 Joanna has the ability to handle even the most uncomfortable of circumstances with compassion and professionalism. My ex-husband and I used Joanna for divorce mediation, and because we did so, I am certain we saved a great deal of time, pain and money. Joanna is efficient and knowledgeable, but her true gift is her ability to hear different perspectives, consider many alternatives, and guide the process to a fair and equitable solution that is palatable to all.
    • Joanna Cobleigh

      Nov 13 2017Thank you, MCR, for your kind words. I\'m glad I was able to help you through a difficult time.
  • Geni

    Oct 24 2017 Joanna was articulate at advocating for everyone. Sincere and competent practioner who truely cared about everyone.
    • Joanna Cobleigh

      Oct 25 2017Thank you Geni! Always a pleasure.
  • AC

    Oct 16 2017 Fantastic
    • Joanna Cobleigh

      Oct 17 2017Thank you AC - I really appreciate the post and your comments!
  • Robin Fein-Krevolin

    Nov 17 2017 Attorney Cobleigh is an excellent mediator and treats people as they should be treated: with respect and caring.
  • Jonathan Willard

    May 02 2017 Joanna was awsome through the whole process !
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