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Business Law, Criminal Defense, Family Law, Personal Injury
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • EB

    Feb 23 2019 The experience with attorney Askew was great all the way. He knows the law, he knows the procedure, he knows all the ins and outs of the court. He was very quick to address any questions or concerns I had. His secretary is great as well. I was happy he took my case; he did great in representing my interests in the court. Highly recommend him in any criminal or family law cases.
  • Glenwood L. Bullard

    Sep 26 2018 Began my association with Jim in 2005, and his counsel, guidance and representation has been of the highest order in every instance. Have recommended him to friends and colleagues, all of whom were completely satisfied with his services. Outstanding attorney!
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Aug 09 2018 James is a featured attorney on Mediation.com and we highly recommend his services.
  • Elena Bolonina

    Jan 03 2019 Mr. Askew represented me in a few family law related matters over the years. I am more than happy with the process and the result of his work. First of all, he knows what he is doing; his legal advice was always on the point and proven to be the right one. Second, he catered to my particular needs. Mr. Askew advised me on the course of actions that benefited me, using my facts and circumstances. Mr. Askew knows the community he works in and all the specialists you might need for your case. Third, it was a pure joy communicating with him - he is one call/email away from you. Communication with the client is very important, and Mr. Askew proved to reply or explain to me what I needed. The last but not the least, he is a hard working attorney: I saw him preparing for the trial and in the court room. When it comes to your needs, you want the best to represent you, and attorney Askew is the right one.
  • Glenwood Bullard

    Dec 05 2018 Jim Askew has been my personal attorney for 15 years, and that experience has proven to me he is a good and honorable lawyer. Outstanding representation in every matter. Highly recommend Jim to anyone looking for a highly competent and very honest legal adviser.
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