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At the Law Office of Melvin L. Vatz, we understand the pressure and stress that you may be under. You may be dealing with serious injuries suffered while performing work-related duties. You may be facing a life-changing criminal allegation. You may be dealing with the wrongful death of a loved one. You may be struggling with work-related harassment, discrimination, or unfair treatment. No matter what your specific case involves, you can come to our firm expecting the high-quality legal counsel you truly deserve at this difficult time.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • HE

    - Jan 12 2020 Mel helped me achieve the desired results in an unpleasant employment case. I couldn’t have done it without his efforts on my behalf.
  • KS

    - Oct 21 2019 Mel was a great help at a very dark and trying time in my life. As a college student, getting into legal troubles during my last year was harrowing. I felt alone and did not know where to turn. My mother found Mel's contact through her job and from the very beginning Mel was a huge help in alleviating the stress of my situation. I was so nervous sharing with him, but he was reassuring, and always available to meet or speak on the phone although it was clear he had a busy work load. I never felt like I was forgotten or an afterthought. I can't express enough gratitude for how he helped me through such a tough time in my life. He was open to sitting down with my parents, who were concerned about how I was coping so far from from home, and made time on the weekend to sit down with them and get to meet them face to face. Mel even opened up about personal things he had encountered in his own life, making me feel like he truly empathized with what I was going through. Regardless of the outcome, I will be indebted to Mel.
  • AK

    - Oct 12 2019 Everything went the best possible way
  • JK

    - Sep 12 2019 Great attorney... i would recommend to anyone
  • ID

    - Aug 15 2019 Mel was my attorney in 2018 on a employment dispute. He was excellent as my attorney and trusted confidante. I was very lucky to have him on my side.
  • VB

    - Aug 14 2019 Mel really made me feel secure and informed the entire time I worked with him. He has a wealth of knowledge, and it felt so great to have such a compassionate and hardworking advocate during a time when I felt very vulnerable. Thank you Mel!
  • JT

    - Aug 13 2019 Mr. Vatz is a very smart, knowledgeable and highly experienced attorney. We also found him to be very responsive and empathetic, and generally a pleasure to work with in difficult circumstances.
  • SD

    - Aug 13 2019 Mel has been a valuable asset during our current court case. He brings experience, knowledge and a network of colleges to the table. He is easy to work with and open to suggestions.
  • VKC

    - Aug 13 2019 Without the work of Mel and his team I would never have had a successful outcome in my case from 11/2012. I cannot thank him more for helping me through an extremely difficult time and recommend him in the highest sense to anyone needing legal help.
  • GW

    - Aug 13 2019 Melvin is an outstanding professional and extremely knowledgeable.
  • KL

    - Jul 15 2019 On a number of occasions, I have received ad hoc legal advice from Mr. Melvin Vatz. He is thorough in his listening and analyses, and he ultimately provides sound, helpful legal advice. Above all, Mr. Vatz is tremendously thoughtful and empathetic, and will always have your best interests in mind. I highly recommend the Law Office of Melvin L. Vatz.
  • JB

    - Jun 24 2019 Mel's legal expertise is only exceeded by his empathy and kindness navigating his clients through the legal process.
  • HW

    - Jun 20 2019 Mel is very professional with high integrity who has been an adversary. He is always well prepared and a very strong advocate for his clients.
  • GW

    - Jun 17 2019 Melvin is an exceptional person first then an attorney. No client will ever be disappointed in his effort and preparation
  • E

    - Jun 16 2019 I think he did an excellent job.I would recommend him
  • JK

    - Jun 15 2019 Attorney Vatz is very professional and a pleasure to work with... I recommend
  • JH

    - Jun 14 2019 All very professional. Knowledgeable in the same areas of law that I practice in. Very empathetic.
  • JJ

    - Jun 14 2019 Mel did a fantastic job representing me after a major accident!!
  • RG

    - Jun 14 2019 Mel is one on the most competent and prepared attorneys that I know. I have known and worked with him for over 30 years and I have never questioned his strategy or opinions on any case. I have referred friends to him without hesitation knowing that they would not come back to me with complaints as to how he handled their cases. I work with many attorneys but there are just a handful that I would consider using if I needed legal help. Mel would be high on that limited list of attorneys that I would consider!
  • C

    - Jun 14 2019 Mel does a great job for his clients!
  • SO

    - Jun 14 2019 Melvin was very professional and did with discovery and representation.
  • HL

    - Jun 14 2019 Excellent trial lawyer. Co-counsel in many cases.
  • Geena Tamilia

    Oct 25 2020
  • James Furlong

    Mar 06 2020 Attorney Vatz was very thorough in reviewing and explaining my case, what was required of me, the most likely outcomes, and the possibility that the outcome would be not what I desired. After I retained his services, he went above and beyond my expectations, was patient with my questions, got everything done in a timely fashion, and the resolution was better than I ever expected. His rates were consistent with those of an established attorney, and like everything else, you get what you pay for. If you actually have a case, his services are well worth the fee.
  • Hope Ehrenreich

    Jan 12 2020 Mel helped me achieve the desired result in an unpleasant employment case. I couldn’t have done it without his efforts on my behalf. says:

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