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At the Law Office of Marilyn D. York, our special areas of expertise are getting the best possible divorce settlement for our clients -- and protecting them before, during and after the divorce.

Our practice is focused on securing men’s rights. Even though most Nevada laws, as written, do not discriminate against men, child and spousal support orders often do. For men clients, it usually takes great effort by legal counsel to secure fair support issues. Justice isn't automatic, it needs fought for.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Blaine Wales

    Oct 13 2019 From start to finish the York team made me feel like they were completely on my side. They worked diligently to complete the necessary actions as quickly as possible with the best possible result for me.
  • Luke Lippincott

    Oct 09 2019 Marilyn York's Family Law Firm was amazing. Brittany Cooper was straight to the point, dedicated, diligent, and fair; She got the job done. I will forever be grateful for Marilyn and the rest of her team.
  • Mollie

    Sep 23 2019 I'm proud to be an employee of Marilyn D. York, Inc. and be a part of team of that truly inspires me every day. We are good people who want the best for our clients and we work hard to make that happen.
  • Travis

    Sep 20 2019 Brittany is very professional and took her time with my case. Even after hours. Hopefully I will not need her services again, LOL but will recommend Marilyn York and the great employees at this firm anytime
  • Tyler

    Sep 20 2019 Marilyn and her staff rock!! Seriously, if you are looking for a great family law firm call them. From the moment you set foot into their office you will know you are in good hands
  • Landon Cruz

    Sep 19 2019 Marilyn cares very much for her clients. She works hard to provide the best representation possible. I would recommend all the attorney's at her firm.
  • Elaine York

    Sep 18 2019 She was a pain to me while I was birthing her, my daughter. She pleased and surprised all of us for becoming such a great woman in so many ways. I'm so proud she became a lawyer and so much more proud that she became a great family lawyer. She loves what she does and helps her clients beyond the most optimistic expectations while being caring and empathetic to the horrible times they are going through. I obviously highly recommend her if you need marital legal help.
    • Marilyn York

      Sep 18 2019You are the greatest Mom.
  • Robyn Johnson

    Sep 16 2019 Excellent, attentive and caring. They represented me with nothing but professionalism and I highly recommend them! Just out of interest, I am a woman and I would recommend them to represent women and men!
    • Marilyn York

      Sep 16 2019Thank You Robyn, we appreciate our women clients too.
  • Gordon Atchley

    Sep 16 2019 Marilyn, Ilin and the entire staff were extremely easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable and professional in handling a difficult breakup. Their advice was excellent and the outcome was much better than I had hoped to achieve. Simply put, they exceeded both their promise and my expectations. Highly recommend.
    • Marilyn York

      Sep 16 2019Thank you very much.
  • Joshua Olivas

    Sep 16 2019 Ilin was just incredible and helped me throughout a really difficult process. I loved my experience with this office and it couldn’t have been better.
    • Marilyn York

      Sep 16 2019Thank you so much, regards.
  • Ray York

    Aug 30 2019 I am Marilyn York's father and have witnessed every step Marilyn took towards becoming the great family law attorney and the largest exclusive family law firm owner in Reno. I am so proud of her because beyond being a great family law attorney, she is a great mother and family member. She is hard working and honest and effective in all that she does.
  • Jason Bartels

    Apr 02 2019 What a great firm. Walked in because of a referral and I got brittany as my lawyer. The firm is very friendly and brittany was outstanding and kickass. Highly recommend. Jason says:

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