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Mr. Stanley handles state and federal tax cases, including those involving civil issues and sanctions, and others that might lead to criminal accusations. He will work to minimize your debt and protect your rights, beginning with the audit. Many tax cases are won or lost at the audit stage. He will handle: IRS and State Tax controversies Administrative Tax appeals Tax litigation Tax collection problems
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Heather Bolinger

    Mar 21 2018 Mr. Stanley has been incredible! He is knowledgeable, very supportive, a great communicator! I am grateful for all his help!
    • Matthew Stanley

      Mar 21 2018Heather, what you say is very kind. Thank you very much. Matt
  • Barbara Milliken

    Mar 16 2018 Wise counsel from a knowledgable, kind man.
    • Matthew Stanley

      Mar 16 2018Barbara, thank your for your kind words. I wish you everything good
  • Rebecca Westeren

    Feb 13 2018 Friendly and informative tax wisdom! TY!
  • Phoebe Cateno

    Dec 15 2017 Matt helped out tremendously. He is a man of his word and very ethical. Our situation required professional help. Matt orchestrated with a local firm and saw our case through to the end. At first it seemed like a nightmare but Matt kept us focused and helped us through to the end with positive results. We are in a much better way now with proper tax consultation thanks to Matt.
  • Peter Tolmeros

    May 24 2017 I haven't used him as an attorney but is a wonderful guy to work with I wanted to write this post as a testament to his character, he is NOT becoming forgetful and I think he is an extremely kind and caring individual!
  • Peter Condilis

    May 24 2017 I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Mr. Stanley over the past 3 years on several projects, even sent some clients to him. I came across this section and read the two comments...well I just had to add my 2 cents. The comment about him working aggressively sounds like Matt, the one about him being forgetful etc..that's extremely not like him. I kinda hate these forums sometimes because we can all have an off day...a fight with the spouse...a divorce..a problem wtv the case may be and business should be conducted with such tact where by a client should first contact the service provider to express any unhappy or unsatisfactory sentiment. Like I said, I have worked with Matt and I can say that if the woman that was unhappy with him in the above post I am sure that if she contacted Matt, he would have made the situation right. This guy is such a hard worker..such a knowledgeable attorney,, attentive, eager to help..and will to go to absolute war for his clients, it is incredible. Matt Stanley is patient, and attentive to the needs of his clients it is absolutely incredible. If you have any issues regarding tax levee's, leans, collections, or any I.R.S. issues I strongly endorse this hard working gentleman!
  • Joel Townsend

    Feb 19 2014 A few months ago the Washington state Dept. of Revenue was attempting to personally assess me a $6,000 fee. I did not feel that I owed this money and told the Dept of Revenue I would seek legal advice. I contacted Matt Stanley explained my situation and he agreed with me. He immediately went into action contacting that Dept. He worked aggressively to get in contact. With the decision maker at the highest level. They disagreed initially with Matt Stanley but after he explained the law to them. They reviewed it themselves they agreed the assessment was not justified. The assessment was then dismissed and for a very fair price. Matt Stanley quickly and aggressively resolved my matter like an absolute professional.
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