Melinda Checketts Hibbert, J.D.
Attorney and Mediator

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The attorneys at LeBaron & Jensen, P.C. practice law with integrity. You can trust us to pursue your case in a way that will provide you with the best outcome. Having legal expertise is an important factor when it comes to selecting the right law firm, but it pays to hire a firm with attorneys and lawyers that know how to apply their knowledge for each case.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Evlyn Jackson

    - Sep 15 2019 Melinda assisted me with my challenging probate. She took the time to ensure I understood the probate system and laws. I found Melinda knowledgeable, professional, and caring about my concerns. I am pleased with the time an counsel given.
  • Gregory S Pearson

    - Feb 23 2019 When you get sued, it's never a good experience, so everything connected with it has a negative connotation. However, Melinda made the best of a bad situation, and I'm grateful for her expertise.
  • Earl Morris

    - Oct 26 2018 Our case was one of mediation and what could have been a very expensive and drawn out case ended up with a favorable settlement within a few hours. Melinda and the Lebaron and Jensen law firm have worked as our real estate and personal estate firm for years. They are always professional and friendly but most of all competent. I still use them and refer them at every opportunity.
  • Laurel Draper

    - Aug 28 2018 Due to a legal boundary dispute with my elderly mother's new neighbor, unfortunately we had to engage an attorney and Melinda was recommended to us by a friend. She was very competent, thorough, compassionate, patient with my mom and quick to respond to our calls and emails. On top of that, she was personable and nice to work with. Melinda got us the legal and correct results my mother deserved, without adding unnecessary and over-burdensome costs in the process.
  • Michael Hansing

    - Jul 28 2018 Melinda is a very well versed and experienced Attorney. In addition, she has the ability to stay the course, give her best legal advice and prevail even when dealing with difficult clients (like myself) thru to the end. She thinks outside the box and gets desirable results for her client.
  • Blake Bell

    - May 29 2018 Melinda helped me during a very difficult time. She was professional and helped me beyond what I expected. She is fantastic and I’m very grateful for her!
  • charmaine halversen

    - May 04 2018 we are certainly grateful to her, gave her 5 stars, and will call her again if the need arises -- hoping not (!?) char halv
  • Rebecca ValletteI had Melinda handle a case where I was being sued by a former employer she handled it we settled out of court it was great.

    - Mar 24 2018 I had Melinda handle a case where I was being sued by a former employer she handled it we settled out of court it was great.
  • Mr. Bailey

    - Mar 05 2018 I worked with Melinda and Tyler. Both were very straight forward with me about the case we had. The big difference came when we had to go to court. Melinda was so prepared for it that we were able to get to a settlement without a lengthy litigation and costs. They were a true advocate that knew the law.
  • Lynne Bain

    - Mar 02 2018 We had a grandchild that we needed to have gaurdianship given to us. We had Melinda Checketts do the legal work for us, and we found her to be very understanding, helpful, and dedicated to this situation. She kept in touch with us in every step of the way, explaining the legal process very well with each new situation. We appreciate all that Melinda did for us and would gladly have her help us with any other legal problem we may have. I would highly recommend her services.
  • Crystal

    - Mar 01 2018 I accidentally hit submit before I was done with my rave review of Melinda! What great representation during mediation. She truly has her clients best interest in mind at all times and wouldn’t settle with the opposing party until she knew without a doubt that I was receiving anything and everything possible that was entitled to what was just and fair accordingly to the law. Her team, paralegals and office staff were always polite, efficient and quick to respond to any of my needs. Thanks again Melinda! I would see you again for any legal advice or representation!
  • Crystal

    - Mar 01 2018 Melinda was highly recommended to me by a dear family member. I can’t possibly thank her enough for all she did for me! Melinda is incredibly noble, kind and genuie. I had so many questions, concerns and fears regarding my case. She never failed to provide me with the clarity andpeace of mind during the entire process. During my mediation, I was blown away by her ability to negotiate with the opposing counsel
  • Mandy

    - Feb 28 2018 Melinda is EXCELLENT! Best experience I have ever had with a lawyer. She listens and GETS THINGS DONE......
  • Lew sheelwright

    - Feb 28 2018 Great Malinda took ownership or my problem that made the difference
  • Kristin Hadley

    - Feb 28 2018 Melinda listens to your needs and is very helpful in solving legal problems.
  • Jessie Anna Whitnack

    May 01 2017 I highly recommend this firm for all your legal needs. The most professional, honest group of attorneys I've ever worked with! They have my business for life.
  • Logan Cornaby

    Mar 23 2017 Miles helped me create a partnership agreement with my company. He has a high understanding of law and I would recommend him to friends and family. Thanks Miles!
  • Joshua Hoopes

    Nov 02 2016 I had a complicated Real Estate Law issue in Utah and went to talk to Mr. Jensen in his Layton's office for help. I had talked to other attorneys and was uncomfortable with how they were interpreting the real estate laws relevant to our case. After talking to Tyler I could tell that not only was he being truthful when he said he could handle the case but that he actually knew real estate law well enough to realistically tell me what my real options were. We made a plan based on his recommendation and he skillfully represented us in our real estate transaction that was a flat out mess. After hiring Tyler were able to successfully resolve the the case after trying for 10 years! I highly recommend him for any real estate and business law. He is very easy to talk to and honest in telling you what you can expect.
  • Duff Porter

    Sep 20 2016 I have used LeBaron
  • Jack Maloney

    Sep 16 2016 Let face it, if you're calling a lawyer, you're probably not having the best of days. I had a divorce that was one for the books, and hired a high priced attorney from Salt Lake, thinking that she would represent me proportionate to her fee. Six years later, and financially destitute, I had to engage the service of Tyler Jensen to file a bankruptcy. Tyler was totally professional, and most importantly, he was HONEST! My experience with attorneys did not have that word in the sentence that I would describe them. I was pleasantly surprised(As much as one in my situation could be) and Tyler and Linda worked with me through the whole thing. My ex wife had an attorney that appears on the Discipline Corner of the Utah Bar(This is a BAD Thing), and he tried to circumvent the federal bankruptcy laws, and Tyler would have none of it, and basically made a fool of this other unscrupulous attorney in federal court, and had sanctions brought against him for his illegal behavior. So I mentioned Linda, she is Tyler's paralegal, and a blessing to me throughout this whole thing, I know at times I bugged her to death, but she was always there for me to answer questions, and generally put my mind at ease. I have remarried and there was an issue that my wife had with some real estate law, in that her husband had passed away, and we had to have some documents put in her name to be able to sell a property. Miles LeBaron, looked at the situation, assessed it, and drew up the proper paperwork. We had to send some of it out of the continental U.S. and in two weeks the whole thing was done, and we could move on with our life. The price he charged was less than what we were quoted by another attorney, and the time frame was much quicker. They say that Hind Sight is 20/20, well if I had it to do over, all of my legal needs would have been done through LeBaron and Jensen. Tyler now does family law, and I would want him in my corner if I needed that again.(God Forbid....Happily Married to my Best Friend) This law office will treat you with respect, and you will not break the bank getting what I consider to be some of the best representation available in the state of Utah, for many different facets of legal need. Thank you to all at LeBaron and Jensen!!! John Maloney says:

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