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John Beranbaum has spent the better part of three decades advocating for the rights of employees to work in an environment free of discrimination, harassment and retaliation. He has represented employees at the trial and appellate levels, including two employment discrimination cases in which the jury returned seven-figure verdicts for his clients, and a whistleblower action brought against a drug manufacturer leading toa $42 million settlement, of which $5.7 million was allocated to his client. Mr. Beranbaum has successfully litigated numerous sexual and racial harassment cases, as well as three cases vindicating the constitutional rights of governmental employees to speak out about matters of public concern.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Nia Kramer

    Jan 13 2015 I came to Mr. John A. Beranbaum's law firm with many issues from former employer. He assured me that he had heard it all before, and explained to me that every employer in NYS needs to abide by Employment/Labor Law. I was relieved to hear him say that, because the circumstances at my last job were discriminatory. Mr. Beranbaum was relentless and worked side by side with EEOC authorities to let my former employer bear the burden of transgressions they chose to inflict upon me while at their employ. We did not have to go to Court; it was Settled in less than six months. I recommend Mr. Beranbaum highly. His staff was always there for me and treated me with out-most respect. My case was taken on Contingency basis, and I was never asked to pay for any expenses during Mr. Beranbaum’s work on my case. It all played out in my favor and I am so grateful, I was compensated well monetarily.
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