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Vadis is a team of consultants driven to help & strengthen organizations with complex challenges by facilitating change. We are passionate about helping people, are willing to dive into any situation big or small, and are unafraid of breaking down barriers between business units and individuals.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Enzo

    May 17 2018 Professional, Empathic, Supportive & Solution based Healing & Recovery. Falsely accused in the work place and suspended without a hearing, Joanne Cadrin was my anchor that kept me grounded and safe as we worked through the process. When feeling isolated, depressed and suicidal, Joanne ensured that I had a safety net in place including access to her in my scariest of moments. After being cleared and returning to work, but still isolated, harassed and targeted, Joanne continued to work with me to help me not only see the bigger picture but also a clearer picture while fostering an appropriate healing phase pace. I was the survivor not a victim! Long after returning to work, Joanne was able to bring some of the key participants together to finally hear my side and rebuild trust. This was done without laying blame or pointing of fingers but rather allowing all participants to mutual understanding and most importantly HEALING. Individuals, groups or agencies would benefit from Joanne’s amazing skills to build their team strengths, mutual understanding and abilities to find their own peaceful resolutions. I would trust my life with Joanne. Oh wait, I have!
  • Vanessa Hyggen

    Jan 27 2018 Joanne is a great listener. She is intuitive and insightful.
  • SL

    Dec 21 2017 Joanne helped our team with improved communication skills and team building. She used a variety of tools such as art, process mapping and role playing, along with very useful written summaries of our days work and agreements. Staff continue to go back to these handouts as a reference. Joanne is patient, fun and very skilled as a coach/therapist.
  • Mary Theaker

    Dec 14 2017 The first time I met with Joanne, her warmth and caring made me feel so comfortable. She is intelligent and thoughtful and has great problem solving skills that will bring positivity and balance to those who seek her professional counsel.
  • Darrien Tuffs

    Nov 19 2017 .
  • Sharon Odnokon

    Nov 18 2017 Great communication skills, helped so much to see JoAnne. She is very good at pulling out thinks I learnt about myself just by asking and really listening. She cares very much about people.
  • Client 4

    Nov 08 2017 The experiences and difficult times that jo- Ann has helped guide and lend insightful direction to has been immeasurable in many ways. Her ability to listen what is exactly been told and then lend her expertisel to it in order to find a positive and constructive outcome is one of her many strong attributes. The intuitiveness of jo-Ann allows her to be able to guide you through all difficulties to a successful resolution. Her very learned skills allows her to be able to open those doors that most would be hesitant to unlock.
  • Elizabeth Conner

    Nov 07 2017 Joanne has helped me to clarify my career and life goals and dreams by listening attentively and with warmth. She has asks insightful questions that have lead me to see the next steps to take toward creating a balanced life.
  • Katie Fisher

    Nov 06 2017 JoAnne is one of the kindest, and most compassionate counsellors I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. She is very professional, but she also has a natural ability to connect with others and make them feel safe and really cared for. She is a great listener, but also provides invaluable insight and advice, and at appropriate times. I have always found it so easy to open up and be vulnerable with JoAnne, she is simply a wonderful human being.
  • Bill Allen

    Nov 01 2017 I have known Joanne for 15 years. During this time I have found her to be a very accomplished councilor. She is bright, insightful and compassionate. I give her my highest recommendation.
  • Jay p

    Oct 27 2017 Jo-Anne has been an amazing resource. Not only that she has created dialogue between all parties that was never thought possible. If you are looking for assistance I highly recommend Jo-Anne. The way she approaches all parties creates a productive atmosphere in which real problems are solved in a meaningful manner.
  • Sandy Z

    Oct 23 2017 Jo is my go to person when working out something I am stuck on whether it related to my home life, leading effectively at work, or anything else. Jo asks questions that challenge me to think differently about the situation I am looking at. She is compassionate for every party involved in any situation and I think that is because she understands the broader context of the culture we exist within, our health, group behavior and human interactions. She candidly explains the various influencing factors which inevitably helps me not only understand my own situation better, but causes me to improve my understanding of the world at large, which contributes to my overall ability to live better, lead better and parent better. I am always left with a clear action or decision after working with Jo.
  • Patricia Ironstand

    Oct 23 2017 Vadis Consulting has assisted our organization in dealing with conflict, that it is healthy and creates an environment for making improvements when done in a positive way. We will continue to utilize techniques and concepts for conflict management.
  • SFR

    Oct 23 2017 I have worked with JoAnne a few times and she has been wonderful to work with in coaching, mediating staff conflicts and facilitating group sessions. She is prepared for the sessions, organized, a good listener and facilitates difficult discussions. I highly recommend her.
  • Tina Zavialetz

    Oct 23 2017 Fantastic experience, would recommend Jo-Anne to everyone!
  • Bart Strobbe

    Oct 22 2017 I think you are very easy to talk with and can create a good rapport with everyone you come in contact with. You know the right q1uestions to ask to get everyone engaged and participating. No one feels unimportant or left out during any of the seminars with our staff.
  • Aaron Cadrin

    Oct 20 2017 Great job!
  • Tammy Z

    Oct 20 2017 Jo-Anne's kind, friendly, a good listener, open minded individual. I would highly recommend her services!
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Oct 19 2017 Jo-Anne is a featured mediator on and we highly recommend her services.
  • AH

    Oct 19 2017 Very helpful and knowledgeable.
  • Deanna Campbell

    Jul 14 2017 Working with Jo-Anne was a great experience. She made the process seem so easy and made sure everyone stayed on track and understood what was being talked about. She took the time and asked the right questions so she could really understand our needs and goals. This allowed her to really customize and taylor everything to our group. She has a special way of making people feel comfortable so they can open up and be involved. I look forward to working with her again.
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