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20 Marco Lake Dr., #8
Marco Island, FL 34145

Marco Plumbing is a fully licensed and insured plumbing company providing professional plumbing services to residential and commercial customers throughout Marco Island. The experienced and highly trained team at Marco Plumbing can take care of any plumbing installation and repair inside and outside your building. Marco Plumbing offers free estimates and high-quality service at affordable prices in every project. With Marco Plumbing you will be guaranteed you are getting everything you need for your plumbing project under one roof.

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Reviews and Testimonials


    - Oct 09 2023 Overall, their work was excellent. There was some confusion over they ordered faucets versus my ordering them. In the end my order worked for one, and theirs the other faucet, so that evened out. They don't guarantee the product unless they order it themselves. But I have had no trouble for what I ordered. They installed all in an expert manner.
  • Harrison E Brown

    - Aug 28 2023 I had a pipe burst inside a wall at our property in Naples. Marco Plumbing came out, repaired the pipe and supplied me a turn key service to repair everything from flooring to drywall and painting. I didn't have to seek multiple contractors foe this job
  • DMW

    - Aug 12 2023 John completed the work we requested. The quality of his work and his attention to detail was outstanding! I would highly recommend him and Marco Plumbing for any of your plumbing needs.
  • Roberta Walsh

    - Jul 28 2023 I was not at home when the work was completed but I understand from others who were able to observe it when it was being done, that the guys worked really hard on removing clogs in the drain and spent a good deal of time with the job. Have not had a really heavy downpour yet, to see if the drainage is now working better, but I do see good drainage during light to moderate rain. If it is effective in heavy rains, I would change my rating to 5 stars! In that case, I would also find it worth the price paid that seemed at the time of the quote to be quite on the high side. In any event, thanks to the workers for their efforts.
  • Tracy Baker

    - Jun 28 2023 Very quick to get the work done.
  • HMK

    - Jun 11 2023 Marco Plumbing responded fast to a water leak in our home this Spring. Don Thompson was very caring in managing our total home repiping project, including installing a main water filtration system & a new water heater with connections to our solar water heating system. Our home wasn’t an easy project due to it’s design, but every Marco Plumber working in our home was very knowledgeable, hard working & always supportive, even coming in one Saturday to finish something. They cleaned up every night & our pet could roam around again. Although I wished I had protected the upstairs carpet a bit more ahead of time, they tried to protect it as good as they could under these circumstances. They also recommended drywall repair service who responded immediately as well. We are very pleased with the outcome & now enjoy chlorine-free fresh water out of every faucet & shower-head in our home. Thank you to everyone at Marco Plumbing for your professional & supportive service!
  • Jat hall

    - Jun 10 2023 Efficient and knowledgeable
  • Claudette Kluge

    - May 03 2023 They did a great job at installing a Halo water system but they failed to réspond TWICE when I wanted the old system removed from under the kitchen sink .Very disappointing !!!
  • Myron Dobrowolsky

    - Apr 05 2023 There was a couple days delay and caused some inconvenience but overall your work was very good
  • Beverley Morant

    - Apr 03 2023 Excellent service. Mike provided us with several options. Knowledgeable and efficient. Everything working well
  • Dick Paschke

    - Mar 03 2023 Professional, friendly on time
  • Jim MacDonald

    - Feb 03 2023 Marco Plumbing came in and solved my issue by doing EXACTLY what they said they were going to do and at EXACTLY the price they said they would do it for!!!
  • LR

    - Feb 03 2023 Excellent service, what was supposed to be a somewhat involved job ended up not so bad. Friendly service. Would definitely call again.
  • bill slattery

    - Feb 03 2023 very dependable, were on time and showed when they said they would and charged the price that was quoted no hidden fees
  • MW

    - Feb 03 2023 Very responsive and thorough. Job was well done. Technician was skilled, professional, and kept surrounding area clean. I will be calling again for a scheduled project :)
  • KD

    - Jan 04 2023 The work was performed on time. The plumbers are very professional and highly trained. They also clean up after the work is performed. I would highly recommend.
  • Dennis Bliley

    - Jan 04 2023 Got the job done in a very small amount of time.
  • Arvin Danielson

    - Jan 03 2023 They were late and had to reschedule. Guy who came out to evaluate was just selling and did not do anything. Had to wait another week to get the service. The plumber they sent was great and very professional. The only reason I would use them again is because of the plumber.
  • Christopher Ausobsky

    - Jan 03 2023 Knowledgeable and friendly on time service
  • Tony Angellotti

    - Jan 02 2023 Quality work and reasonable price
  • Nick

    - Jan 02 2023 Excellent!
  • Marlene Avellan

    - Dec 04 2022 Great service! you are in my list for service. Thanks you,
  • Jeff

    - Dec 04 2022 Installation went smoothly and professionally So far no issues Thanks
  • DM

    - Nov 02 2022 Can’t say enough good things about Chris and Jason. We’re on time , polite and did a great job. Will definitely use Marco Plumbing again!
  • Colleen Ziemba

    - Nov 02 2022 Needed to get a whole house clog checked out and corrected after Ian. Marco Plumbing came out the same day and when the issue wasn't corrected, they were right back and worked to find the source of the problem and corrected the issue.
  • Nancy W

    - Sep 21 2022 They are great! Very responsive and responsible. They quickly diagnosed a major emergency problem, made a temporary fix and then fit us into their schedule for a permanent repair. I trust them and will use them again.
  • Lee D.

    - Aug 27 2022 We had a pipe break yesterday (Friday) and called our usual plumber and a few others and no one could come until Monday. They advised me to turn the water off at the street which meant NO water until Monday. I then called Marco Plumbing and had OSCAR here within an hour. He was awesome!!!! We now have a new plumbing service that we will use exclusively!!!!! Can't thank them enough.
  • Carla Prieto

    - Aug 22 2022 Great Service and Fast!
  • Mary Ann Hath

    - Aug 20 2022 Right on time, professional and friendly
  • Steven Arnold

    - Jul 27 2022 My experience with Marco Plumbing was exceptional, they evaluated my issue the same day I called and the issue was resolved the next day. Would highly recommend them
  • N.C.W.

    - Jul 27 2022 Marco Plumbing came to our rescue when we had a plumbing emergency at our home. They quickly diagnosed the problem and proposed a solution. Our major problem was taken care of in a timely and professional manner. I definitely recommend Marco Plumbing and will use them again.
  • JBT

    - Jul 25 2022 I had a wonderful experience with Marco Plumbing. They responded quickly, were efficient and thorough. I felt safe having them do work in my unit even when I wasn't there.
  • Friedrich Menze

    - Jul 20 2022 We needed a new water heater tank on Marco Island and Danny Bick was already proposed for good work and so was my experience ! I give 5 Stars !
  • James Fox

    - Jul 10 2022 Great service, it toke a while to get the right size Tall Toilet, but service was good We had gotten price quotes, and Prout's was the best. Others did seemed to be interested and just gave us a high price. This is not the first time we have used Prout's. Good service and good price, we will call them first the next time.
  • Maerisa

    - Jul 04 2022 Very professional. Very informative. Courteous and neat
  • Jean Griffing

    - Jul 04 2022 Top notch
  • Elisa Barhoum

    - Jul 04 2022 Marco Plumbing has been a pleasure to work with. Their communication is excellent and we can always rely on quick answers from them for our ongoing projects. We are grateful to have found Marco Plumbing!
  • Brian McMahon

    - Jun 13 2022 I needed something done quickly and contacted my usual plumbing contractor on Marco Island. They couldn't get there for 3 days! I called Marco Plumbing and they were there the next morning to take care of the issue.
  • Sharon Overson

    - Jun 11 2022 Polite, on time, professional
  • Diane Costello

    - Jun 10 2022 Marco Plumbing came to the rescue. We had a new refrigerator delivered but, the truck drivers that delivered it, broke the house water line connection to the refrigerator water line. They left before we knew there a major leak. Called Marco Plumbing....they came fixed the problem. Thank you

  • Lanny Myska

    - May 11 2022 Flushed the water heater - quick and efficient service!
  • Mary B

    - May 11 2022 Replaced water heat same day service. Fair, clean and fast thank you
  • jhan shaun lowe

    - May 11 2022 Site survey “and advice/ service call-was spot on!
  • Warren adams

    - May 11 2022 The gentlemen who performed the service (repair to a toilet and inlet line) were professional and very efficient.
  • Carol

    - May 11 2022 They came right away to replace broken hot water tank. Did a great job!
  • Jillian Cafarella

    - May 09 2022 Our hot water heater broke and Marco plumbing was able to replace it immediately. They were fast, friendly and professional
  • deborah kendall

    - Apr 18 2022 As maintenance coordinator for a vacation rental company, we appreciate the services Marco Plumbing has given our owners and tenants. Prompt, professional and economical.
  • bjw

    - Apr 11 2022 On time, knowledgable, and efficient. We will definitely use him again.
  • Kathleen Fortner

    - Apr 11 2022 My call was answered immediately . They came out and put the new water heater in the next day. They were very nice men and worked hard. I recommended you to my neighbor and you put their water heater in as well.
  • Todd Barry

    - Apr 09 2022 Excellent!! The young man who installed our hot water heater was on time, efficient and friendly! We were very pleased!!
  • Marie Thimble

    - Apr 08 2022 Very satisfied with service. Will definitely contact them again in the future.
  • Kimberly Hoffman

    - Mar 17 2022 Very knowledgeable & professional.
  • Michael Abercrombie

    - Mar 09 2022 Arrived promptly. Explained what he was doing. Fixed the problem. Very professional.
  • john morelock

    - Mar 08 2022 Your tech, Joe Dacosta was fantastic. He was friendly, professional, and efficient. As an employer, i would love to have 10 just like him.
  • Kelly & Karen Rose

    - Feb 19 2022 The guys were very courteous & professional. The work they did for us great.
  • mike trombatore

    - Feb 18 2022 Have to say the service and communication was great. They came out within a few hours and fixed our problem. The owner called and explained everything to me. I would highly recommend Marco plumbing. And would definitely use them again in the future.

    - Feb 17 2022 Timely repair at a fair price----
  • Phil Hatley

    - Feb 16 2022 Always use Marco Plumbing. Don is great and very creative in his thinking. Had some difficult projects and he was great to work with. The whole crew is awesome and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
  • Bill

    - Feb 13 2022 Great quote, fast and professional service!!
  • Rob Harling

    - Jan 20 2022 The very best in response time. They replaced our hot water tank the day after we called. Even reduced their quite when the job was easier than anticipated!
  • Pete Ciarrocca

    - Jan 18 2022 Marco Plumbing installed my hot water heater 10 years ago so when it came time to replace it, they were an easy pick to do business with again. The gentleman that came out to survey the installation and do the price quote remembered doing the work on the original install. Scheduling an appointment was easy and they came exactly when they said they would. The installation was challenging due to a slightly larger diameter water heater, but they worked diligently to get it to fit in the original space. There was a minor installation issue that they had to come back to correct, but they were very good about ensuring I was completely satisfied with their work. I highly recommend Marco Plumbing.
  • Ursula Thebault

    - Dec 22 2021 We needed a service call rather quickly. One of our Toilets was not functioning properly and company was on its way. I called and got a next morning spot but he came the same day. We decided to replace that toilet and two more as all of them were old and needed updating. They send an estimate, we signed, they ordered and they were installed a day later and all emergencies were avoided. We were impressed to say the least. Definitely deserves a high rating.
  • Marguerite Evangelist

    - Dec 21 2021 Our new plumber. Had my former plumber here 4 times to fix something and marco fixed it the first time
  • KJO

    - Dec 01 2021 Great job, very creative with the wood work and they got the job done. Very much appreciate their hard work.
  • Mls

    - Nov 25 2021 Very quick to respond and fix my problem.
  • Tom Rotanz

    - Nov 23 2021 They were able to come and replace our kitchen faucet within hours after I called them with the problem of a non-functioning faucet.
  • Greg German

    - Nov 11 2021 Great job and got the job done very quickly. Really appreciate their wonderful service.
  • Mark Bernato

    - Nov 03 2021 helped me out three times. quick and clean.
  • David George

    - Oct 11 2021 Plumber was very knowledgeable and the charge was reasonable.
  • Don Radcliff

    - Oct 04 2021 I have used Marco Plumbing for 10 years on many of my projects and for my personal home as well. Not only have they done excellent work, they have helped me figure out solutions to design problems. I would highly recommend them.
  • Lou Anne Jones Nabhan

    - Sep 12 2021 Don, Jordan and Jordan's Dad, plus Elyse, are all very helpful and responsive. Marco Plumbing and Restoration does excellent work.
  • Ron Myers

    - Sep 11 2021 Excellent service and worked well with us on picking out new facets to replace our old ones.
  • RW

    - Sep 05 2021 Even on a holiday weekend, Don and his team dealt with my emergency leak. It was much appreciated.
  • John

    - Sep 04 2021 They were professional and on time. They did an awesome job. I had a new washer and dryer hook up with a new box installed.
  • Mel Thompson

    - Sep 03 2021 Marco Plumbing was responsive, helpful and took care of our issue! Thank You, Marco Plumbing!!
  • Rich Living

    Aug 25 2021 My water heater crapped the bed a few months ago and Jordan with Marco Plumbing was a great help in replacing my old unit and get hot water back into my house. Highly recommend this local company!
  • Andrey Duran

    Jul 15 2021 When I called, they sent a technician that day. Don came and quickly diagnosed the problem. Since he didn’t have the part in his truck, he ordered it and returned the next day to fix it. Will use their services again! Thank you Marco Plumbing
  • Brylee Shorter

    Jun 10 2021 I had a Wonderful experience with the young man who came and saved the day! I called as a emergency For a leak in my ceiling. Shortly after my call he arrived and knew exactly what needed to be done to repair & fix the area. Highly recommended!!!!
  • Adriana Garcia

    Jun 10 2021 I have now used Marco Plumbing on several occasions and they never disappoint. They have always been responsive, knowledgeable and very thorough. I have recommended them to close friends and family and they all say the same thing. Thank you Marco Plumbing for always getting the job done right the first time! says:

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