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4450 Arapahoe Ave #100
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Michael K Travers Jr. MA, JD is a lawyer, counselor, mediator and educator. His general practice in law and mediation has a strong emphasis on problem solving, joint collaborative planning of agreements prior to conflicts, mediation, collaborative law, restorative justice, and victim-offender reconciliation.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Anne Clare Eady

    Sep 06 2018 He got it done.
  • BID

    Aug 24 2018 I know Michael Travers personally to be smart, knowledgeable about the law and able to ameliorate conflict by being a good listener and offering creative solutions.
  • Georgiana Scott

    May 10 2018 I have worked with Michael on collaborative cases in which he served as facilitator. Michael always manages to strike the proper tone in collaborative meetings providing clients an opportunity to treat one another with respect. He is kind and perceptive. We all appreciate Michael very much whether in professional organizations or collaborative work.
  • Meggin Rutherford

    Apr 06 2018 I worked with Michael in a very difficult collaborative case where he was our facilitator. He did an amazing job helping both the parties and the attorneys. I will certainly use him again as a mediator or facilitator.
  • Ann Gushurst

    Mar 04 2018 Michael is really good at figuring out why people are stuck and then suggesting ways to find compromises both parties can live with. He knows the law and doesn't suggest impractical solutions. He's also fun to work with.
  • Tom and Arlene

    Feb 20 2018 We met Michael Travers approximately 25 years ago when we were all members of a Colorado professional mediation organization. Our paths have crossed many times since then: as mediators, as collaborative divorce professionals, as practitioners of Nonviolent Communication, and eventually as friends. A former counselor, Michael listens deeply to his clients and helps people in conflict hear each other. He is a patient and thorough problem solver, encourages self-determination, uses humor appropriately to diffuse tension, and considers the law when helping clients craft lasting agreements. Because we have the highest trust and respect for Michael’s abilities, we have not only referred several people to Michael for his professional services, we each have named Michael Travers in our General Durable Powers of Attorney as the successor agent of our estates.
  • Vera

    Dec 12 2017 Awesome, kind hearted person. Loved having him as my mediator.
  • Jeffrey L Skovron

    Dec 11 2017 Mike is always patient and usually gets results. I like working with him. Jeff
  • Diana Powell

    Nov 21 2017 Mike Travers was the Collaborative Divorce Facilitator/Mediator for a complex case. He handled difficult personalities, technically complicated issues, a financially dynamic situation and significant power/information imbalances with aplomb, humor and integrity. I would use him again without question.
  • Gregg

    Nov 21 2017 I have referred a few friends to Michael over the years, and he has helped them understand the law and how the court systems work very professionally.
  • Jane Cox

    Nov 21 2017 Mr. Travers is an excellent mediator! He has the ability to understand the emotional context of the disputes in family law matters, and helps the parties craft solutions that meet their legal and emotional needs. His kind nature helps put the parties at ease, to the extent possible, during difficult negotiations.
  • Dan Wright

    Nov 15 2017 Mr. Travers approaches his mediation clients with a very well reasoned game plan. His experience provides and excellent foundation for finding a middle ground in a terribly complex and emotional subject. Before litigating a divorce, I would highly recommend seeking out an experienced mediator like Michael.
  • Vera

    Nov 14 2017 He is absolutely amazing Going thru divorce is hard, but working with him, made it so pleasant. He is nice and kind and so very human.
  • Jon eady

    Nov 12 2017 Michael handled this difficult mediation with patience and professionalism.
  • JS

    Nov 10 2017 Patient and effective
  • Client

    Oct 23 2017 Michael helped make sense of the divorce process in a clear and non-adversarial manner. He translated the business of divorce in a language I could I understand and his counsel was invaluable during an emotional and trying period.
  • Susan Vanderborgh

    Oct 22 2017 Michael relates well to people on a personal level. I find that my clients feel heard and understood - and mediation goes more smoothly with resolution likely.
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