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At The Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller, PLLC, our attorneys provide caring representation to Social Security Disability (SSD) (SSI) clients as well as clients in need of Personal injury, Workers Compensation and consumer protection. We serve clients in Buffalo, NY, Rochester, NY and Chicago, IL*. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We can usually set up appointments within one business day.

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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Kelly

    - Oct 26 2021 When I applied here I was looking for somewhere to work that I could build my confidence and strengths in this profession and I have been here for almost 4 years now. We all work as a team. It is a great place to work.
  • Roseann

    - Oct 25 2021 everyone works together to assist our clients. Great Benefits. I love helping others and working with amazing caring co-workers.
  • MRM

    - Oct 25 2021 I've been able to quickly advance my career here. Two promotions in little over a year has shown their commitment to current employees and the oppurtunities made available to us.
  • KA

    - Oct 19 2021 My time at Kenneth Hiller has been nothing but positive. They've helped me to grow professionally, and management has created an extremely compassionate working environment.
  • Johnnie Robertson

    - Oct 13 2021 Long but worth it
  • Gina Atwood

    - Sep 13 2021 My attorney won my case, and he pretty cut-throat and for that they get 4 stars. Other than that, there wasn't very much communication. My case changed attorneys very often, I never knew who was in charge of my case. And after it was all said and done I got over a $300 bill for postage for every single letter ever sent between there office and me and every record they ever had to pull for me and the cost of the postage it cost to send said records. Very nickel and dime-y.
  • Emily

    - Aug 25 2021 Great place to work. The appeals attorneys write sophisticated legal briefs while maintaining their focus on the clients as individuals.
  • JJM

    - Aug 25 2021 They helped me so much with my case. I could not have won my case without them.
  • C Van B

    - Aug 24 2021 It's a great place to work. I love my team and everyone truly cares about doing a great job for our clients. The culture is very team-oriented.
  • Chris

    - Aug 24 2021 At KH there is plenty of freedom to grow as an attorney with encouragement and support from management.
  • Thomas Eberth

    - Aug 20 2021 My experience with the law firm was good. I gave 5 stars because of their preparation and thoroughness. I had a few problems at the beginning with reaching someone on the phone, but that was resolved quickly.
  • Rebecca A Burdick

    - Aug 13 2021 Wonderful
  • TW

    - Aug 12 2021 Great compassionate people, treated me with dignity at a very hard time in my life and fought for a better life for me and my family after a catastrophic medical event. Thank you!
  • Happy

    - Jul 20 2021 The team at K H L F. Are great
  • Becky Vohs

    Jul 06 2021 This law firm is great they helped me in so many ways I give them five stars
  • Robert Davis

    May 06 2021 Helped me through my disability case highly recommend
  • Gina Trombetto

    May 05 2021 Starting with my first phone call to the offices of Kenneth H I could not have been in better hands. Cherri walked me through the process of applying for SSD every step of the way. I had no idea what to do or how to apply for SSD. I found her to be more than accommodating to all my questions. Professional does not begin to describe Cherri. She was responsive to all my phone calls, even calling me on a Saturday evening as she was working from home during the COVID pandemic. I highly recommend the offices of Kenneth Hiller. I want to thank Cherri for all her time and patience .
  • Deborah Fugate

    Mar 16 2021 I would give Kenneth Hiller law 10 stars if it was an option. I hired another disability firm attorney who said that they specialize in winning disability cases seven years ago. After waiting about 4 or 5 years and finally going to court, I get a letter telling me that I was denied. Then told by this firm that they don't think that I would have a good case to appeal. I was so disappointed and depressed not knowing what to do. I kept seeing advertisement on television and radio about Kenneth Hiller law firm, and just called and set up an appointment. After my consultation they gave me hope again. They went right to work on my case. They kept in touch with me at all times updating on the progress. In less than 3 years later here I was again pleading my case with Kenneth Hiller's attorney by my side fighting for and with me. My attorney told me to be patient because especially with the covid pandemic and everyone working from home, that I may not get a decision for 3 to 6 weeks. Two weeks later I get a decision in the mail. When I opened the letter ,the first words that I saw was FULLY FAVORED. All I could do was cry out Thank you Lord. My husband ran down stairs thinking that I fell or hurt myself asking what's wrong. Holding me as I cried out, I showed him the letter and he held me tighter, knowing how long I had been waiting for the courts to finally know that I was truly disabled. I can't thank Kenneth Hiller and his hard working team enough. They literally saved my life. But most of all I thank God for directing me to them. says:

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