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Kirstein Insurance Services is home to your choice of Florida insurance agents. Headquartered in Boca Raton, we offer Florida insurance quotes throughout the state. Whether you are seeking insurance quotes for life, home, auto, or health, our insurance agents have the experience and knowledge to find for you the coverage that you need.

At Kirstein Insurance Services, we provide you with the personalized attention you deserve and the professional service you demand. We are ready to find you the insurance coverage that you need. Specializing in serving clients in the tri-county area, our agents are up-to-date on the most recent insurance regulations and are ready to put our expertise to work on your behalf, finding you the perfect policy for your individual needs and providing multiple Florida insurance quotes from which you can select.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • thomas r mcdonald

    Oct 10 2018 Diamond is always a big help
    • Steve Kirstein

      Oct 10 2018Thomas, thank you for choosing our us to be your agent.
  • Sharida A.

    Oct 09 2018 Steve and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful... they are prompt and gets the answer to you ASAP...
    • Steve Kirstein

      Oct 09 2018Sharida, Thank you for the opportunity to be your agent. Your comments are appreciated.

    Oct 09 2018 Very helpful in getting the insurance we needed started. Great team. Thank you.
    • Steve Kirstein

      Oct 09 2018Thank you for your comments, we appreciate your business.
  • Scott Romney

    Oct 09 2018 Steven Kirstein is always available to answer questions and quick to get back. We have been working with him for many years and I only foresee that to continue. It is nice to have somebody you trust to handle all things insurance for you.
    • Steve Kirstein

      Oct 09 2018Scott, Thank you for your comments. We appreciate the opportunity to serve as your agent.
  • Nancy Webb

    Oct 08 2018 Steven has always shopped for the best price and the most comprehensive insurance for our needs. He is very accessible and helped many of my friends as well, saving them quite a bit!
    • Steve Kirstein

      Oct 09 2018Nancy, Thank you for your comments. It is our privilege to serve as your agent.
  • Ronald harris

    Oct 05 2018 Very good Steve is a fair guy that gives accurate information and his staff is very helpful
    • Steve Kirstein

      Oct 08 2018We appreciate your business, thank you for your feedback Ronald.
  • Lestersimko

    Oct 05 2018 Friendly and great service
    • Steve Kirstein

      Oct 05 2018Thank you for your feedback and for the opportunity to serve as your agent.

    Oct 05 2018 Very helpful and always a pleasure to work with.
    • Steve Kirstein

      Oct 05 2018Brandon, Thank you for working with us and for your positive comment.

    • Steve Kirstein

      Oct 05 2018Thank you Kevin, we appreciate your vote of confidence and the opportunity to serve as your agent.
  • Joe Sander, Extreme Transformations

    Oct 04 2018 It's always a pleasure dealing with them and Diamond it's fantastic and very helpful.
    • Steve Kirstein

      Oct 04 2018Thank you Joe, we appreciate your comments and your business
  • Nancy D\'Agostino

    Oct 03 2018 Great customer service.
    • Steve Kirstein

      Oct 03 2018Nancy, Thank you for your business..
  • Eugene Schreiber

    Oct 03 2018 Professional and courteous service always ready to help Pleasure to do business with this Insurance company
    • Steve Kirstein

      Oct 09 2018Thank you for your positive feedback, it is our privilege to serve as your agent.
  • Sharon

    Oct 03 2018 Efficient friendly service always
    • Steve Kirstein

      Oct 03 2018Thank you for the feedback Sharon. We appreciate your business.
  • Kimberly A. Kovasala

    Oct 02 2018 Everyone is professional and courteous..i love Maria the secretary!!!
    • Steve Kirstein

      Oct 02 2018Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your business.
  • Sandor Pakh

    Oct 02 2018 Helpful, responsive and prompt. Were able to secure me one of the lowest rates. Thank you.
    • Steve Kirstein

      Oct 02 2018Thank you for your business and for choosing us to be your agent.
  • Harry Doyle

    Oct 02 2018 Excellent
    • Steve Kirstein

      Oct 02 2018Thank you for your business Harry!!
  • Blake Yturralde

    Sep 28 2018 Very friendly and personable staff. Steven the owner is a great guy and has created an amazing team. Steven and his crew are my go for all my business and personal insurance needs.
    • Steve Kirstein

      Sep 28 2018Blake, thank you for the positive feedback, we appreciate your trusting us with your insurance needs.
  • Antonio Haley

    Sep 27 2018 Wonderful, was able to deal with any issues I had with outcomes better that I had predicted.
    • Steve Kirstein

      Sep 27 2018Antonio, Thank you for taking the time to provide your positive feedback. I\'m glad we were able to assist you with your insurance.
  • Karen C

    Sep 26 2018 Steven helped me find affordable auto insurance after our existing company raised our rates due to an "at fault" minor event. I was extremely happy with his service and and help.
    • Steve Kirstein

      Sep 27 2018Karen, I\'m glad you had a positive experience, thank you for the feedback.
  • Joseph Humlick

    Sep 26 2018 Hello, My name is Joe Humlick. I am a home inspector and I have been working with Mr. Kirstein for a while. I refer him business and refers me business. I do the insurance inspections for his company. Any time I have any questions about insurance he is always responsive and knowledgeable.
    • Steve Kirstein

      Sep 27 2018Thank you for your comments and trusting us with your clients Joe.
  • Orlando Brito

    Sep 26 2018 If I could give Kirstein Insurance 10 starts I would. I have been using their insurance for the past 7 years on my home, cars and business. I recommend Kirstein Insurance to anyone.
    • Steve Kirstein

      Sep 27 2018Wow!!! Orlando your comments are really appreciated. Thank you for your business.
  • Michael

    Sep 26 2018 Kirstein Insurance - Efficient - Professional - Results! 5 Star Organization.
    • Steve Kirstein

      Sep 27 2018Michael, Thank you for the affirming feedback!!
  • Tony Baker

    Sep 26 2018 We have hired Steve to handle our Insurance for our business and our vehicles. He is extremely professional with competitive rates, he has saved us time and money. His staff is easy to deal with and answered all of our questions in a very timeky manner. If you want a great personalized insurance agent Steve is your guy!
    • Steve Kirstein

      Sep 27 2018Thank you Tony, it\'s always a privilege and a pleasure to work with you and your wife. Thank you for your gracious comments.
  • Paul Cholak

    Sep 26 2018 Steven gives very timely and professional service and often provides plans/premiums that are significantly lower than what the client is presently paying. I highly recommend him and his services.
    • Steve Kirstein

      Sep 27 2018Paul, I am glad we were able to save you money on your insurance. Thank you for your business.
  • Steve Barker

    Sep 26 2018 Professional organization. Superior feedback on responsiveness, professionalism and customer service.
    • Steve Kirstein

      Sep 27 2018Thank you Steve for your feedback, we appreciate your comments.
  • Dan Labow

    Sep 26 2018 I have had the pleasure of being able to refer some people to Kirstein Insurance Services and have heard rave reviews about their pricing and customer service. Steve and his staff do a terrific job and serve the industry well.
    • Steve Kirstein

      Sep 27 2018Thank you Dan, we appreciate the opportunity to serve your clients with their insurance needs.
  • Bob Levin

    Sep 18 2018 I have been dealing with Steve for over 5 years and I would highly recommend his company.
    • Steve Kirstein

      Oct 09 2018Thank you Bob.
  • Joseph Landsberg

    May 07 2018 I have used them for 3 years running now and they have been excellent to work with for every insurance type. Would highly recommend. Steve, Diamond and Maria are awesome.
  • juan castro

    Aug 16 2016 I just purchased my first home and Steven and Dimond did a fantastic job. The communication with my loan contact and them were flawless. Thank you
  • John Smith

    Feb 04 2016 Hi I am smith. I know your company provide the best insurance. Health Insurance plans you can enjoy product benefits that address not just your health insurance needs but the requirements of your entire family. but basically I want to know how health insurance process work.
  • Smith Roy

    Jan 13 2016 Great experience with Steven Kirstein!!!! He kindly help us to figure out the best plan for me and my family. He explained everything extremely well about all the terms and conditions that make confused to a common man. We ended up choosing a great, affordable plan that works for us & secure me & my family! Five stars!!!! Must go with Mr. Steven Kirstein
  • Mia Bunker

    May 15 2013 We are in the Home Inspection business. We have referred Steven to our clients dozens of times over the years and will continue to do so, as the feedback I have received from them has been very positive. We became a client of Stevens when our policy came up for renewal and we are also extremely happy with his services. His team is efficient, knowledgeable and very personable.
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