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I have been a practicing attorney for more than 35 years. My many years of experience in diverse areas of practice convince me that nobody wants to be subject to expensive and time consuming litigation, but would rather exercise control over their futures and work things out for the best results. My legal practice focuses on several areas: Child Abuse, foster care, Parental Rights and Adoption, Child Sexual Abuse, Domestic Relations, Guardianship and Elder Care. I have unique experience in the field of Disabilities and Special Education law, as well as long term care and Wisconsin IRIS, with more than three decades of experience dealing with these types of issues. I have been successful in informally negotiating resolutions to very difficult cases.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Diane Konkel

    Aug 05 2018 Attorney Kornblum is the kind of attorney you hire if you need someone who is organized, a great communicator, persevering and calm. She listens carefully to her client's concerns, asks needed questions and gets to work immediately upon hire. What we liked the best about Attorney Kornblum was that the results we received exceeded our initial requests and throughout the legal process, Attorney Kornblum conducted herself in a calm and professional manner causing all the parties involved in our legal proceedings to respect and admire her. Further, Attorney Kornblum was an empathetic support to us helping us to step away from our emotions and instead focus on the steps needed for us to be successful. We were successful in our legal proceedings because of Attorney Kornblum and we would be happy to discuss our stellar experience with anyone who wishes to have further specifics.
  • Rosalie Valenti Tocco

    Jul 26 2018 Lori Kornblum was the guardian ad litem for my son who has autism. Before interviewing him, she took the time to talk with me to understand how to best communicate with him. Ms. Kornblum was able to explain the guardianship process to my son in a way that he understood so that she could truly represent him. Ms. Kornblum was always well-prepared and prompt. She provided my son with knowledgable and professional representation. I highly recommend her for anyone needing legal representation or advice.
  • Amy Kreutzer

    Jul 21 2018 Lori has the knowledge to help with all our questions. She gets the results done in a timely fashion. Lori is easy to work with and truly cares about helping you. I am so satisfied with her work that I have recommended her to my family and friends. I trust her to handle all our legal and family issues.
  • Holly Corso -Fons

    Jul 20 2018 I was thankful that I found Attorney Lori Kornblum to help me with the guardianship process for my son. She was very knowledgeable , helpful and explained the process thoroughly to me .. I was confident with her expertise that this would go smoothly, and it did. There had been some other complicated situations that arose after that with my son and she was willing to help me address these issues without hesitation. She wrote letters for me , was supportive to us and with her experience and knowledge she was able to turn things around for us. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of an attorney she is professional, prompt , compassionate, and goes above and beyond for her clients
  • sg

    Jul 02 2018 Lori was our attorney for the guardianship process for our child. She was knowledgable, thorough, and professional. She promptly answered any questions we had, and she carefully explained all aspects of the complex process of guardianship. Lori also demonstrated empathy and respect and sensitivity for our family's need throughout the process. Her fees were also fair and reasonable. Simply put, Lori Kornblum is an outstanding attorney and I would recommend her to any family seeking a lawyer for the guardianship process.
  • Rebecca Lindberg

    Jul 02 2018 Atty Kornblum has gone above and beyond what I ever expected. She is knowledgeable and compassionate about very sensitive child abuse cases. Lori takes the time to fully understand each situation and creates a plan. Her response time is almost immediate and she is beyond fair with her rates. Words cannot express how helpful, professional and kind Lori is. I would highly recommend her services, she CARES!
  • TZ

    Jun 29 2018 Lori was recommended to me by a trusted attorney I had done some previous work with. He was not familiar with the area of the law that I was seeking legal advice for and informed me that he knew a competent, honest, experienced individual that if available , would represent me effectively. As my case was of an immediate and urgent nature, Lori stepped in quickly and got herself up to speed. Little did she know how intense and protracted this case would end of being. Lesser attorney's probably would have recused themselves after the first few appearances in court. But Lori remained committed and utilized her knowledge of the law proficiently advocate for me over a considerable period of time. While the other side ultimately prevailed in the end Lori did secure some concessions for me that lessened the severity of the outcome. As I am a fighter , I decided to eventually appeal the judge's ruling. Lori believed that I had a decent shot of success based upon her prior experience of writing and winning appeals in Madison. Due to work and other prior commitments Lori was not in a position to represent me. I had to ' go it alone.' However she made herself available to me and proffered advice and direction when she had some spare time. I never would have been able to craft my appeal and understand the delicacies of the process without her support and insight . The appeal took nearly 9 months to craft and submit and Lori was really there for me. My case is finally before the judges and I am awaiting their decision - with cautious optimism. If for some reason I am unsuccessful I will still be in decent shape due to the positive concessions Lori was able to secure for me in the first trial. In the end I will come out a winner regardless of the results of the appeal. Through my association with Lori Kornblum I not only prevented a more stringent outcome of the first trial, but I also walk away for a deeper understanding of the law and the way the courts work. Our legal system is not perfect and full of numerous flaws. The wheels of justice grind very slowly. Lori believed in me, the merits of my case and that ( in her opinion) I was unduly burdened by the judge that heard my case. What should have been a straightforward and winnable case under standard circumstances turned into an overblown waste of the court's time and public dollars. It is staggering when I estimate how much of the taxpayers money was abused by a corporation counsel running amok and unchecked by the people responsible for her oversight as she over litigated my case. Taxpayers and the individuals who are on the receiving end of her abuse of her position deserve and should demand better. I was well served by seeking Lori's counsel and fared much better then I would have had I chosen someone who is compassionate and less of a fighter. I will always be indebted to Lori.
  • Jacob Zielinski

    Jun 29 2018 Our family worked in Attorney Kornblum for a situation that arose for us as foster parents. We felt instantly confident with her ability to help us through a tough situation due to her knowledge of the child welfare system. She was professional, quick to respond to all of our concerns, and always took time to explain each step. She provided us with detailed information on different steps we could take during the process, as well as her opinion on what would be the best choice based on the outcome that we were looking for. She was sensitive to all of our needs and concerns from the very start until everything was resolved. Her rates were very reasonable, especially for the expert services that she provided. If we needed similar services in the future we would contact her again without hesitation and would highly recommend her to anyone needing similar services.
  • Asit & Tamara Sahai

    Jun 22 2018 Lori was a savior last year when we hired her as our attorney for disability rights. She was very supportive, understood our position in the case, and above all, provided us with top quality service. It was very obvious that upon meeting Lori for the first time, we knew right away that we wanted her to represent us. She is very good with the law and prepared us to represent the facts in a timely manner. With her confidence and emotional support our case was represented with no chance of us losing. Great job Lori! We hope you continue to use your skills to help other clients that need you desperately.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Jun 11 2018 Lori is a featured attorney on Mediation.com and we highly recommend her services.
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