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147 Bell Street, Suite 202
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022
Criminal Defense, Family Law
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Heather Monaco

    - Feb 04 2021 Attorney Mike Drain was amazing in court and completely surpassed my expectations. You think he's just a mild mannered attorney with high level experience but then in court he just runs the room! He took charge from the get go, intimidated my opponent, put him in his place, and my case was dismissed! I never even had to say a word. I highly recommend Attorney Michael Drain!
  • Amber

    - Jul 12 2020 Mike was very knowledgeable and helped me navigate my somewhat unique situation with ease. He was prompt in his responses. I felt confident the whole way through the process. I would recommend Mike to anyone who needed his services.
    • Michael Drain

      Jul 13 2020Amber, thank you very much, it was a pleasure working with you. Mike Drain
  • Brian R. Adams

    - Jun 23 2020 He was a pleasure to work with and solved some very difficult problems with an impaired elderly individual. He is one to rely on.
    • Michael Drain

      Jun 24 2020Brian, thanks so much for this review.
  • Jerry Washington

    - May 21 2020 During 8 years as my Attorney, Mr. Drain has provided the highest level of service. He is accessible, responsive and prepared when performing our legal work. He is very knowledgeable and courteous at all times. I highly recommend him as legal counsel!
    • Michael Drain

      May 21 2020Jerry, Not only are you a good client, but you are also a good friend. Thank you for the review. Mike Drain
  • Jeff Fanger

    - May 01 2020 I have found Mike to be a dedicated and hard working attorney that focuses on his client's needs.
    • Michael Drain

      May 01 2020Thank you, Jeff, as you know these reviews mean a lot. Hope you are staying healthy through this crisis. Mike Drain
  • Richard Giesen

    - Apr 21 2020 Several years ago, I asked a prominent Ohio Court Judge who he would recommend for legal matters pertaining to estates, wills and trusts. Without any hesitation he said, “Mike Drain is the best Probate attorney”. I can personally attest to Mr. Drain’s extensive amount of legal experience and thoughtful judgment as a great asset for those who desire both effective and efficient counsel to be rendered on their behalf.
  • Renita King

    - Mar 02 2020 Mike and I both work as volunteers at a men’s shelter, he as an attorney and I as a paralegal. First, I’m impressed by his compassion and patience with the men. He has a gift of not judging. Secondly, the legal advice that he provides them is dead on. His explanations as to why he is suggesting a legal route are clear and concise. I have learned so much from Mike during the nine years that I’ve worked with him. I am so confident in his abilities that I have referred personal friends to him for consultation and representation.
  • Antonio Sweeney

    - Feb 11 2020 A. Number one. Excellent
  • GR

    - Feb 02 2020 I found Mr. Drain to be very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He handled the case with ease. He knew the answer to all of my questions.
  • Dick Clough

    - Feb 01 2020 Brilliant and talented Board member, and marketing guru.
  • Paula A Paulk

    - Feb 01 2020 Mr. Drain is an Excellent Lawyer and a very compassionate and excellent boss !!!!!! He takes the time to listen to what needs to be done and does just that. I highly recommend him to take on your case.
  • MB

    - Feb 01 2020 Excellent on all fronts; evident that Mike has a range of knowledge in many areas
  • Paula A Paulk

    - Feb 01 2020 Mr. Drain is an excellent attorney and an excellent boss. He has a proven track record of getting cases done the right way.
  • Emily Bruce

    - Jan 05 2020 Mike helped me understand my case and got me the result I needed.
  • Ruth Fazio

    - Jan 03 2020 I have relied on the Mike's expertise for years.
  • Nicholas Smith

    Jun 06 2019 Mr. Drain was such a fantastic lawyer in helping me with my case! He was very helpful, knowledgeable, and kind in all of his work. I could not have picked a better attorney.
  • Paula Paulk

    May 21 2019 I have worked for Michael Drain on and off for 15+ years. He is an Excellent boss as well as an Excellent Lawyer. He has handled a case for me with excellent results and being a lawyer that cares is a plus. I highly recommend him to handle your case.
  • geraldin rudolph

    May 21 2019 I have been associated with Michael Drain since 2000. He is a fair and honest man. He is an excellent attorney especially in estates, wills, poas , dpoas and hcpoas. He does his due diligence in all areas of the law. I have used him as an attorney for my own family in civil and criminal matters. He has always gone the extra mile. I would recommend him to anyone.
  • bill oneill

    May 20 2019 Mike Drain has been my lawyer off and on for more than 30 years. He has handled large and complex matters; and he has handled simple matters like juvenile court and contracts. The one pattern that I have noticed is his attention to detail and ability to listen. He is competent, aggressive, compassionate and thorough. He wins.
  • J P

    May 15 2019 I've worked with Mike for many years. Excellent attorney!

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