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9551 Lake Serena Drive
Boca Raton, FL 33496
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With over thirty years of experience resolving work place disputes, Keith brings a compassionate and understanding demeanor to the mediation table. With this approach, negotiations have reduced levels of stress, parties can remain on amicable terms, and most importantly, parties can enjoy an expedient and cost-effective resolution to their disputes.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Ken Finley

    - Oct 21 2019 Keith strikes me as a man of integrity. He has the ability to understand what it is that all parties to the negotiation really want.
    • Keith Long

      Oct 23 2019Thank you!!
  • Michael Shaun Jackson

    - Oct 17 2019 Keith is very knowledgable & a great mediator.
    • Keith Long

      Oct 17 2019Thanks for taking the time to give me a review.
  • Bradford Spradley

    - Oct 17 2019 Keith was very professional in his negotiating skills, demeanor and willingness to help resolve our mediation. Top notch guy and very easy to work with.
  • Michael Ovide

    - Jul 08 2019 Excellent support by Keith Long in facilitating a mutually agreed upon settlement for our Insurance claim following Hurricane Irma. He opened by establishing criteria for the meeting and then assisted both sides to talk through the claim dispute.
    • Keith Long

      Jul 12 2019Thank you for your comments
  • Hal Axley

    - May 20 2019 Keith is professional, courteous and experienced in the mediation process. Mediations that I have been involved in with Keith have been successful due to his engagement and experience. I highly recommend Keith for mediation proceedings.
    • Keith Long

      May 21 2019Thank you for your kind words.
  • Kevin Fallon

    - May 17 2019 Our experience with Keith Long was outstanding. We were able to arrive at a mutually agreed upon settlement in 35 minutes!
  • RT

    - Apr 17 2019 Keith was very professional, patient to listen and communicated effectively for all parties to understand and come to a swift agreement. Appreciated his expertise and experience in addressing a dispute with character and understanding.
  • Jason Psaltides

    - Apr 16 2019 I have been in the legal arena for over 30 years and have participated in numerous meditations. Today's experience with Keith was nearly hassle free as he approached both sides with fairness and professionalism. I wish all my meditations were like this.
  • Gail Moore

    - Mar 22 2019 Excellent mediation process. Professional approach encouraging civility from both parties despite dissenting points of view. Highly recommend Keith. His background fully prepared him for the role of facilitator.
  • Carole Gross

    - Mar 13 2019 Very professional; non-intimidating. Even though he was to be impartial, I felt that he knew my concerns and that they were valid. Though we did not reach a resolution, Mr. Long did his job.
  • John Pattman

    - Mar 13 2019 Keith is a straightforward individual with the highest degree of integrity and commonsense. His ability to see the situation clearly is unparalleled.
  • Eddie Pinner

    - Mar 12 2019 Keith is very knowledgeable and understands both sides of the mediation process. I hope to work with him again soon.
  • Richard Pryor

    - Mar 11 2019 Keith Long has vast experience dealing with workplace issues. Always professional, and unbiased with each situation. A good listener who also communicates effectively.
  • LC

    - Mar 09 2019 Keith Long was our mediator this week for an insurance dispute. I was impressed. He was calming, measured, got each side to really listen to each other and evaluate the information and options, and it got resolved, without anger or malice. Alternative dispute resolution -- it worked. I will gladly mediate with him again if the opportunity arises.
  • Carlos Quiroz

    - Mar 07 2019 Keith, Thank you for your assistance in bringing that claim to a conclusion, i hope we get to work again in a near future.
  • Theresa Newman

    - Mar 06 2019 Mr. Long was very professional and knowledgable. Very firm yet compassionate. I highly recommend him.
  • Leslie Carlet

    - Mar 04 2019 Very intelligent and knowledgeable Mediator. Kind, but firm, and knows how to get stuff accomplished! Thank you, Keith!
  • Brandon Phelps

    - Mar 01 2019 Keith is a very fair and non partial mediator. His ultimate goal for mediations is to reach an agreement both parties are comfortable with. I would highly recommend him and hope to participate in mediations with him as the mediator in the future!
  • Janet Dennis

    - Feb 28 2019 Mr. Long is a very fair and compassionate man. He patiently listens to both sides and then offers a fair resolution.
  • Lyn Miller

    - Feb 28 2019 Mr Long is very knowledgeable about the insurance industry. A good listener and a great communicator. highly recommend
  • Carole Gross

    Mar 13 2019 Mr. Long was professional and, I felt, unbiased at the beginning of our hearing. I felt I could trust him to be impartial and fair in leading the proceedings. Although I and the insurance company could not reach a settlement, I feel confident that Mr. Long did his utmost to guide us to a satisfactory conclusion of our mediation session.
  • Jack Pattman

    Mar 13 2019 Keith is a straightforward individual with the highest sense of integrity. He has the ability to see the situation clearly for a thorough resolution.
  • Eddie Pinner

    Mar 12 2019 Keith is very knowledgeable and understands both sides of the mediation process. Highly recommended!!
  • Janet Dennis

    Mar 08 2019 Mr. Long is a very fair and compassionate man. He listens completely and patiently to both sides and then offers a fair, and equitable resolution.
  • Theresa Newman

    Mar 07 2019 I found Mr. Long to be very professional. He is firm yet fair and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him. says:

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