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Attorney John H. Redfield has more than 30 years of experience in bankruptcy law. He holds his Masters of Law in taxation and is a certified public accountant. As a bankruptcy trustee, he represented bankruptcy estates and fought to collect money owed to the estate. He now uses this knowledge of the other side to more effectively represent those in need of debt relief.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Wendy Purse

    - Oct 10 2018 Easy, straightforward, and a pleasure to work with.
  • Joseph Goldner

    - Oct 09 2018 Quick and easy
  • Joseph goldner

    - Aug 16 2018 Very nice man easy to talk to and did a great job for me
  • PGS

    - Aug 15 2018 Outstanding!
  • Rosendo Diaz

    - Jul 16 2018 John has been very helpful throughout the years with some tax issues I have had. He’s very knowledgeable and was able to resolve my issues in a timely manner. John Has been very responsive to all my needs and concerns.I Highly recommend John Redfield for any tax or financial issue you may have.
  • Lloyd M. Hughes

    - Apr 23 2018 Atty. John H. Redfield is an exceptional bankruptcy attorney and a “settlement” expert. After my Chapter 11 bankruptcy was unexpectedly converted by the court to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation due to a reporting error, Atty. Redfield negotiated a settlement (against all odds) that allowed me to emerge from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation (with my business intact) and simultaneously enter into an Offer In Compromise (OIC) with the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the bank involved in the case. Atty. Redfield’s negotiated settlement was an impressive achievement, and it was most appreciated.
  • R. Perkins

    - Apr 17 2018 From our very first meeting, John has on all occasions inspired strong confidence. He is focused, well-organized, and has impressive communication skills. In addition to being able to concisely and clearly explain applicable points and his strategic outlook (whether orally or in writing), John is a very attentive listener and he is an acute observer. This enhances his formulation of sensible, pragmatic and effective strategies. His tactics are straightforward and carefully informed by his high ethical standards. I couldn't be more pleased with the service that John provides, which is consistently prompt and cost-efficient, and which is rendered not only in a highly professional manner but also in a very pleasantly personable fashion.
    • John Redfield

      Apr 17 2018Randy Thank you for your excellent review. You overwhelm me with your kindness.
  • Maria Filimonovic

    - Dec 14 2017 Exceptional. Help was better than anticjpated and assistance was greatly appreciated.
  • jeff marcus

    - Nov 25 2017 perfect communication ,always has time for you.

    - Oct 26 2017 always a professionsal always returns your calls ans most of all hes on your side,johns the best
  • Veska Baumgartner

    - Oct 26 2017 Perfect. I think John Redfield it's very talented.
  • RF

    - Oct 26 2017 Did a great job and was responsive to our needs throughout the hole process.
  • Mark Mirando

    - Oct 25 2017 John was professional and did a excellent job.
  • Mark Wesolowski

    - Oct 25 2017 GREAT - GREAT - GREAT
  • Jean Bianchi

    - Oct 25 2017 John helped my husband and I through a difficult business bankruptcy. He was attentive to our needs and represented us professionally. He stuck with us to the end of the 5 year process. There were many times we had to call on John for assistance during this time. We have recommended him to many friends (not all bankruptcy related!)
  • Richard Majewski

    - Oct 07 2017 John was very helpful in providing me the general information and an understanding of what I needed to file my bankruptcy. John was very knowledgeable and extremely made it easy for me in filing my chapter 7.

    - Sep 26 2017 simply fantastic
  • Brian I Miller

    - Sep 25 2017 John did a fabulous job for us every time we needed him!
  • Jayne Tyler

    - Sep 25 2017 John and his staff were very professional, supportive and considerate during a very difficult time for my husband and I. He was knowledgeable, informative and didn't miss a step in defending us. It was a pleasure doing business with him!
  • Huguette Lisandrello

    Mar 05 2019 Mr. Redfield was my attorney beginning 2006-2008. An amazing kind, understanding attorney while I was going through the hardest time. John Redfield made me feel hope. Thank you Sir! Recommend him and his firm 100{cbbf165febdb5c9e7382d0ea2260dd38549f33437b67133716bb132863876b24}
  • Sage Farran

    Oct 10 2018
  • Mark Wesolowski

    Oct 03 2017 J.H.Redfield & Associates have helped me with Legal matters a number of times .. They always get A A A. in my book . Very personable and Professional. In this very troubled world , J H R & Associates have honesty and integrity .
  • Veska Baumgartner

    Jul 12 2017
  • Paul Berger

    Sep 08 2016 John did a great job and answered all my questions promptly and addressed every issue that came up quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend him. says:

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