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Miami, FL 33136
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The Law Offices of Lee P. Marks represents victims of serious injury and specializes in civil litigation and trial work with an emphasis on serious motor vehicle collisions, defective products, cases and insurance claims.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • robin mendoza

    Jan 12 2019 helped me in my life,did what no one would have done for me.
  • Cindy Fleming

    Sep 14 2018 After my accident, Lee handled all the details so that all I had to do was deal with all my medical issues and physical therapy. He was happy to address any concerns I had. I would highly recommend him.
  • Uberto Mondolfi

    Sep 14 2018 Great service. Explained the whole process in details. Always on my side voncerned about my well-being. Very proffessional!
  • Fernando Angel

    Sep 14 2018 I know Lee Marks for over 30 years and he has handled a couple of cases for me. The service provided has the highest standards in the industry; he has always shown the proper knowledge and his prompt response to my needs made the difference, this is why I have recommended him in many occasions to my fellow cyclist since the transparency is his main characteristic.
  • Rebeca Orozco

    Sep 14 2018 Lee has always been diligent and effective in all my legal needs. From traffic tickets to settling claims. Thank you Lee
  • Candice Farge

    Apr 11 2018
  • Valnea Del Bianco

    Oct 11 2017 Great and very knowledgeable attorney who handled my case very professionally and we won!!!
  • Yaira Holguin

    Aug 16 2017 He is very professional and I've always had great outcomes in civil and criminal cases wile been represented bye Mr lee marks. I believe that thanks to him represented me I've been able to have the best outcomes. He has also represented my husband with great outcomes also. Thank you
  • Belen Rosario

    Apr 24 2016 Mr.Marks is a true professional and an EXCELLENT attorney. He handled my case and had it dismissed quickly. I would definitely recommend his services.
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