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Michael A. Johnson is known for providing excellent customer service through personal attention, thorough preparation and an in-depth knowledge of family law issues.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Nicole Morales

    Nov 06 2019 My husband and I feel very confident relieve to have a attorney who shows respect is very thorough and direct. He does hear people out in what he needs to know. Somtime its best to keep it simple yes or no answers. I thought at first he didnt want to hear me out but than what my husband he explain to me about keeping my answers short. Witch I took very hard to but it is true since us women like to express ourselves more since we show more emotion. I like this respectful man. And all lawyer lie sometime it's for the best but I'm thankful we are receiving his services. Thank u Michael adam and I are happy.
  • R Sanford

    Mar 21 2019 Michael and Krystal were wonderful to work with. Michael is very direct and it is a great quality for an attorney to have. I was well prepared for my trial and thanks to Michael’s knowledge of the law, there were no surprises. Krystal was always a pleasure to talk to and would always answer my questions and keep me informed. They were both a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to hire him again although I am hopeful that I will not have to.
  • Theodore Bowser

    Nov 16 2018 When looking for attorney, I did not let reviews sway me but I did read them. Comments about costs did not sway me because I wanted the best attorney I could find. I chose Michael for that very reason. People would say he was abrasive and off putting, and maybe those people wanted someone to hold there hand. If you want someone to represent you with experience and passion then Michael is the guy. He was responsive and was very cut and dry, he guided me and prepared me, not with hand holding, but with reality. People can say a lot of things about attorneys, but when you find one that fights and demonstrates skill and preparedness that should be your decision maker. In addition his paralegal, Krystal was extremely responsive and accessible I never wondered about anything because I simply had to ask. All in all I got my son back, and in the end, for me that was the objective. If you want experience, dedication, and direct answers then look no further. Unwed fathers usually have a tough time in court. I did not. Thanks to Michael and Krystal.
  • Tracy Kinstle

    Apr 05 2018 Excellent lawyer. Would definitely recommend him. We won our very difficult case because of how hard Mr Johnson worked for us. His fees were fair compared to other attorneys we checked out.

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