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Killeen, TX 76542
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We currently manage over 1,600 properties that include: single-family homes, apartments, townhouses, duplexes, and more.

As the preeminent real estate professional in our community, we are dedicated to providing the finest service available, while breaking new ground. Because the real estate industry becomes more sophisticated and challenging every day, you need an experienced professional that understands the industry and is positioned to stay ahead of the game. We go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals. That's why we are constantly researching the market and property values so your home is priced effectively from day one. We also make sure the public knows your home is for sale by using innovative advertising and marketing techniques to attract potential buyers. We manage over 1,600 properties in the Fort Hood area. Here at Lone Star Realty we are dedicated to helping our owners by managing their property and finding great homes for the tenants!

Tim and Karen are both actively involved in the daily operations of their business and run the company as a Christian-based organization, always striving to treat everyone with the highest level of integrity. Karen has served as President of the Fort Hood Area Association of Realtors (FHAAR), has held various other leadership positions in the association, and was awarded Realtor of the Year by FHAAR. Tim twice led as President of the Apartment Association of Central Texas (AACT) and served as Vice President at Large for the Texas Apartment Association (TAA). Tim has also been awarded Independent Rental Owner of the Year for the State of Texas. They are both active in tenant-landlord issues at the local and state level and Tim holds the designation as a Certified Apartment Manager (CAM). Both are actively involved in community service through the Lions Clubs and Heritage House, organizations that seek to help others in need.

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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Denise barnett

    Apr 14 2021 They take care of my rental like its their home. No problems so far with inspection of rental looks good, deposit of rent money and notification of repairs needed.
  • AG

    Mar 17 2021 They have been great in their communication. They were able to have my place rented quickly. It was a good choice to go with this company.
  • shahadah abdullah

    Mar 01 2021 everything is ok besides weekend/night assistance
  • Katie V

    Feb 27 2021 Tim has taken such good care of my property while I live out of state. He not only has his staff contact me immediately if there is a problem but he will also contact me if there is an issue with the renter. I know that my house is in good hands with him and his staff.
  • Lisa

    Feb 26 2021 We were getting the run around from Housing(on post). So we decided to look for a house off post instead. Lone-Star had several to look at, and we found one and moved in the very next day!
  • Jessica GM

    Feb 26 2021 I'm an owner that has 2 properties with Lone Star. They took an almost empty money pit into a well taken care of rental property that basically takes care of itself. (They do most of it with little need for contact.) I added the other one knowing they could do the same for me there, as well. Thanks team!
  • MB

    Feb 25 2021 Excellent property management!
  • Robert Lee Ponder

    Feb 24 2021 excellent
  • Ken Beard

    Feb 24 2021 I was out of town all last week during the frigid weather anomaly. I opened up a conversation on the tenant portal, requesting that someone stop by the house to turn up heat, open cabinets and start faucets dripping. I received a reply after Lonestar’s visit that the house was in good shape, with no evidence of freezing pipes. A few days later I received follow-up comment asking how the property was doing. I appreciate this excellent service.
  • Calvin Earl Mills

    Feb 24 2021 Always on top of it!
  • Sandra Swett

    Feb 24 2021 Great
  • Rhonda S Hanes

    Feb 24 2021 Staff is great. My duplex is really old and run down. Please email for more info.
  • Pete De León

    Feb 24 2021 Well the team at Lonestar Realty are by far the best, they’re very professional and when I speak to a representative they treat me with respect. We’re going on 5 years in this property and we are very pleased with Brenda,Daniel Sellers and the team. Thank y’all very much
  • ML

    Feb 24 2021 We have been renting from them for 3 years now. They are reliable and respond quickly to work orders. I'm very satisfied with this company.
  • Tim C

    Feb 23 2021 Tim and the Lone Star Property Management team have maintained in excess of 95% occupancy of 21 units across 8 properties for over 15 years. The property management team did a great job managing and maintain our properties.
  • jmg

    Feb 23 2021 always a pleasure to deal with
  • Clint Goens

    Feb 23 2021 All my experiences with everyone I've had an opportunity to make contact with has been good.
  • Rodrigo Rodriguez

    Feb 23 2021 Lone Star property management is well experienced and I'm satisfied with their service.
  • Sandra Griggs

    Feb 23 2021 I am satisfied with the services I receive from Lone Star Property Management.
  • CA

    Feb 23 2021 I haven't rented in about 20 yrs.and my experience s with the company have been great. I have no complaints.
  • Loren Lorenzo

    Feb 23 2021 I’ve been renting with Loan Star Realty for the past few years and they are the best!
  • Erin Newman

    Feb 23 2021 Good
  • Jessica Delafosse

    Feb 23 2021 Good
  • Kevin Vaughan

    Feb 23 2021 Great experience working with lone star reality. They are responsive and work with the owners
  • Raimonda & Mike

    Feb 23 2021 Lone star property management company has been great to work with. Great communication and very quick to keep our properties rented. We would highly recommend!!!!
  • Donna Brown

    Feb 23 2021 I have lived in this particular unit going on 13 years. The original owners always took great care of me, and I find that since they switched to this management company that same care has continued. The few issues I encountered were handled quickly and professionally. I am quite satisfied and have no complaints!
  • Malia S Siologa

    Feb 23 2021 Service is good just the $150 raise in the rent is hard to understand.
  • Sherry Cason

    Feb 23 2021 I've had a great experience
  • Marlene Marshall

    Feb 23 2021 Have managed my property for years.
  • Ts

    Feb 23 2021 I have had nothing but a great experience all around. Every issue that we have had has always been taken care of in a timely manner and everyone is always so helpful and sweet. They are also very quick to respond to any issues.
  • Osman Danquah

    Feb 23 2021 Tim Doerbaum is an experienced property manager, he has always displayed exemplary professionalism in his interaction with property owners and the tenant population he serves. His genuine care and concern for the well being of others is reflected in the high standards he sets in the upkeep and maintenance of the housing stocks entrusted to his care, and his responsiveness to both tenants and property owners alike. He has established and maintain open communication between himself, tenants, and property owners; he also finds time to serve the local community, not only in times of disaster, but on an on-going basis. He is an asset to our community.
  • Mary Mosley

    Feb 23 2021 I have not had any major issues in my apartment just minor wear and tear from living in the unit. Whenever I have maintenance they send someone right on out to help with any issues I have.
  • Annushka Algee

    Feb 23 2021 I've live at a property that I've rented for almost a year now and I've had nothing but a great experience. If I had a problem they sent someone out in a timely manner to fix the problem. No complaints on customer service
  • Will Rugeley

    Feb 23 2021 Tim and Karen at the Lone Star Team are a bunch of rock stars! We've had other property management companies and none others compare. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and fast turn around times is unmatched. Use them folks, they're worth every penny (and they don't charge many pennies!).
  • James Brown

    Feb 23 2021 I’ve been with this business for years and I’ve always been impressed with there ability to keep me informed and very trustworthy. I would recommend them to anyone dealing with property. So thanks for being professional and informative.
  • Latanya Dineyazhe

    Feb 23 2021 True professionals! Amazing team and staff, they have managed my property for over six years!
  • Bill Ward

    Feb 23 2021 I cannot praise Lone Star Realty enough for the way in which they have managed my rental property in Killeen since 2007. Frankly, I don't see how they do what they do, perform the service they perform for the small amount they charge for the service, and, Man-O-Man, what a service it is! Karen Doerbaum is literlly an "angel of real estate," and that attitude permeates throughout Tim and Karen's entire organization. I wouldn't think of a future real estate transaction in Killeen without Lone Star Realty.
  • Robert Ladd

    Feb 23 2021 Tim and his team have professionally managed rental property for me for over 20 years. I have complete confidence in Lone Star Property Management.
  • Heidi Dallman

    Feb 23 2021 The team at Lone Star gave me great service in all aspects of a realty business. Many years ago when I was buying a house, that side of the house helped me find the perfect house and make the buying process smooth and transitionless. Later when it came time to rent that house, Tim and the rental side of the house did a phenomenal job of keeping renters in my house and taking care of repairs as cost efficiently as possibly while maintaining great quality in the repair. Lone star took the worry out of renting my house. The team at Lone Star Realty went above and beyond my expectations of a realty company. I’ve since moved from the area but should I ever return, I will definitely be using Lone Star Realty for all my housing needs.
  • Judy Edwards

    Feb 23 2021 We have had lone star manage our property for several years and have enjoyed working with them. Our property has been properly maintained and almost 100% full
  • Raul Ramirez

    Feb 23 2021 I have used this company since 2012, they have made being a long distance homeowner seemless and extremely easy. They take care of everything and follow my directions on being notified on big ticket maintenance items.
  • Justis

    Feb 23 2021 Great professional company. They are straightforward and easy to work with.
  • Gregory

    Feb 23 2021 Best property management in the Killeen area. With Tim and his, I know my property is in great hands.
  • Eva

    Feb 23 2021 Best team in TX
  • Stacia McFadden

    Feb 14 2021 I’ve used the property management services since 2007. They are very professional and show genuine concern for my property. I highly recommend Lone Star if you are looking for a property management company with impeccable customer service.
  • Stephanie D Bright

    Feb 07 2021 The best management property management company in the area. I am pleased with their management of our property, they always go above and beyond, their staff is exceptional.
  • Stephanie D. Bright

    Feb 07 2021 My personal experience in working with Lone Star is a good. The company is fair and equitable. They are quick to respond to concerns and work diligently to resolve issues. We have had Lone Star manage our property for 14 years and seen the company go above and beyond for owners and tenants. I have recommended Lone Star to others on more than one occasion and they have have all been satisfied with the services received.
  • Jason

    Jan 28 2021 Tim and Karen have been taking care of our property management needs for nearly a decade. Incredibly happy with their professionalism and attention to detail. Highly recommend!
  • Cedric King

    Jan 27 2021 Lone Star Realty had been managing my home for the last 10 years. They have been great in keeping tenant inside the home with timely pay out and quick responses to maintenances issues as they arise.
  • Fiona Taylor

    Jan 27 2021 My experience with lone star reality has been and continues to be seamless and smooth. They work with you and understand that we are all human and fall short. I plan on remaining with lone star for the foreseeable future.
  • Jesse Gusme

    Jan 27 2021 Been using them since 2010. I am Military and have been traveling around the globe to and from various assignments. I am very happy with all of those at Lonestar Realty that have helped manage my property.

    Jan 26 2021 I don't have nothing to say
  • Donald J Peters

    Jan 26 2021 It was much easier than before! Thank you for your business.
  • Greg Scott

    Jan 25 2021 I have had nothing short of excellent customer service from Lone Star Realty. They are a one stop shop for everything real estate related. I have no worries or stress surrounding the property Lone Star manages for me. I’d highly recommend.

    Jan 25 2021 Tim and his team have always been very helpful keeping our apartments rented and communicating with us on everything. We have been with Tim & his team over 13 years!
  • Stephanie Kemp

    Jan 25 2021 Been renting from Lonestar for over 7 years and have never had any real issues! Any issues I had could be resolved via phone or email conversations.
  • Chris and Shinita Grady

    Jan 25 2021 Wonderful experience, will use them again and again to manage my property.
  • HM

    Jan 25 2021 I have used Lone Star Realty as my property for approximately 25 years. I have not had any problems with their management of my property.
  • John Quintanilla

    Jan 24 2021 Never had any issues with the realty.
  • Melvin Johnson

    Jan 24 2021 I have been with lonestar Realty for several years and they have e been nothing but stellar as a property management company. They provide timely services to tenants and close out reports to home owners.
  • Saleem Mahdi

    Jan 24 2021 Work orders were responded to in a timely manner. The Professionalism & Expertise of the Service Technicians was exceptional.
  • Linda VC

    Jan 24 2021 I have been very pleased the way Tim has cared for my properties and rented them to qualified tenants over many years. I can highly recommend him to others.
  • Candace

    Jan 24 2021 Very satisfied renting from Lone Star Realty! No issues and professional staff!
  • bob schreier

    Jan 24 2021 Your company has been managing my property for a very long time (20 + years) and doing an excellent job. I've worked with other property managers over the years but none hold a candle to or are as outstanding and knowledgeable as you. Thank you for your outstanding performance in property management. It is greatly appreciated.
  • GD

    Jan 24 2021 Reliable management company!
  • Theo

    Jan 23 2021 Lone Star has been Phenomenal over the last 15+ years managing my property. Highly recommended!
  • Gene Easley

    Jan 23 2021 My experience has been good; every time we need something fixed Lone Star Realty has responded promptly and professionally.
  • Michael Kreindler

    Jan 23 2021 Pozitive! Confidente building
  • Sam

    Jan 23 2021 Lone Star has managed my property for 5 years, and their service is tremendous. I highly recommend them.
  • Brandon

    Jan 23 2021 I have had my house rented out for the past 6 years and they have done a great job in all aspects
  • Kristina Kalili

    Jan 23 2021 Tim and Lone Star have been our property manager for a decade and have always provided professional, timely service. I’ve referred several friends to them as well.
  • Ronald

    Jan 23 2021 Lone Star helps my family to secure consistent returns from our rental property investments.
  • Phil L

    Jan 23 2021 They have been managing my property for 7 years and I am very happy with Lone Star. They are very professional and does a great job. I highly recommend them.
  • Stephen

    Jan 23 2021 Great property management services! Been a owner with Tim and Lone Star for 8 years.
  • Harold Tennon

    Jan 23 2021 Love working with Lonestar realty’s and my rental house is amazing
  • Mm

    Jan 23 2021 Killeen
  • Carlos Llaverias

    Jan 23 2021 Tim has been managing my property for almost 12 years now and I have no complaints, I couldn't have asked for a better property manager.
  • Annette Britt

    Jan 23 2021 I been renting with Lonestar Realty for almost 3 years. They are professional business owners to work with and their staff. All maintenance orders are completed in a timely manner. The online portal for paying rent and communicating with staff is fast and easy to use. There is no other rental property that gives top notch customer service. I highly recommend Lonestar Realty to anyone looking for rental properties or management.
  • Dan

    Jan 23 2021 Lonestar had been managing my rental property for nearly 20 years, and they have always been great to work with. Tim and Karen are very good at what they do. I'd definitely recommend them.
  • KenishaTurner

    Jan 23 2021 It has been a remarkable experience working with Lonestar Realty these last 2 years. Everyone has always provided white glove service. I cannot see myself working with another rental company. Thank you everyone!
  • Kelette Hall

    Jan 23 2021 I’ve been here a little over a month and Ms. Brenda has been beyond amazing. GREAT STAFF!
  • Quientin Abston

    Jan 23 2021 Great Professional Service!
  • Kathryn

    Jan 23 2021 The owners and staff were always friendly and helpful and quick to respond to my needs and question.
  • Stephanie Pantoja

    Jan 23 2021 Lone Star was nothing short of amazing. We experienced both parts of the company. The property management company was spectacular. They ensure both the owner and tenant are happy. They maintain high expectations from both to ensure the property appearance and condition are always top notch. When it came to selling our home we could not have been more please or grateful. Professional pictures were taken, advertised across many platforms and showings were scheduled back to back. Our home received an offer within just a few days of being listed! The entire team was great to work with. With us being in a different state they made the entire process hassle and stress free. It was a pleasure working with lone star!
  • Kristen Allen

    Jan 23 2021 He did great ! Great to work with
  • Ronnie Brown

    Jan 23 2021 Lone Star has managed my property since 2005. They are professional, responsive, easy to work with, and they keep my house rented. We were military and now live in Colorado; we trust this team to handle our property and I highly recommend using them for property rental management.
  • Law Schmidle

    Jan 23 2021 Tim and Lonestar realty has been great, their marketing is excellent and I have rarely had a unit empty for more than a month. Great job
  • Mark Robsel

    Jan 23 2021 Easy going!
  • Daniel Kivlehen

    Jan 23 2021 I've been with Lone Star Realty for over eight years, and it's been a hassle-free and worry-free experience the entire time. For an owner, I think that's the best one can hope for.
  • bob schreier

    Jan 23 2021 Outstanding property management for over 20+ years. Best property management team I've ever worked with. I trust their judgement implicitly. Wish there were more like them. Bob Schreier
  • Beatrice Elam

    Jan 23 2021 Lone Star Realty has been managing my property for over 9 years. Tim and Karen are professionals who understand the industry.
  • Mathew Wilkerson

    Jan 23 2021 One thing I would update is make the owners tap more up front and bold. I had to scroll all the way to the bottom to find it.
  • TJ

    Jan 23 2021 Lone Star has been managing my property for over 11 years and I am very pleased. They provide me with professional management services and they maintain my property to quality standards. Because of Lone Star outstanding advertising; my property has never had a problem being rented. Also, I do not live in Texas and I have never in 11 years had a problem with Lone Star. The entire team are true professionals providing excellence services.
  • Freddie Felix

    Jan 23 2021 Experience with lonestarrealty has been phenomenal. No issues and timely assessment and repairs to include meticulous inspections. Highly recommended.
  • Talley Jo Laflamme

    Jan 10 2021 We used Lone Star to manage our property and then later to sell it. Very pleased with our relationship over the years.
  • RH

    Jan 07 2021 I am very happy to have Lone Star Realty to manage my property.
  • DB

    Jan 05 2021 I like having Lonestar realty as my property manager. I have not had any problems such as collecting or later rent and total overview of property. Oh what a relief it is (smile)
  • Vanessa Liz Escalerarudon

    Dec 30 2020 Great customer service.
  • Nicole Holt

    Dec 29 2020 We've used LoneStar for many years to manage our rental property. We've always been very satisified. If there were ever any issues, they were taken care of promptly. Rent arrives reliably.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 29 2020We appreciate your business and support over the many years. Thank you for the positive comments.
  • Beethoven Jacques

    Dec 28 2020 Lonestar has been managing my property for the last 9 years, I'm very please with the service they have provided. I have not had any issues. They keep me informed and take really good care of my prooerty.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 29 2020Thank you for your kind words of support for us. We will continue to work hard to have the best management services for you.
  • Vera Johnson

    Dec 28 2020 I have nothing but excellent experience with "Lone Star Realty"
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 29 2020Thank you for your kind words. We will continue to sustain you with excellence from our staff in everything we do.
  • S.R.

    Dec 28 2020 I am very pleased with my experience renting with Lone Star Realty. My work orders are processed quickly. The staff has been very helpful.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 29 2020Our goal is to always provide efficient servicing of all of our maintenance work orders. Thank you for recognizing us for this area of our management.
  • Omar Andino

    Dec 28 2020 Tim is a true professional, extremely helpful and responded to all our questions in a timely and resourceful manner.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 29 2020We appreciate your support of our company. We always try to treat everyone with utmost integrity and professionalism. Thank you for your comments.
  • Angel Ortiz

    Dec 28 2020 Been renting my property with this company for over 10 years, and would not change them for any other. Home has been well kept, and more important, rented for the entire time. Very professional and responsive team.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 29 2020Thank you for your loyalty to Lone Star Realty. We appreciate your supportive relationship with us and hope it will continue for many more years to come.
  • Cornelius

    Dec 27 2020 His company has kept my house rented and well-maintained for the last 7 years notify me on Advertising maintenance and potential offer
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 29 2020You\'ve mentioned 2 important goals for us: 1. Keeping the property rented to maximize your income, and 2. Keeping the property well maintained. We know that if your property is profitable that you will be happy with our services and that we are doing our job. Thanks for your support.
  • Judy Marburger

    Dec 27 2020 We are very happy with Lone Star Realty. They are very organized and things are accomplished in a timely fashion.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 29 2020We are constantly looking at ways to improve our services to make them the most efficient. We appreciate your communication back to us whenever we need your input. Thank you for your kind words.
  • Shakira Mosley

    Dec 27 2020 Love them
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 29 2020Your response makes me smile. We love you too! Thank you for your encouragement.

    Dec 26 2020 We had managed our properties for about 15 years. We decided to find a management company we could trust with showing, renting and most importantly, maintaining our properties to our standards. We went with Tim and Karen and their very professional staff. Best decision we have made in years!!!
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 29 2020It has been a pleasure managing your properties. It\'s been exciting to us to see the increases in rent. We love all of your encouragement and making it so fun to work with owners like you. You make our job easy! Thank you for your support and the kinds words.
  • BG

    Dec 26 2020 Greet Management Company. Lone Star Realty has managed our units for approximately 20 years and has done a wonderful job!
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 29 2020Amazing - 20 years! We owe a lot of gratitude to you for your loyal support to us. We hope that our great relationship will continue for many more years! Thank you for your uplifting words!
  • Frank and Kathleen Miller

    Dec 26 2020 We have been with Lone Star going on 20 years..they are professional, friendly and always just a phone call or email away when we had a question..which was not very often as they cover everything..an excellent company !
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 29 2020I am so very thankful for your ongoing support and your loyalty for keeping us as your management company for so long. You have helped us develop into the people we are through your feedback. Thank you so much!
  • Becky Weatherly

    Dec 26 2020 25 year business experience with this company. We started out as renters and they helped us find and purchase our house. When it was time to move they became our property management company. We have had wonderful experiences with them. They are professional and keep us well informed of any changes both good and bad. Great company and people.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 29 2020It does not seem like it could be that many years. You must have be 25 years old when we first met and began our relationship. I am truly honored that you have stuck with us from the beginning. Thank you for your support and your words of encouragement!
  • Wallenia Thompson

    Dec 25 2020 Great service and professionalism!
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 29 2020Thank you for the kind words. It is nice to have residents that appreciate our efforts to make your place the best we can. We hope you have a Happy New Year!
  • Deon

    Dec 25 2020 Lone Star has managed my rental property for over a decade now. I met with Tim Doerbaum personally to set up the original property management contract. GREAT experience from day one. The Loan Star team are very friendly and professional and very good at keeping me informed on my property. I highly recommend Loan Star if you in need of the many services they provide.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 29 2020You are another example of how thankful we are to have the support of owners like you. We do strive to keep all of our owners informed with the most current status of their property. Thank you for your kinds words of encouragement.
  • Jodi

    Dec 25 2020 I sometimes forget I have a house in Texas because LoneStar does such a good job managing.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 29 2020That is so nice to hear. I often tell a new prospective client that my goal is to remove all of the everyday headaches out of their concern by handling each and every aspect of management in the most professional manner. When we\'re successful, then we\'ve accomplished that task and our owners like you can rest assured that everything is handled well. Thank you for your support!
  • Sabbas Millet

    Dec 25 2020 Tim and Karen do such a terrific job managing my properties that I don’t have to worry about anything. They have managed my properties since 2017 and I have enjoyed the services from their team in repairs for units or tenant search or financial reporting. They bring up opportunities for acquisition and help with keeping rent at market rates so I am not leaving money on the table. I plan on retaining their services in the Killeen area and hope they expand to other markets so my business can grow with them.
  • JW

    Dec 24 2020 Always accessible to address any issues
  • Cinnamon Chambers

    Dec 24 2020 I have been working with Tim and Lonestar Realty for years now and I could not have asked for a better company to take care of my Killeen property. Tim and his team always ensure that I have a renter and that the maintenance needs are taken care of in a timely manner. I am truly glad that Tim and Lonestar Realty service my property and will continue to use them for the foreseeable future. Thank you Lonestar Realty!
  • Cinnamon Chambers

    Dec 24 2020 Have worked with Tim at Lonestar Realty for years now. Him and his team there have done a great job managing my property. Always ensuring that I have a renter and that the maintenance of the home is taken care of in a timely manner. I am truly pleased with their service as a management company and have the upmost confidence they will continue to serve my property well.
  • John PAIK

    Dec 24 2020 Lone Star... a group of dedicated professionals working hard every day, year in/out, to achieve high standards expected from owners/tenants alike in realty/property mgmt. I thankfully rely on them for PM... giving my best grade for their continuing success and svc to the community... ????
  • Erwin Raphael

    Dec 24 2020 Tim and his team have managed my properties for many years. Tim is polite and professional and always keeps me informed of the state of affairs around my investments.
  • John gordon

    Dec 24 2020 Have been with LoneStar for 10 years. Outstanding company and people
  • John Stevens

    Dec 24 2020 The type of company that allow me to sleep at night. Whatever issues my tenants have , they are quick to take care it.
  • FO

    Dec 24 2020 I’m satisfied completely except I feel spraying for bugs should be a lot more deeper not just in the room you see them at
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 24 2020Thank you for your comments. We will review the process with our pest control company to see if we can make some improvements.
  • Sterling and Miata Coleman

    Dec 24 2020 Tim and Karen have managed our multi family property since 2006 and it has been a great experience to get to know them and the whole Lone Star team. They have been very prompt and thorough in managing our property while we have been away to various stateside and overseas locations. We haven’t any doubts or concerns about the up keeping, management and processing of rents and funds pertaining to our property. Thank you for all you do Lone Star family. We look forward to continue doing business with you in 2021 and years to come
  • Brittany Young

    Dec 24 2020 My experience with lone star has been great. I especially love Sharice in the maintenance department.
  • Nick Pileggi

    Dec 24 2020 Excellent support and respect
  • Jerry Walls

    Dec 24 2020 Whenever I have a maintenance request, it's always handled quickly. I like that they understand people have more important things to do than just wait around for something to get fixed.
  • Eldin Serrano

    Dec 24 2020 Lonestar Realty staffs are very professional and took good care of my properties. They are an awesome company! I recommend them to anyone that has a property in the Texas area. They’ll take good care of you and your property! You’re in good hands!
  • Margaret Tackett

    Dec 24 2020 Tim deserves that highest praise. Definitely deserves five stars.
  • Henrietta Haiungs

    Dec 24 2020 Lone Star has been our property managers for over 15 years snd we have been totally pleased!! Thsnk you!! Hsnk
  • M and L Scott

    Dec 24 2020 Whenever we've requested additional information or any assistance or advice, Lonestar has always been a great resource, very dependable & knowledgeable. They manage our rental properties as very capable professionals and treat our tenants just as we would want to be treated. The maintenance and accounting staff are very organized, diligent, and open to this owner's questions & requests. I really appreciate the job they do. Lonestar Property Management & Realty are excellent and our experience with them has been a blessing.
  • Machele Hayfron

    Dec 24 2020 We had a wonderful experience with Lone Star Realty & Property Management. They helped us to sell our home after managing it for 9 years. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a property manager or real estate agent.
  • Kimberly King

    Dec 24 2020 5 yrs in the same place and hasn't had an issue that Lone Star Property hasn't resolved within 24/48 hrs time frame
  • Lisa herrmann

    Dec 24 2020 Excellent monthly service, clear annual summaries and renter consistent throughout the years I’ve used Lone Star.
  • Marie I Padilla

    Dec 24 2020 Lone star had been managing my property since 2012. They are very responsive and take good care of your property.
  • Rebecca Brockbank

    Dec 23 2020 Great management! Communication is great and we never have to worry about anything and feel completely confident that our property is being well taken care of.
  • Kerry Lynn

    Dec 23 2020 I like that lone star didn’t sacrifice home owners’ benefits ( make sure that tenants take care of properties and not letting them slide, ) to be appealing to tenants. Some tenants will throw tantrum when you catch their lies or have them responsible for their parts or damages they caused, but lone star didn’t let them take advantage of in order to have them stop complaining. Some tenants will cause trouble or make a scene no matter where they go (though terms are clearly stated in rental contract) but it is an important mission for a company to stick to its standards and values and not bent down to certain group of people.
  • Rhonda Drayton

    Dec 23 2020 The office personnel are always very upbeat, yet professional, and friendly. The work orders that I've submitted are handled quickly and efficiently. While Lone Star Realty is not the rental company I started with, I am pleased with my almost 4 years of being one of their clients.
  • Laurent Bodie

    Dec 23 2020 Your service is outstanding
  • Heidi Dallman

    Dec 23 2020 They did a fabulous job of maintaining my house and keeping renters. They were my property manager for many years. When it came time to sell my house, that side of the house was just as wonderful to deal with! Tim, Karen, and the entire Lone Star team are too-notch!
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 24 2020Thank you so much for your affirming comments about our Lone Star team. I am so glad that we were able to sell your house quickly. You are truly a great friend and we appreciate all of your support over the many, many years!
  • Domingo Sagolili

    Dec 23 2020 Lone Star realty staff are very friendly and approachable.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 24 2020We do our best to have the best customer service skills to all of our residents and owners. Thank you for your recognition of our efforts!
  • Copperas cove owner

    Dec 23 2020 I’ve dealt with other companies as an owner. These guys are the best. Fair flat rate fees. Good communication. Good end of the year accounting info. The only con is that they don’t always get the best prices on work orders, but they do give me a chance to negotiate better deals before executing work orders. I would absolutely recommend them. ?
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 24 2020Thank you for your valued input as to how we can improve our property management. We do our best to keep your costs as low as possible while maintaining the quality of the work. We are always fighting for the best prices with our vendors, so please know that our goal is to maximize your cash flow. I appreciate your feedback and we will take seriously your comments into making any needed changes to be the best!
  • Tom Croley

    Dec 23 2020 We live out of state and trust Lone Star to manage our property. They do a great job and handle the whole thing.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 24 2020That is one of our goals, to take all of the hassles of property management off the backs of our owners so they don\'t have to worry about their property. We appreciate your trust in us and we hope that our relationship will continue for many years to come.
  • D.B.

    Dec 23 2020 My wife and I have entrusted Lone Star Realty with managing our property for several years and we are very satisfied with our experience! They are reachable, efficient and keeps things running smoothly!
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 24 2020We appreciate your support for our efforts to keep you informed in everything we do. We strive to be as transparent and efficient in all of our tasks. Thank you for the encouragement!
  • Gene Cummins

    Dec 23 2020 Rapid response times to questions asks. Very prompt in addressing and solving problems.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 24 2020It has been a pleasure working with you with all of your investment properties. We value our relationship with you and are very appreciative of your support. May the coming years continue to be successful in all of your endeavors. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  • Marvin Opiyo

    Dec 23 2020 Tim usually approaches issues professionally and resolves them promptly. I would strongly recommend him.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 24 2020We do strive to be the most professional company possible. We thank you for your recommendation. May you have a blessed New Year!
  • Diana and Andres Villa

    Dec 23 2020 We have entrusted the Lone Star Family with our living accommodations as well being property owners for over 21 years and nothing bad to say about the team. We really appreciate Tim’s professionalism and Karen’s expertise in many areas. May the entire team continue to be a Blessing to others.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 24 2020We are truly blessed to have worked with you over the last 21 years. It\'s hard to believe it\'s been that long. You have also contributed to making us better managers with your input over the years as well. So thank you for your valued relationship and we appreciate your trust in us!
  • Antonio Mendoza

    Dec 23 2020 What can I say, they are the best!!! I’ve been fortunate to have them to handle my property and its needs. Their personal interest put on my property will be not found anywhere else. Don’t hesitate and give them a call, they will do their best, always.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 23 2020We appreciate your support over the years that we have been managing your property. We do our best to treat the properties we manage as if they were our own. Thank you for your kind words! I will pass them along to our staff - they can always use the encouragement!
  • Casey L. Hartfelder

    Dec 23 2020 Lone Star has been fantastic to work with as a property management company for my family. Good communication and quick to keep our property rented. Would highly recommend.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 23 2020We are very appreciative of owners like you. You have always been a pleasure to work with and we hope that we can continue to keep your property profitable and well maintained in the years to come. Thank you for your words of affirmation! We hope you have a blessed Christmas and a great New Year!
  • Jma

    Dec 23 2020 Excellent as my property management agent
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 23 2020I hope that we can continue to provide you with the best possible property management service for your properties in Harker Heights. Thank your for your ongoing support to our team. We appreciate your kind words!
  • Ernest Garcia

    Dec 23 2020 Exceptional property management team
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 23 2020Thank you for your trust in us to manage your home in Killeen. It has been a pleasure working with you too! We appreciate your business and the encouragement!
  • Yolanda Cruz

    Dec 23 2020 It's been a pleasure working with your staff. I am satisfied with the communication and service received . Thanks for making my experience with renting a mostly positive one.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 23 2020Thank you for your nice comments. It is people like you that make our job very pleasurable. We appreciate your business with our company and hope that it will continue for many years to come. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  • Patrick

    Dec 23 2020 I’ve been with Lonestar Realty for over a decade and Tim and his team has always made me feel valued and took care of all my needs and concerns. If you desire responsible, high quality service then look no farther.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 23 2020What a pleasure it has been to work with you for so long. We\'re glad that you have trusted us with your properties throughout the years. We hope our relationship remains strong going into 2021. Thank you for the uplifting words.
  • christopher cole

    Dec 23 2020 Everyone I have dealt with at Lonestar has been helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and courteous.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 23 2020We appreciate your business and value your comments. Thank you for your support of us throughout the years. I hope 2021 will be a great year for you and your family!
  • Stephanie Jean Mullings

    Dec 23 2020 My time at this unit is a testimony to the company. Thank you for all you guys do.
    • Tim Doerbaum

      Dec 23 2020Yes, going on 4 years with us. Thank you for taking the time to give us the encouragement. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!
  • Dana B

    Dec 11 2020 Lone Star Realty has been wonderful to help find renters for our home fast. Everyone I met was helpful and polite. I especially appreciate Chariese, how she advertised our property and how she kept us updated. Thank you! Update: We had a great experience the 4 years our house was rented. Lone Star Realty took great care of everything. We decided to sell the house after the last tenants moved out and they were great about taking care of everything! Kimberly and Karen got the house ready for the market and were very helpful with the whole process! Kimberly and Karen were amazing and we closed 32 days after the tenants moved out!!! Thank you very much for taking care of our property and selling it so fast!
  • Christopher Murrell

    Aug 31 2020 Managed my property for 5 years and did an outstanding job. Turned to them when I was ready to sell and they walked me through every step and gave me sound advice. Karen and Kimberly were the best realtors. Would recommend them to anyone hands down.
  • Ronald Eberhardt

    Aug 17 2020 Professional, courteous, essential partner for real estate investors. Great team to have during these times.
  • Antonio Mendoza

    Jul 23 2020 I was in need to find a professional and honest property management company to manage my property as I am moving to another city due to a new assignment. Lone Star Realty and Property Management no only provide me the best professional assistance and services, but were very friendly and quick to get my property on the market. Many companies in town could had helped me, but Lone Star has the Personal attention approach to their customers. They go the extra mile to help you all the time. Thank you Lone Star Realty. ????

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