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Experienced. Kendall Johnson has handled complicated and hotly contested family law cases for the over 25 years. This experience is valuable to his clients because he can draw on his knowledge base and get right to work on your specific needs. This can save time and money, as well as help assure you that important details are not overlooked which could jeopardize your case.
Tough when toughness is needed. In some cases, a dominate spouse tries to bully the other into yielding his or her legal rights. Or perhaps your spouse wound up with an inexperienced attorney who thinks bluster can make up for a lack of experience in family law. Such cases require a forceful approach, making the bully wish they had stuck to the high road.
No “one size fits all” philosophy. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. You need to find an attorney who has a complete toolbox. Kendall has invested in extensive training enabling him to assess your case and advise you about a full range of ways you can approach your case based on your unique situation.
There are times when the wise approach is to dial down the intensity. When the other spouse may be willing to seek common ground in some areas, especially when children are involved, you don’t want an attorney who is a bull in a china shop, stirring up animosity which will create needless stress, and a dark cloud which may linger for a lifetime. Many times Kendall has provided the cool head which de-escalated a case which could have easily spiraled out of control.
Trained collaborator. When both parties are willing to work together to come up with as peaceable solution as possible, collaboration can be a great option. By nature, collaboration tends to be more cost-effective. This is because the atmosphere is less litigious with you and your spouse more involved in pursuing an agreement which satisfies both of you.
Educated. Kendall earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa College of Law in 1993, after earning a Bachelor of Science in Business from Oral Roberts University. He joined AV-rated law firm Savage O'Donnell as a partner in 2006. In 2020, he launched out on his own as a sole practitioner.
Connected. Actively engaged in the Tulsa community, Kendall has served on several committees within the Tulsa County Bar Association, the Tulsa River Parks AuthorityUser Advisory Board, and serves in the leadership of the Tulsa Wheelmen Race Team. Kendall's efforts help the Wheelmen earn the prestigious Club of the Year National Award by USACycling in 2015.
Family man. Kendall has been married for over thirty years and has two children and one grandchild. Kendall and his wife attend Asbury United Methodist Church where they are very active in small-group and discipleship leadership and volunteer as mentors for engaged couples.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Mona Lisa

    - Mar 29 2022 Kendall helped me through the worst time in my life. I was able to count on him to answer my calls, keep me updated on what was happening with my case and explain the process so that I could understand how the court system and law works. I don't know what I would have done without his help.
  • Ceth Barnett

    - Dec 14 2020 Kendall is the best. Very professional and always has great insight and knowledge for his clients. Thanks Kendall!!
  • Anonymous

    - Dec 09 2020 Kendall is a man of integrity and skillful attorney. Over the years he has advised me on my legal concerns. When I needed to hire an attorney for a personal injury case, he did a great job and got everything we asked for, much more than I had any idea I was due. It even covered a full year of doctors’ appointments and physical therapy. Had I not gone to him I would have had to pay for the medical bills on my own, so certainly would not have completed the full course of intensive therapy which helped reduce the pain and restore much of what I lost when my car was rear-ended. I have full confidence in his legal prowess and will certainly use him again if the need arises.
  • Anonymous

    - Dec 09 2020 I am still in the process of divorce. My adult children and I are SO incredibly grateful to Kendall. He is PHENOMENAL! It is truly amazing to watch him work. He always behaves in such a professional and dignified manner. Kendall’s keen insight, sharp focus, and masterly way with words is clearly evident. We think he is brilliant! He is also very patient with me and my inexperience with the law. He truly honors the Lord in his conduct regarding all concerned. I am so pleased to have him representing me.
  • Bethann

    - Dec 09 2020 I hired Kendall to represent my children and I in a very complicated divorce / child custody case. We needed an honest, hard working, highly experienced attorney who would fight for us as if we were his own children. Kendall has done just that! My children and I call him our "Rock Star Superhero Attorney." I cannot even put into words just how wonderful he is. He is the absolute BEST at what he does as well as an incredible human being. Kendall and his staff have truly been there for my children and I. They are genuinely kind and compassionate people. We are beyond blessed to have him as our attorney. I have already recommended him to a friend of a friend who also hired him. I would highly recommend Kendall to anyone who wants an honest, hard working, go getter that is willing to put your needs first and fight for you as he would his own family.
  • David

    - Dec 09 2020 Kendall handled my personal injury suit, my first time to work with a lawyer. No question he always put my interests first while treating all parties with respect. I am far better off having hired him. I have and continue to recommend him to friends and family.
  • Randy

    - Dec 09 2020 I hired Kendall to facilitate my divorce after he was referred to me by Christian Family Institute in Tulsa. He was always prompt and I felt like I had his full attention at our appointments. He suggested methods to cooperate instead of battling it out. But when it was necessary he came prepared to win and achieve ever goal we set forth in my case. The other attorneys respected him and so did the judges in the court room. He had extensive resources that we used to mediate my case. His outside resources and consultants helped to strengthen our case. He didn't hesitate to seek advise when needed. I have already referred other clients to Kendall and I hear from these referrals they too were provided the same excellent services I received.
  • Thomas

    - Dec 09 2020 Gets the job done. Fights for the husbands rights and puts kids first. Knows how to navigate the complexities of behavior that come from spouses with mental disorders. Great Attorney!
  • Ken

    - Dec 09 2020 Kendall Johnson is without a doubt the best legal representative I have ever had or could have hoped to hire to represent my family and me. He has represented my family with legal court matters as well as family consultation and other legal matters. I continually recommend Kendall Johnson to my friends and fellow workers at my company. He is professional, trustworthy, timely with his deliverables, and treats clients like me with dignity and respect and values me as a client. I can think of no better attorney in Tulsa than Kendall Johnson. Highly recommend Mr. Johnson.
  • Gary Worley

    - Dec 04 2020 Received advice.
  • Cheryl Clark

    - Oct 15 2020 Kendall Johnson is a great Attorney! He is very thorough & he made me feel safe when we went to court! I would definitely recommend him, & I would use his services again!
  • Dave Johnson

    - Sep 23 2020 Kendall did an outstanding job for us. He helped us through a very challenging time, with the highest integrity. I would not hesitate to call him, should the need arise. He is an excellent attorney and a great guy!
  • Jose M. Pereira

    - Sep 22 2020 I have worked with Kendall Johnson on a couple of occasions and on both instances his service was extremely expedited, profesional and very aware and concerned about our time requirements. The documentation provided was prepared and presented very professionally. He continues to be our family attorney and will recommend him to others.
  • Greg Peterson

    - Sep 15 2020 Kendall is a man of integrity who is highly respected among his peers. I have recommended Mr Johnson to many individuals who are in need of the best service and representation in his field.
  • Brian Haapanen

    - Sep 10 2020 Kendall is a fine lawyer who takes care of his clients. I've known Kendall personally for at least 2 decades and he is a trusted advisor
  • David Overson

    - Sep 09 2020 Very well spoken and always willing to help those in need.
  • Jof Lenard

    - Sep 08 2020 Kendall is highly professional and very reputable. He will get the job done
  • Steven haefner

    - Sep 08 2020 Very honorable man
  • Chelsea Gorbet

    - Sep 07 2020 Mr. K is always on time and is willing to help in any way he can. Super informative and nice. He doesn’t just treat you like a client he treats you like you are apart of his family. Will definitely keep Mr. K in my corner of law, if you want a Lawyer that is Grounded and not all about money but more so building and winning your case and giving you the best experience with legal issues! Thank you again Mr. K
  • Milus Clarke

    - Sep 07 2020 Mr Johnson is one of the best around.
  • Daniel Solorio

    - Sep 07 2020 Kendall is a very kind and helpful person. I’m sure you’ll have a great experience working with him too.
  • Rich Gilliland

    - Sep 07 2020 ??
  • Clint Summers

    - Sep 07 2020 Kendall is a qualified lawyer with extremely good moral character. I would highly recommend his services.
  • SJ

    - Sep 05 2020 Two thumbs up!
  • S J

    - Sep 05 2020 Two thumbs up!
  • LG

    - Sep 05 2020 My divorce was finalized (after 40 years of marriage) in 2019. My adult children and I are incredibly grateful to Kendall. He is PHENOMENAL! It was truly amazing to watch him work. He always behaved in such a professional and dignified manner. Kendall’s keen insight, sharp focus, and masterly way with words was clearly evident. We think he is brilliant! He was also very patient with me and my inexperience with the law. He truly honors the Lord in his conduct regarding all concerned. He became a trusted friend to us. I highly recommend him!
  • pete lantz

    - Sep 04 2020 Professional yet personable.
  • Randy Kay Young

    - Sep 01 2020 Kendall provided excellent guidance and direction for me. He brought balance to my case instead of escalating an already challenging situation. I have referred several friends to Kendall. I do it with no hesitation what so ever! He is the BEST!

    - Sep 01 2020 Kendall has handled my family's legal issues for many years. He is knowledgeable, explains all concerns and answers questions in an easy understandable way. I highly respect Kendall Johnson!
  • Josh Herrington

    - Aug 29 2020 Kendall is a true professional who is highly respected amongst his peers and judges. He represented me for several years which included a divorce and eventually a custody battle. I was always informed and well prepared on the process and what to expect. He was available at all times to discuss issues, seek advice, and communicate my wishes to opposing councel. During a custody battle you do not want an attorney who is going to listen to ever issue and present it in court as if it has merit. Though each issue was important to me and he treated it as such, he was candid on how the judge or opposing council would react and he helped me turn all the emotions into a logical argument that took my emotion out of it and narrowed it down to factual arguments on the well being of my child. Today my daughter is on a much better situation in which both parties have adjusted expectations and changed for the better to help support her. Kendall was supportive, reasonable on fees, blessed my family at the end of it all with a personal gift, and still remembers my daughter and our family. He is not an attorney for a profession, on the contrary, he is a professional attorney who keeps his faith and principles at the forefront of every decision he makes. I highly recommend him to anyone needing counsel and I would absolutely use him again if needed.
  • Sukie Simpson

    - Aug 29 2020 Mr. Johnson was courteous, compassionate and very responsive. We would highly recommend him to anyone who needs counsel.
  • Vana Miller

    - Aug 28 2020 Kendall Johnson is fantastic. His professionalism is top class. He fought for me in every way.
  • Anthony A

    - Aug 28 2020 I’ve known Kendall for over 10 years. His representation and counsel have been invaluable for our family!
  • Adam Brimmer

    - Aug 28 2020 Kendell was knowledgeable on my case. He was Prompt in returning phone calls and emails. He will always answer my questions and keep me informed about the progress of my case.

    - Aug 26 2020 Kendall Johnson has been my attorney for 14 years and has always gone above and beyond to help me when I need it. Thank you
  • O.D

    - Aug 25 2020 Kendall Johnson's law firm has an excellent customer service with prompt customer calls and frequent update on the case. While working on my case, Mr. Johnson demonstrated he had a sound knowledge of the case with attention to details with frequent feedbacks. He took his time to explain and analyze all the information I sent him and would definitely recommend him to others.
  • Lorrie Gray

    - Aug 24 2020 Kendall Johnson has been our attorney close to 18 years. He worked up our living trust and other documents. We go to him to update our documents every so often. He has also helped other people that we know in an efficient manner. Something I noticed when working with him when a Grandparent died and I ended up as the executor of the estate, that folks at the court house knew him and liked him very well. It was nice to see an attorney respected by his peers. My husband and I highly recommend Mr. Kendall Johnson.
  • Evan

    - Aug 24 2020 Child custody disagreements are never fun. Kendall has steadfastly guided me through this process from the beginning. I could not recommend anyone more highly than I do him.

    - Aug 22 2020 Kendall represented me during my divorce 9 years ago. He did an excellent job of being my collaborative attorney. It helped my ex and myself reach an amicable settlement and saved both sides money using this process. He is a patient and logical thinker. He knows his law and helps his client. 5 years later i used Kendall to write my Living Trust and update my will. Once again did a very good job for me. Different type of law but he was proficient. Once again I would describe logical thinker in his approach.
  • Kenneth Ragan

    - Aug 22 2020 Kendall has worked with my family and me for several years and is very knowledgeable. He is a professional and exemplifies dignity and respect and delivers quality services. He is the only one I'd trust to manage our will, trust, and estate planning. He is absolutely the best of the best. I have recommended him in the past to friends and business associates and will continue to do so. A top attorney in the legal field.
  • Anna Mcdonald

    - Aug 21 2020 Kendall Johnson is a very knowledgeable attorney. I feels that he strives to do his best for his clients. I feel that he has done a great job for me and my family. I always felt that he had my children’s best interest in mind. He is kind and compassionate but also assertive. I have recommended Kendall Johnson to many who were in need of his assistance.
  • Danielle Bales

    - Aug 21 2020 We had a very tough probate case full of ups, downs, and disappointments. Mr.Johnson was always there and available to meet our needs. Mr.Johnson is very assertive and respectful in court. I would definitely recommend and use him.
  • Derek

    - Aug 21 2020 Man. Kendall has been such a huge help from day one. All I have ever felt from him is a desire to do good ethical work and to protect me and my family. Not just protect though. He also helped prepare me for so many oddball things that came up along the way.
  • Erik D. Wurgler

    - Aug 21 2020 Kendall Johnson continues to be professional, insightful, skilled, and approachable. Over six (6) years of working with each-other, Kendall is someone I trust with all of my agreements and contracts.

    - Aug 21 2020 Kendall has worked with me in what can be described as a very difficult divorce. He is thorough, compassionate, prompt and knowledgeable. I would not have been able to work through my issues without his counsel. I would recommend him to anyone seeking the best.
  • David Williams

    - Aug 21 2020 Kendall Johnson helped me with a personal injury case in 2016 and did an excellent job for me. I have since spoke to a few others who had similar cases as mine and its clear to me that those others would have done better had they worked with Kendall. Kendall is both caring, tough, and professional, just what I needed. Should I need legal representation again I'll contact Kendall.
  • Vicky Kendall

    - Aug 21 2020 Kendall Johnson was very professional, kept me up to date on my case, always took my calls or called me back in quickly and answered my questions. Would highly recommend Kendall Johnson, if I should need an attorney again will call Kendall Johnson first.
  • L Bailey

    - Aug 21 2020 Kendell was great and easy to work with. Awesome attorney! I recommend him very highly

    - Aug 21 2020 We have been clients of Kendall Johnson for years. Every experience has been very professional and user friendly. We have consistently been satisfied with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend this law firm.
  • Ronald Krause

    - Aug 21 2020 Kendall did an excellent job representing me.
  • Elaine

    - Aug 21 2020 Going through a divorce is never easy, however, Kendall was very diligent to make sure my experience was as easy as possible for me. I chose a mediation style divorce. He was always professional and had my best interest at hand. He has high family morals, values integrity, and carries a high regard for his client’s feelings, which can run high during this experience. Kendall carries peace and can calm the situation. I would most definitely recommend Kendall Johnson for legal advice or representation. He is a class act and will do what you need him to do.
  • J. Cragg

    - Aug 21 2020 Kendall is an amazing attorney! I have used him on 3 separate occasions and he has been excellent every time. So not hesitate to let him help you!
  • Cheryl Wood

    - Aug 21 2020 We have worked with Kendall for nearly 20 years through the process of creating and updating our wills and trust. He is not only knowledgeable, but values relationship with his clients and serves them with integrity. We have recommended him to others and will continue to do so.
  • Mark Wilkinson

    - Aug 21 2020 Kendall has represented me in several cases, one going to trial. He took charge and secured the win. I highly recommend his services. Mark A Wilkinson
  • J Cragg

    Aug 21 2020
  • Bethann Steinman-Hill

    Nov 07 2019 Kendall Johnson has represented my children and I for the last three years. In a very high conflict divorce / child custody case. He stepped up to help us during one of the most vulnerable times of our lives. He gave us hope when we felt hopeless. Not only is he a brilliant attorney, he is an incredible human being. Kendall and his entire staff have been right there, fighting along side of us this entire time. Without their support my children and I would not be where we are today. I highly recommend Kendall.
  • Matthew Ingham - Bulldog

    Nov 19 2013 Mr. Johnson and I have stood toe-to-toe in the court room many times. During the past five years, he has been opposing counsel in at least three of my cases. On at least two separate occasions, the argument between us became so heated that the judge had to interject and break up the argument. Point being, each time Mr. Johnson has been opposing counsel on one of my cases, he has zealously argued for his clients, he has zealously represented their interests. -Matt Ingham, Bulldog says:

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