Jonathan Saluk at American Credit Card Processing Corp

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2637 E Atlantic Blvd
Pompano Beach, FL, 33062
(877) 202 0667

Reviews and Testimonials

  • Juan Jose Castro

    Feb 20 2015 I have referred John to different clients and you have to let him show you how much money and much better level of service you can get. Thank you John!
  • Scott Santasania

    Jul 25 2017
  • Debby Mik

    Jul 26 2017 Jon is readily available which is a hard thing to come by. I am confident in recommending him to people. I know Jon has the clients best interest in saving them money if he can.
  • Orlando Brito

    Jul 26 2017 I have been using Jon's merchant processing services in three shops for almost 10 years. His fees are great and He keeps us compliant with new regulations. An added bonus you get with dealing with Jon is that he returns phone calls and gets you an answer to your question!
  • Amy Drinnon

    Jul 27 2017 Jon is very reliable and is up to date on all the current credit card processing. I highly recommend Jon, you will receive excellent service.
  • Ron Rose

    Jul 28 2017 Mr.Saluk is hands down the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to business credit card processing.If you're starting a business or just not happy with your current card processing company.I recommend you call Jonathan Saluk.
  • J David Lappin

    Aug 14 2017 Jon has been my merchant provider for a decade and has always provided me with excellent customer service. His fees are very competitive but even more important he is always available to solve any issues that may arise.
  • Steven Kirstein

    Aug 16 2017 Jon handles the credit card processing for my business. He is very knowledgeable and accessible. Jon set us up with a low cost and very efficient processing program that matched the specific needs of our Insurance Agency. I highly recommend Jon to anyone looking to set up or improve their credit card processing.
  • Alex Jacobs

    Aug 16 2017
  • Dan Labow

    Aug 16 2017 Having previously been in the merchant services business and competed against Jon, I was never able to compete with his rates. He provides his clients with such outstanding service that even if I could I highly doubt they would leave him. I highly recommend Jon to any business looking for exceptional merchant services.
  • Jay Feingold

    Aug 17 2017
  • Daniel Haverman

    Aug 17 2017
  • Peter Ticktin

    Sep 02 2017 When we were suddenly cut off by the largest of all processors, due to a false understanding that we were doing mortgage modifications, rather than legal defense, suddenly, we were stuck in the mud and for processors, our name was Mudd. Jon did whatever he needed to do to get us up and running, again. He saved our business!