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The Scharfenberger Law Office
9000 Wessex Place, Suite 204
Louisville, Kentucky 40222
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Discrimination, Employment, Labor, Sexual Harassment, Workplace, Wrongful Termination
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Courtney Fleming

    - Jan 03 2023 Great advice, Easy to work with and great results. Reliable
  • Jill Carney

    - Aug 04 2022 Very satisfying
  • Frederick Duff

    - Nov 30 2021 If you are looking for a understanding professional that has the ability and capacity to protect or defend your interest- then Kurt is definitely your choice.
  • Robert D. Gifford

    - Dec 07 2020 Kurt is the ultimate professional and skilled advocate for all of his clients. Dedicated, smart, and compassionate. A leader in and out of the courtroom.
  • David Bell

    - Dec 06 2020 I have had numerous legal dealings with Kurt and find him reliable, knowledgeable, personable, and professional. I recommend him highly.
  • Monica Kute

    - Dec 06 2020 The practice of law is Kurt's life passion. He is a dedicated, determined, and knowledgeable professional.
  • Andrea Manierre

    - Nov 09 2020 I have worked with Kurt twice and both times he as professional and handled my issues with care and transparency.
  • Frederick Duff

    - Nov 07 2020 Kurt is a professional with a keen intellect that can deliver excellent execution.
  • Robert Render

    - Nov 06 2020 Kurt is a top-notch attorney. I wholeheartedly recommend him.
  • Wayne Perkey

    - Oct 07 2020 I have worked with Scharfenberger Law as an IT consultant for years. When I needed legal help, Kurt was amazing. Took immediate steps, solved my problem quickly. I highly recommend this lawyer.
  • Andy

    - Oct 06 2020 I am a fellow attorney and have worked with Kurt on several past cases. He is an extremely hard-working and dedicated lawyer who fights hard for his clients and gets outstanding results. Kurt possesses expert knowledge of employment law matters and he uses that knowledge to seek justice for victims of discrimination, wrongful termination, and other employment-related matters. I would recommend him highly to any family member or friend with a legal problem of this type.
  • Bryan Armstrong

    - Oct 06 2020 Kurt is extremely knowledgeable. Excellent lawyer. Very professional.
  • Don Gifford

    - Oct 06 2020 Mr. Schafenberger is a very talented and highly respected attorney. I've known and worked with him for over twenty years. He gets results in even the toughest of cases. Outstanding lawyer.
  • Patrick J Richardson

    - Oct 06 2020 Kurt was very responsive when decisions had to be made.
  • Ashley

    - Oct 06 2020 Kurt handled two of my cases was extremely professional and made sure I was taken care of.
  • Arden Levy

    - Oct 06 2020 Great lawyer and great person.
  • Phil Rich

    - Oct 05 2020 Kurt is a real professional. He treats everyone with compassion and respect
  • Bill Covington

    - Oct 05 2020 Excellent client service. I highly recommend him as an attorney
  • Trauge W May II

    - Aug 23 2020 Kurt is great in his profession and I will use him time and time again. Know your rights, get an opinion and talk with Kurt about your rights.
  • Tina J. Stokes

    - Jul 26 2020 Very pleased. I would recommend Mr. Scharfenberger
  • Tina Stokes

    - Jul 12 2020 Very satisfied with his honesty and dedication to his clients.
  • Brittany

    - Jun 25 2020 My experience has been great friendly staff, always keep me update. Always communicating.I would recommend anyone who's in need of a great law firm who deals with these type of cases.
  • Brandon Hendrix

    - Jun 24 2020 Thanks for the love burger u made me and my wife very happy God bless u
  • Melissa

    - Jun 16 2020 Mr. Scharfenberger was the best lawyer to represent me. He was honest, thorough, and had the utmost professionalism. He worked hard on my behalf and didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear. He was transparent and empathized with my situation. His staff was very friendly and helpful! I would highly recommend him!
  • MHC

    - Jun 16 2020 Mr. Scharfenberger was the best I could have asked for. He was thorough, fought hard on my behalf, and demonstrated the upmost professionalism. He was honest with me in assessing my case and didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear. He was transparent and I appreciated that as this was a hard time in my life. I highly recommend.
  • TAS

    - Jun 15 2020 Very honest and hard-working attorney. And I appreciate his military background. He has some wonderful stories.
  • Terry Mann

    Jun 09 2020 I was wrongfully terminated and Kurt saved me and my family. Bless him!
  • John Jacob

    Oct 10 2019 Kurt was a very professional attorney, with a very helpful staff. Thank you all so much for your help!
  • Bill Congleton

    Oct 10 2019 I worked for a Cooperage business in Lebanon, Ky and had a labor dispute. Kurt drove to Marion County and settled the matter for me on the spot. He is wonderful.
  • Jerry White

    Sep 05 2019 Excellent staff, with a professional office and environment. Easily the best legal experience I’ve had thus far!

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