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At the law office of John J. Pembroke & Associates LLC, we assist small and mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and small business owners, individuals and families with legal matters that impact their bottom line or their quality of life. Whether shepherding a startup business through initial investment to later expansion, or helping a family achieve its financial goals with financial planning and estate planning services, our legal staff are prepared to meet your legal needs. Because we offer a broad range of interlinking services, clients can receive coherent and comprehensive legal and financial counsel at one office. This eliminates the confusion and cost of hiring multiple counselors to advise you on corporate law, business and individual taxation, and estate and financial planning.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Jackie

    Nov 24 2018 I’ve known John for over 15 years, He’s smart, responsive and cares, and really listens. Great advice.
  • Pavel Zissu

    Nov 16 2018 Knowledge, caring, on time
  • Starr M. Robinson, CPA

    Oct 22 2018 John and his team are great at handling legal matters for me and my clients, from reviewing lease documents to preparing powers of attorney. John is very knowledgeable in tax law and is a great second adviser on complex tax issues.

    Oct 18 2018 Awesome. John and his team are great to work with. They are proactive and thorough--a pleasure to work with.
  • John Schmitz

    Oct 17 2018 I have used John Pembroke for my business for over 25 years and find his service exceptional.
  • MGO

    Sep 18 2018 All Mr. Pembroke's legal services were provided in professional, prompt and courteous manner. I would certainly contact him for any future legal work!
  • Darrell

    Sep 18 2018 Very positive. John is a trusted, knowledgeable advisor and friend.
  • Bill Paulson

    Sep 18 2018 John helped guide us thru some complex investment routes that allowed us to do some things we didnt realize were possible.
  • Jared S

    Sep 17 2018 My uncle asked me to be the Executor of his estate. This is a task I’d never done before. After my uncle’s passing, John Pembroke was was very patient in answering all my questions and guiding me through the duties and process of handling my uncle’s estate. More to it than I expected... emotionally and task-wise. John made it manageable for me. His colleagues were also very helpful in handling, what seemed to me, a mountain of details.
  • Howard Frimard

    Sep 02 2018 I really appreciated your help!!!!
  • Thomas Mulcrone

    Aug 30 2018 John always makes time for me as a client. He is not only interested in assisting with professional matters but takes a keen interest in my personal situation as well.
  • Victoria Jensen

    Aug 29 2018 John Pembroke handled settling my mother's estate and final tax returns for my brothers and me. We appreciate all he did for our family.
  • John Gronke

    Aug 29 2018 Very thorough and helpful. Staff is very responsive and knowledgeable.
  • MD

    Aug 28 2018 John and his staff helped with settling my mother's estate and with establishing my own living will and trust. He is honest and fair.
  • Alice J Johnson

    Aug 28 2018 I have been a client for more than a decade now and I can't say enough about the service John Pembroke provides. He, and everyone at his firm, is effective, efficient, friendly and professional.
  • Andy Klavins

    Aug 28 2018 Pro-active, listener, professional and staff is amazing
  • Tom Look

    Aug 28 2018 Friendly Professional and Very personable
  • Joseph Dimperio

    Aug 22 2018 Always a pleasant experience, very knowledgeable and makes you feel confident that you are in good hands.
  • Mark Stearns

    Aug 21 2018 Taxes for 25 years, will, and financial planning / advice. John and Cindy provide outstanding service. Highly recommended.
  • Joanne O\'Hara

    Aug 21 2018 I have always admired John's intellect and knowledge on tax and legal matters. He has been a huge help to me over the years on issues big and small. He really takes the time to talk to you which I don't often find with others in his profession.

    Aug 19 2018 Outstanding, trustworthy team of professionals. John Pembroke and his team our just a phone call away to help guide me and my wife. We have used Pembroke and associates for 25 years for all our accounting, business and personal. Our living will and trust, and all our long term investment needs. Truly amazing to have all our concerns taken care of under one roof.
  • Carole Smitj

    Aug 18 2018 My first experience having my taxes done by someone other than my CPA husband. I felt very comfortable having you do them for me. Thank you again even though I had to pay a bundle. Hopefully next year will be better.
  • Alex Porter

    Aug 18 2018 Very good. I enjoy working with John!
  • Jeanine Henry

    Jul 31 2018 We use John for our taxes and have done so for about 12 years. We are happy with the advice we get and the personal service.
  • DRG

    Jul 30 2018 Very happy with responsiveness of the firm. In particular taking the time to fully explain various alternatives.
    • John Pembroke

      Jul 30 2018Thanks, Don, for your kind words and feedback.
  • Jessica Memmel

    Jul 30 2018 I worked with John Pembroke and his team through an unfortunately complicated estate situation two years ago. Him and his team were efficient, honest, and truly put forth their best efforts to ensure that everything was distributed fairly. I could not be more thankful for their help during that difficult time, and would highly recommend their services.
    • John Pembroke

      Jul 31 2018Thank you, Jessica, for your kind words. It was a pleasure being of service to you and your family during a difficult time.
  • Vesselin Krastev

    Jul 30 2018 Wonderful. Never any problems.
  • Greory Zeimetz

    Jul 24 2018 Always provides professional, accurate, timely, guidance and recommendations. All tasks requested have been completed professionally, thoroughly and in a timely fashion. I have always had the highest level of confidence when working with John Pembroke. confidence
    • John Pembroke

      Jul 24 2018Thanks for your kind words, Greg. I\'ve appreciated having your confidence and your business over the years. John
  • Jeff and Ellen S.

    Jul 21 2018 We have been clients of John for over 20 years. We are confident in all the work he has done for us and have been quite satisfied with his legal expertise. We have proudly recommended John to friends and family.
  • Mike and sally t

    Jul 19 2018 I have to say the best most knowledgeable attorney that took of everything from A to Z and answered all our questions threw the process we sincerely thank you John
  • Susan L Mainzer

    Jul 17 2018 Mr. Pembroke prepared several legal documents for my elderly parents. Due to my parents limited mobility they could not travel to Mr. Pembroke's office to sign the documents. Mr. Pembroke offered to come to their home to obtain their signatures and answer any further questions about the documents. We had a signing party that included friends and neighbors who served as witnesses to my parents' signatures on the documents. Without Mr. Pembroke's act of kindness to come to their home, my parents and I would not have had the legal documents in place to facilitate their personal requests. I will gladly seek Mr. Pembroke's legal assistance again!  Thank you, Mr. Pembroke.
  • Burdette Holy

    Jun 30 2018 Stop right where you are! Without question the very best on the planet! I’ve worked with John over ten yrs. There is no one better and I’ve had some real tuff things to get straightened out. Glad we got together, and they’re fun to work with. The best go to them period.
  • Kathleen Gallagher Kurland

    Jun 29 2018 We have employed John on several occasions over the years and he and the entire Pembroke team do a great job! Thank you.
  • Mrs Christina M Miller

    Jun 24 2018 Since I worked for some of the very TOP ATTORNEYS in Chicago, I knew what to look for when it came to hiring attorney representation. Pembroke Law Firm came highly recommended by a personal friend and after interviewing two other law firms, decided upon this one. No regrets to date. If you're looking for communication and understanding of YOUR NEEDS, consider Pembroke. My only complaint and my only complaint is getting feedback on the quick after scheduled hearings. It's hard to be patient when your expectations aren't met.
  • Robert Carrozza

    Jun 24 2018 I've been a client of the firm since 2009. John has handled various members of my family's estate, tax and other legal affairs. Highly knowledgeable. Extensive tax knowledge.
  • JC

    Jun 21 2018 All good advice and care.
  • Robert L. Cimala

    Jun 20 2018 I've used John to prepare my taxes for 32 years. I practiced law myself for over 25 years. I've never encountered any tax lawyer who understands the intricacies of the tax code the way John does. He and his staff are very professional!
  • Gina Walter

    Jun 19 2018 John helped with documents for my parents... Thanks so much
  • Natu C. Patel

    Jun 19 2018 Very happy with service we received while educating us on the whole subject. Done very professionally.
  • Patrick L. Price

    Jun 19 2018 In the years that I have been a client of John J. Pembroke & Associates, LLC, I have been delighted with the wonderful customer and efficiency by which my accounting and legal concerns have been addressed, both for myself and for the business I operate. Many thanks to the Pembroke team!
    • John Pembroke

      Jun 19 2018Thanks, Patrick, for your kind words. John Pembroke

    Jun 19 2018 xxx
    • John Pembroke

      Jun 19 2018Thanks, Fr. Tom, for your review. John Pembroke
  • Al Maslov

    May 30 2018 John Pembroke and his team are highly professional. They provided excellent advisory service and the highest quality product. I have great confidence in John's knowledge and expertise.
    • John Pembroke

      May 30 2018Thanks, Al, for your kind words. John

  • Richard Michaels

    May 24 2018 I have worked with John on a variety of domestic and international corporate and personal tax matters for more than 35 years. He is very creative with a photographic memory that allows him to recall tax precedent and consider approaches that many others do not even know exist.
  • MC

    May 22 2018 John is very knowledgeable in both accounting & legal matters. Explains everything in detail so you understand it.
  • JPB

    May 21 2018 Professional and responsive; John Pembroke has a great depth of knowledge and experience.
  • Marlies Barton

    May 21 2018 I needed an attorney for a power of attorney matter. John Pembroke and his staff went beyond and above in helping me with my situation. I highly recommend his practice.
  • Marshall Blankenship

    May 21 2018 John has been my firm's tax attorney for over twenty years. His advice is sound and his work product is excellent.
  • David A Bragen

    May 21 2018 Worked with you and Cindi for years. Always helpful and professional.
  • NAS

    Dec 06 2017 Thoroughly professional in every way. Dynamite off ice staff.
  • David Tarlach

    Dec 04 2017 John has consistently met our needs in the tax adviser area, and he's been a good resource for us whenever we have questions regarding our firm's taxes.
  • Salma Hammad

    Dec 03 2017 John is experienced in the nuances of tax law. Reliable. Friendly. Professional.
  • Jill muck

    Dec 02 2017 Over the moon!
  • Joanne

    Dec 02 2017 I chose the right person for what I needed accomplished. Good experience and very thorough.
  • Tom Scannell

    Nov 04 2017 Excellent, friendly, personable service.
  • Ray Betlinski

    Nov 03 2017 Been with John for forty years and have always been impressed with his service.
  • Gina Gruenwald

    Oct 03 2017 John and his staff are fantastic. Not only does he do a great job on taxes , he made getting a mortgage simple by compiling all our tax records for us. I highly recommend him!!!
  • Frank J. Arcaro

    Oct 03 2017 I have worked with John for more than 25 years and his wide array of tax expertise, attention to detail and professionalism are unparalleled. Highly recommend John for your legal and tax needs
  • Barbara Owens

    Oct 03 2017 John was able to help in multiple legal issues for our entire family. He is very compassionate and will take care of all your concerns and your love ones. He is a wonderful man and a top notch lawyer.
  • George Rieg

    Oct 03 2017 Outstanding. Was very satisfied.
  • Stefanny Sommers

    Oct 03 2017 John is always there for u and takes his time to talk to u like if u were the only one He always does the right thing on time Thank u John( and your associates)
  • CJ Christensen

    Jul 09 2017 John has prepared my tax returns for approximately 15 years. He has also provided me with excellent estate planning guidance. I have sought John's advice on many occasions with respect to my family estate, and his advice has always been extremely helpful.
  • myles tobin

    Jul 09 2017 I have utilized Pembroke & Associates for over 25 years. John and his associates have prepared my federal and multiple state tax returns in an extremely professional and efficient manner every year. John has also prepared and handled my estate planning documentation. I continue to recommend John''s firm to my friends and business associates. This firm continues to perform in an exemplary manner.
  • Thomas LeMieux

    Jul 05 2017 I worked with John for over 6 years on legal matter's regarding my elderly parents. John was always thorough when answering questions or advising for their future. He helped keep my perspective when dealing with emotional family issues. He also completed several trust and personal tax returns each year.
  • John Gruenwald

    Jun 30 2017 I have used John J. Pembroke and Assoc for twenty-five years. Their expertise is unparalleled . The firm is extremely thorough,does a great job of communicating with clients, and produces great results. The fact that they are both accountants and attorneys is a significant added benefit. They also have great rapport with various taxing bodies and have handled a number of issues for me deftly. They are fair, very reasonably priced and at the very top in terms of service and results. I give the firm my strongest possible recommendation.
  • Marshall Blankenship

    Jun 29 2017 I have known John since we used to work together many years ago. He is an excellent attorney and has prepared my firm's tax returns for the past twenty-one years. John is especially knowledgeable regarding tax law and I recommend him in particular for handling complex tax and corporate issues.
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