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1181 S Parker Rd
Denver, CO 80231
(303) 306-9400
As a mediator, John attempts to bring the parties to the “same side of the table” so the problem itself may be viewed as a common enemy to be overcome through the collaborative efforts of the parties, their attorneys (if they are represented) and John as the mediator.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Barbara

    May 19 2018 He is such a caring person. He made me feel so relaxed and also made me feel like i was talking to a family member. If I was ever asked to give a person a heads up as to an attorney for a legal problem the first and only name would be Johns' plus I would give this person his office number, 303 306 9400. He has made my life much easier.THANKS John.
  • ron taver

    Oct 26 2017 great

    Sep 27 2017 Attorney John Licht was the perfect choice for a difficult estate situation. Unpretentious in his style, Mr. Licht, applying his elder law practice, was able to gently guide the personal representatives of the estate through all phases of the estate process. Given that the heirs were sharply divided into two camps, Mr. Licht, applying his mediation skills, was superb in putting out fires throughout the process. He guided the personal representatives away from poor decisions driven by displeasure with the other heirs. He mediated between the two family camps, explained facts and the law, thus preventing open warfare. In short, Mr. Licht made the improbable possible. Perhaps the best indication of his professional skills is that both sides of the conflicted family conflict his advice and respected his contributions. Working with Attorney John Licht was the highlight of an otherwise stressful situation.
  • Shane Wienbarg

    Sep 26 2017 First I have to say that John always treated me with respect. I always felt that my voice and views were very important, many attorneys talk down to their clients. He was very caring of how I felt and my well being. I now hold John very high on my list of "special" people. He and Karen went out of their way to be sure that I had all the information, and documents to be fully informed. No question was too frivolous and answered with a solution. I recommend John Licht, because he really cares about getting "it" right.
  • Gary and Kurt Bomgardner

    Sep 23 2017 We have great respect for John. As representative handling my brothers estate I found myself overwhelmed and frustrated never having handled anything like this before. John was very helpful and comforting. He very throughly explaned the process and how things worked handeling an estate. He patenetnly went step by step with me through the process. John is very knowlageable and very plainly explained to me how things worked that I did not understand. We would gladly recommend him to anyone who needed elder law.
  • Ron tarver

    Sep 22 2017 Gold
  • Susan Fox

    Jul 31 2017 John is an all-star, plain and simple. You'll never find an attorney with more honesty, integrity, and smarts. John is "real people." He genuinely cares for his clients and no matter what situation they're in, he dedicates himself to fostering their sense of personal dignity. His experience as both an attorney and a mediator serves well to de-escalate difficult situations. He take a common sense approach and looks for solutions, not conflicts. When it comes to diligent research and innovative legal approaches, he's at the top of the heap. I've seen him do absolutely amazing things in the courtroom as well as in his office. Frankly, five stars aren't nearly enough.
  • Regina Friend

    Jul 30 2017 John has successfully guided us through our court drama with our Mom who has Alzheimers. He has dealt with the opposing counsel with patience and fortitude. My sister Teri and I could not have made it through without John's negotiation skills.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Jul 28 2017 John is a featured mediator on He has excellent credentials and we highly recommend his services.
  • Charlene Wienbarg

    Jul 28 2017 Working with John was an honor, he is incredible in his knowledge of the law. At all times I felt he respected me and my intelligence, he explained every step along the long path to resolving my problem. I hold him in the highest esteem possible, and recommend him highly.
  • james wasem

    Jul 28 2017 Very detail in his answers and discussion, and asked all of our questions.
  • Peter Buchi

    Oct 27 2017
  • Shane Wien

    Sep 26 2017
  • ron tarver

    Jun 28 2017 pretty damn good
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