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John Beranbaum has spent the better part of three decades advocating for the rights of employees to work in an environment free of discrimination, harassment and retaliation. He has represented employees at the trial and appellate levels, including two employment discrimination cases in which the jury returned seven-figure verdicts for his clients, and a whistleblower action brought against a drug manufacturer leading to a $42 million settlement, of which $5.7 million was allocated to his client. Mr. Beranbaum has successfully litigated numerous sexual and racial harassment cases, as well as three cases vindicating the constitutional rights of governmental employees to speak out about matters of public concern.
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  • Paul Slavin

    Mar 12 2020 I couldn't have gotten better results. With John's confidence and attention to every detail I felt zi was his most important case. I was in such a state of despondency because what a large corporation had thought they did to me I found it hard to finction. By completely being honest with John, he devised a game plan that litera.lly had the defendant resorting to lying and omitting emails that laid out their unlawful practices and literally had them chanting. NO MAS. The cheating,lying and detestful defendant got all they deserved when lost emails suddenly turned up and the light shown all over their lying eyes. By the time John got through with them Verizon's lawyers were had left Verizon and were last seen at numerous funeral homes passing out cocktail napkins with their parents telephone numbers on them. says:

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