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John Henry Perrott has more than ten years of experience working exclusively in Family Law. He acquired the experience and expertise necessary to pass the written test required by the State Bar to qualify as a California Certified Family Law Specialist. He has since taught continuing legal education classes regarding discovery and social media to other counsel, and continues to learn the new and evolving rules that effect Family Law as our society grows and expands into the new technologies that are being birthed regularly in the Silicon Valley and around the world. Mr. Perrott graduated in the top 5% of his class in Law School, has a good understanding of many areas of law, and understands that things are changing and he needs to keep up so that he can better inform you regarding how to get the best results in your case.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • HanBing

    - Jun 24 2022 Mr. Perrott is extremely professional. He is efficient, kind, and compassionate. I would like thank Mr.Perrott and Katie from the bottom of my heart. I've consulted with more than ten lawyers before decided to have Mr. Perrott as my lawyer. When I approached other lawyers ,I was completely lost. My case was quite complicated .After my initial meeting with Katie and Mr Perrott,I felt much more grounded and breathed with relief. Not only is Mr.Perrott so knowledgeable at what he do, He is also kind, and really supportive emotionally. He provided truthful and practical advice on how to proceed and were very patient every step of the way. I trusted he through every step of the process .Thank you Mr.Perrott and Katie!I highly recommend this law firm to anyone seeking advice and help with family law.
  • Emily Hohen

    - Jun 10 2022 Great experience overall
  • S-Sh

    - Feb 15 2022 His cares about your case, he is very honest, John Perrott is best lawyer.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    - Sep 30 2017 John is a featured attorney on and we highly recommend his services.
  • Ariadne Glyptis

    Jan 30 2019 Knowledgeable, Carrying, Involved, Supportive and most of all he is there protect his clients' assets and wellbeing. Working with John for a long time in a very complicated divorce case. I could not have wished for a better attorney. John is a carrying professional involving himself deeply in the case. Always supportive and he always responded to my questions promptly with options and solutions. John’s knowledge of family law has helped my case greatly, as they were multiple roadblocks, we needed to face and overcome throughout the years on my case. Great attention to detail and devoted to his client results. He is an outstanding attorney, with great results.
  • Kathleen Miller

    Jan 15 2019 When I needed to find an Attorny to help navigate the legal system during a scary and complicated custody battle, I was weary of being taken advantage of financially and emotionally, like we commonly hear lawyers do. But by the grace of God I found Mr. Perrott. He made it clear from our first conversation that he understood the steps I needed to take, he understood my financial situation, he understood my goals, and he was honest and direct about what I should expect each step of the process. He had the best interest of my children as a focus from day one. He was straight forward about what paperwork, research and proceedings I could handle myself so I could financially afford to keep my kid’s best interest as my focus as well. And when I needed him to stand by me, and stand up for me, he was a bull dog. He knew the law inside and out, he knew the players we encountered, and he knew how to help the judge see the truth. He has continued to guide and advise me when I seek it. I could not have found a better person, who understands family law inside and out, and has the heart of a lion, to represent me.
  • Chris Frederick

    Jan 07 2019 Honest, Knowledgeable, Reliable, and Affordable. The BEST person do deal with during non-best times. Highly Recommend and would refer to anyone going through a divorce, custody, and family law!
  • Jennifer P

    Apr 02 2018 John is an excellent attorney. Meticulous, rigorous, compassionate and very well respected by the local legal community and opposing counsels If you're looking for a tough, analytical and tactical attorney, then I highly recommend Attorney John Perrott. There's a reason why he has many referrals, because he is good. I am fortunate to have worked with Mr. Perrott. says:

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