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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Helmut T.

    Jan 07 2020 Unfortunately, I have had many attorney's over the past 5 plus years during my divorce and custody challenges. But, in the last 18 months of working with Mike and his team, I can honestly say Mike will be my last attorney. Mike and his team took time to understand my situation, counsel me on the legal process and to set my expectations for possible outcomes. I highly recommend Mike and his team.
  • KT

    Jan 02 2020 Both Mike and Anne were absolutely amazing to work with since day one. Extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with- especially during one of my most difficult times. Easy to get ahold of, timely in response, and professional every step of the way. Mike made the entire process easy to understand by giving effective suggestions and helping me work through the more difficult aspects. I would definitely recommend this team if you want to have effective results while being ensured comfort and support the entire time.
  • Julie christensen

    Dec 05 2019 Almost two years ago I went through the Mediation process. Michael Kalil and his staff where absolutely wonderful to work with. I would highly suggest going though mediation instead of a Traditional divorce.
  • Andrew Thomas

    Nov 29 2019 I have been with Mike Kalil for about 15 years and I wish I had him as my lawyer when I first got divorced 18 years ago. Mike has always put my families best interest first. His knowledge of divorce and child custody is unbelievable. Ever time I had an issue Mike would always have an answer, and his answer would put my mind at ease. Sometimes during a divorce or custody issue you may not like the answer your given, but Mike would always tell me the truth no matter what. Mike’s honesty and integrity set him apart from the other lawyers out there. He is very easy to talk to and listens to what you are telling him so he can do the best for you and your family. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Mike I wouldn’t have gotten custody of my son when he was 11. Mike has changed mine and my family’s life for the better. If you ever need a lawyer go and talk with Mike you won’t regret it.
  • BC

    Nov 27 2019 Divorce is overwhelming. It is sad, it is hurtful, it is the most painful experience I have ever endured. It still hurts, I am still sad, and I am still angry. I have tried to keep my child’s needs at the forefront when making all divorce related decisions; this is why I chose mediation. Mike and Anne have been a wonderful team. They have been honest, patient, and kind. They made the process more cost-efficient and more time-efficient. Through mediation, I have been able to keep the focus on my child, instead of hurt and anger. Children don’t ask for divorce, they are innocent bystanders. It is imperative that the parents are able to work together if they are going to co-parent. I believe that mediation through Mike Kalil has given my son the best opportunities in a very difficult situation.
  • John W Jackson

    Nov 15 2019 Mike Kalil's handling of my recent divorce mitigation was smooth, efficient and professional. It made a difficult experience a lot easier to go through. I would highly recommend this service to anyone in a similar situation.

    Oct 18 2019 Helped our family when we were in need and went above and beyond what any attorney would do. He is very professional and cares about his clients.
  • C. Smith

    Oct 10 2019 Michael Kalil's exceptional professionalism and efficiency in this difficult situation made the experience as painless and clear as possible. Our family is still on pleasant and loving terms. Thank you, Michael, for keeping us focused and thoughtful. Ann, your wonderfully encouraging secretary, was an absolute pleasure to interact with, on the phone and in person! I look forward to working with your firm on other matters in the future.
  • Ryan

    Oct 10 2019 If you and your spouse are considering divorce I recommend going through mediation. Michael lays out the process in a very compassionate and professional way to help both parties. He was very attentive to everyone's needs and listened to what we thought was the best possible outcome. I would recommend everyone try this process first.
  • IR

    Oct 09 2019 Michael and crew were awesome. Quick, easy and affordable. Made the best of a tough situation. Highly recommended.
  • Creighton Newsom

    Sep 10 2019 Although I have called Mr. Kalil for family law concerns on two separate occasions over a 5 year period, I have never met him in person. The reason is that, on both occasions, he was incredibly upfront and honest about the reality and limitations of my situation. There was no attempt to get me into the office with promises of victory, taking money for a situation that had slim probability of large change. Instead, he provided me clear and very helpful instructions (over the phone), for actions that could be handled just as well without a lawyer. In my book, he's a stand-up guy, and if I ever really need a lawyer, there's no question about who I will hire.
    • Michael Kalil

      Sep 10 2019Thanks Creighton. While I run a business, and am happy to earn a dollar where I can, I believe in the philosophy that you tell clients what they \"need to hear\", not what they \"want to hear\". It serves no purpose to simply and blindly pursue actions that are not likely to end as the client wants. I always give clients an honest assessment of their case, regardless of the fact that I may not earn a dollar. At the end of the day, clients decide what to pursue, not lawyers. It\'s smart, however, for clients to have realistic expectations about what things will look like if the judge ultimately has to decide how to conclude a case. Good luck
  • AG

    Aug 26 2019 Michael was very helpful on answering all my Questions regarding my Divorce and took care of everything that was needed to be done to get the process completed in a timely fashion.
  • Sam maneen

    Aug 11 2019 Mike was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He was quick to reply to any questions that I had, even after the case was closed. I highly recommended Mike Kalil!
  • Doug T

    Jul 18 2019 This review is long overdo because I don't get online much, but the mediation process worked extremely well. Mike looked out equally for both parties and made sure everything was fair. He was very effective in getting everything done in a timely manor which made the process very fast and efficient, and much cheaper than a conventional divorce. Through the whole proceeding communications were clear and there was time to review the rough documents for changes or errors, and then they were reviewed again before being finalized. I highly recommend the mediation process!
  • Jackie A

    Jul 15 2019 My divorce was far from simple. I was very overwhelmed by the whole process and everything that was being thrown at us. However, Mike never gave up on me or fighting for what was right. Mike always had time to encourage and support me. He took time out simply to tell me to relax and that it would all be ok in the end. His words of encouragement and positivity along with his consistent efforts were truly what got me through the process. Mike is a down to earth, tell it like it is attorney, which I found refreshing during a difficult time. I also can’t say enough about Anne who works in the office and is truly a breath of fresh air. You can’t help but to smile when you see her. She is so upbeat and is always there to help with anything you need. Mike and Anne make a great team and I was very lucky to have them both in my corner!
    • Michael Kalil

      Sep 10 2019Thanks Jackie: While your divorce was \"unusual\", I appreciate how difficult the emotional part is for clients. What the court\'s give no consideration to client\'s emotions, and who is the \"good guy\" or the \"bad guy\", I always tried to keep you focused on the end game. While I do not have a crystal ball, your end result was just about what our goal was at the beginning. It took much longer than it should have to get to the end because of all the issues the other side created during the process, but you stayed steady and you made it. I\'m proud of you. Best of luck with your new life. Always here if you need anything.
  • Kelly M

    Jul 01 2019 Michael Kalil and his office staff did an outstanding job in understanding my situation and helping me through this difficult time. Mike is a true professional that deeply cares about his clients. Mike was honest and straight forward throughout the entire process and made sure that I understood all aspects. He kept me up to date on everything and answered questions promptly either by email or phone and even called me on the weekend. Ann is wonderful, courteous and very knowledgeable. I strongly recommend Mike for any legal challenges you might have. Thank you Mike and Staff!
  • Jody B

    Jun 26 2019 I highly recommend Michael Kalil for your legal needs. He combines professionalism and thoughtfulness to make what could be a difficult experience manageable and efficient. He allows you to direct his lead so your outcome is in your best interest with your decision. Anne, his administrative assistant, is extremely competent and will make you feel very comfortable every interaction. Thank you Michael & Anne.
  • PMM

    Jun 21 2019 Waddie and Michael Kalil have been my personal Real Estate Attorneys, starting with my very first house in 1991 and a few after that! They have taken care of my Will, my Power of Attorney and my Health Proxy. I am very comfortable with them and would recommend them to anyone looking for an Attorney. Anne, the secretary, is awesome and is incredibly helpful in answering any and all questions!
  • Jamie

    Jun 12 2019 A wonderful experience with Michael. A truly knowledgeable and gentle person that made the mediation process easy and painless. Michael explains everything thoroughly and is very caring with his clients throughout his sessions. Could not ask for a better experience. Highly recommended!
    • Michael Kalil

      Jun 13 2019Thanks Jamie. You folks were one of the quicker mediated divorces I\'ve done. First meeting through conclusion of divorce at about two month and a half months, and you both walked away with a result that you were both happy with, friends and respecting one another. It\'s a better alternative to litigation for most.
  • Adriana M. Liberatore

    May 15 2019 Michael Kalil and his office went above and beyond for my Divorce case. He represented me through a very difficult time and always listened to my concerns. He guided me through the process in what was best for my children and I. He thoroughly explained the process of each and every step as court appearances came close. He followed through with timelines as we agreed upon and kept his dedication at all times. I highly recommend Mr. Kalil as a Divorce lawyer!!!!! He has the most reputable reputation and the most Hard working Secretarial staff!!!!
    • Michael Kalil

      May 16 2019Thanks Adriana. I wish you and your family the best. Always here if you need anything.
  • Alfonse N

    May 08 2019 Michael Kalil and his office staff did an outstanding job in understanding my situation. He worked hard to obtain a quick and efficient divorce that satisfied both parties. Mike is a true professional that deeply cares about his clients. He made the whole process smooth and made sure we were informed along the way. I strongly recommend Mike for any legal challenges you might have. Thank you Mike and staff! I can now start the next chapter of my life.
  • Katelyn Sabler

    May 02 2019 Michael Kalil did a really great job to listening to what I wanted and worked hard to make sure I got it. Ultimately, he always steered me in the path of what was best for my child. I definitely recommend his services!
  • Alishia T

    Mar 31 2019 After being married for 20 years, divorce was the last thing I thought would happen this late in life, but we all know life changes. I contacted Mike to see about mediation because a long divorce was something that would probably break me. Mike made it so much easier. We filed in October and was divorced by December making the whole process so much easier. I would definitely recommend Mike if you are considering a divorce. He is very professional and the office staff is fantastic too. Thanks again Mike.
    • Michael Kalil

      Apr 01 2019Thanks Alisha. Happy I could help you folks through this process. You folks had business interests, kids, maintenance issues, etc., and you folks worked through the mediation process in a fair and reasonable way. Mediation really works and I\'ll give spouses all the tools necessary to make well informed decisions. Best to your family.
  • S. Steere

    Mar 29 2019 Before, during, and after my divorce proceedings, Mike was a constant professional that explained the process, objectively addressed every aspect on my behalf, and represented me to the fullest extent as a parent and father. I highly recommend Mr. Kalil for all who may enter into this legal process.
    • Michael Kalil

      Mar 30 2019Thanks Sean. It\'s important to make sure that clients are fully informed about the process, and about how the law, and the courts, are likely to consider your specific facts. I try to treat and respect clients the same way I would want, and expect, to be treated if I were allowing someone to represent me.
  • MA

    Mar 23 2019 As much as divorce is tough to consider a “good” experience, Mike made things infinitely easier. The mediation process was comfortable, easy, and most importantly as “fair” as anyone could ask. Mike’s ability to be open, frank, and objective was invaluable. I am confident that both my ex and I benefited greatly from working with Mike, and our relationship, even now that we are divorced, is in a good place.
    • Michael Kalil

      Mar 23 2019Thank you Mike. My recollection is that you were the skeptical one going into the process: both of lawyers and mediation. I\'m happy to know that while the divorce/mediation process isn\'t necessarily easy, your family is in a good place to move on, and still work together for the sake of your kids.
  • Ricky H.

    Mar 04 2019 Great overall experience. Mike was honest and straight forward. He kept me up to date on every step of the process. Answered questions promptly either by email or phone. Ann and the staff were courteous and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Mike and his staff for your legal needs.
  • mark meelan

    Feb 06 2019 Persistence, professional and accessible!!!!
  • Thomas Armitage

    Feb 01 2019 Michael and his team were extremely professional and responsive. He always followed through based on timelines that we agreed upon. He was very transparent about his process and fees. Highly recommend.
  • Mike Anile

    Jan 28 2019 Mr. Kalil did not represent me as a lawyer...he represented me as my council. Mr. Kalil truly put the best interests of my child and myself first, and I did not get the inclination that he was financially motivated to do the best for my family. I recommend the services of Mr. Kalil to anyone who wants to hear the truth about putting themselves, and their families, in the best position no matter the circumstance, with no other motive, other than doing what is right.
    • Michael Kalil

      Jan 28 2019Mike, thank you for the kind words. I believe it\'s critical for everyone that comes to my office with children issues, to realize the number one goal needs focus on the children. If dad\'s and mom\'s can get focused on making decisions that are best for the kids, although not necessarily best for the parent, the everyone wins, and most importantly the child. I try to make sure that my clients realize from day one, that its important to set realistic goals, and that we don\'t want to create an environment where dad and mom are going to hate each other when this is all done. If we accomplish that, then your child wins because both parents walk away knowing that their child remained the priority. If dad\'s and mom\'s don\'t get those realities, then they have many unhappy years ahead of them with the child stuck in the middle.
  • DG

    Jan 23 2019 My experience with Mike Kalil and his staff was very good. I appreciated Mike’s candor and professionalism in suggesting options that would lead to the endpoint more quickly, rather than drag on. He cares about his clients and knows his craft. 5 stars.
    • Michael Kalil

      Jan 28 2019Thank you DG. I don\'t bs my clients. I tell them up front from day one what the realities of the system are, and what type of results are likely to occur in the court process. If we can all work together, dad\'s and mom\'s can come up with resolutions that fit what\'s best for their family, not a cookie cutter resolution that a court may come up with.
  • ML

    Dec 03 2018 It was a pleasure to work with Mike Kalil and his office. Mike handled a divorce for a family member and managed the entire situation with the utmost patience, understanding and professionalism. The result was a smooth, expeditious process for everyone involved. We’d like to thank him and highly recommend his services.
  • Jason Waters

    Oct 23 2018 Mike Kalil represented me in my Divorce. Mike was very professional, personable, and very efficient. The drawing point as to why I picked him to represent me, was that regardless of what my ex and I were trying to accomplish, Mike stated that he just wanted my children’s best interest to be the focal point. He made that very clear during the process, and I would highly recommend Mike to anyone suffering through a similar situation.
  • Sylvia Coleby Redmond

    Oct 01 2018 I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Kalil Law firm onwo separate occasions. Both times were for selling a piece of property. I was, and continue to be, impressed by the professionalism of all members of the team. I have a special fondness for Anne DeCeasar who worked tirelessly to insure that every aspect of the deal was progressing as smoothly as possible. I’m so impressed that I’m planning to use this firm again for another purchase and my mother in law is also planning to use them as well.
  • CM

    Sep 28 2018 I was very pleased with the outcome of my divorce. Mike was great to work with. He is a good negotiator and worked well with my husband's lawyer. He is very fair and wanted to find the best solution for both parties and the children. Ann in the office is awesome!! She was so kind and helpful. I would highly recommend Mike as a divorce lawyer.
  • Rick Marchitelli

    Sep 22 2018 Michael and his office staff were professional, understanding and very knowledgable on law during a difficult family situation for me. Michael went out of his way to talk and explain to me my options in a no “BS” way. He was honest and truthful as he advised me along, through a stressful time during the legal process. Michael has a fantastic reputation and thank him and his staff for their hard work and dedication to my sensitive case.
  • Kristin Pauquette

    Sep 17 2018 I was referred to Michael Kalil by one of my friends. I went to his office for a custody case concerning my son. Michael was extremely professional when I worked with him. He was extremely understanding and gave empathy towards what I was going through. He offered a few solutions and how we can go about this. In the end, we did get the result that I was looking for. I was very happy with Mr Kalil's services and his office was amazing. I love his receptionist she is the SWEETEST lady ever and is always willing to help if needed. I would recommend Michael to anyone who needs help in a custody case with their children.
  • Sarah Slade

    Sep 15 2018 I first contacted the offices of Michael N. Kalil after searching online for a "good divorce lawyer in Utica, NY". His name was the first to pop up in my search, and after having him as my divorce lawyer, I know why! Michael is a true professional and I was impressed by both him personally, as well as everyone I interacted with from his office. Everyone treated me with kindness and was both patient and meticulous in dealing with my case. When first meeting Michael after contacting his office, I was pleasantly surprised at how knowledgeable and articulate he was concerning divorce law, and in explaining the typical course my divorce case would likely take. He made what felt like an impossible and overwhelming task, to get divorced, not only possible, but he and his staff were able to help me feel like I was not alone; that they were on my side and truly fighting for what I deserved out of the divorce. From the beginning I had made it a point that I wanted things to remain amicable and as simple as possible. Michael was able to listen to my initial desires and help me remember them throughout what became messier proceedings than I initially anticipated. This saved both time and money, in the long run. At the same time he was a superb advocate and was calmly firm when necessary. Michael was an excellent "devil's advocate" of sorts, in helping me see things in a more equal and less emotional, more "business-like" perspective, in order to eventually receive the settlement that was deserved and equal, as I had wanted all along. Michael was able to provide me with the facts and bring up points I would never have thought of, demonstrating his dedication to his clients as well as his knowledge of the law. I now feel as though I received exactly what I deserved, thanks to Michael Kalil, and would recommend him in a heart beat to anyone looking for a divorce lawyer.

    Sep 13 2018 MIKE, Thank you soooooooooo much for being by my side. I wanted to thank you for representing me / helping me resolving my Divorce quickly. I was completely amazed by your communication skills and courage at the court hearing. I can't thank you enough for the services rendered on my behalf. Having a experienced attorney like you on my side was a good calling as we walked into the courtroom. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for all the care and concern you have shown me, and for working tirelessly to ensure that the law worked in our favor. If it weren’t for your skills and knowledge, the matter wouldn’t have been settled my way. I was overwhelmed when I heard the outcome of the court proceedings. Thank you for protecting my interest. I am so thankful for your service and professionalism. I will never forget what you have done to make sure I was given a fair shake. Thank you for always informing me of the best option to take in resolving my Divorce. You’re such a brilliant lawyer. I know that sounds corny but it's true. You really went the extra mile and did more than enough to help me. I really appreciate everything. I had a wonderful experience with you and your staff during that difficult time. Thanks for your prompt responses and for solving my problems without allowing me to go through any stress whatsoever. I can't thank you enough for your service, and for making my case very easy to get across successfully before the judge. I wish you continued success in your practice. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any friends or family members . ANOTHER THING??? I also Thank you dearly for your hard work and support in the sale of my Father's house. Because of your expertise, everything was sooooooooooo appreciated with all of your time and effort. Thank you for your service, hard work, and time spent handling the purchase of my estate, too. I would like to express my appreciation to you for taking time out of your tight schedule to explain every detail regarding my late father’s properties to me. If not for your involvement, I would not be a homeowner by now. Once again, I appreciate all of your efforts in this matter. OH! JUST ONE MORE THINGY! You and your secretary ANN<--- ( ARE IMMEASURABLE ).... outstanding team with a strong passion to win. I ALSO thank your Dads helping hand in it, too. Please let him know that. okay? I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone in need of a sound lawyer. Thank you again. Sincerely, Warmly, Respectfully, A Happy Client Janet LaCelle
  • Amanda B Ingalls

    Aug 17 2018 If you are in need of a divorce lawyer, then look no further than the Law Offices of Michael N. Kalil. When I realized I needed a lawyer for my situation, I knew that I wanted one who focused on Family Law. While my divorce seemed fairly straight forward, I was impressed by Mr. Kalil's diligence, knowledge, professionalism, and honesty; he will tell you what is what and like it is. I appreciated his prompted focus and replies to all of my emails and phone calls, even when I could not be so prompt myself. Mr. Kalil and his staff treat you like family and I am grateful to have had his office working so diligently on my case. Thank you for helping to provide the best outcome for myself and my family.
  • C & L

    Jul 02 2018 Michael helped us with our wills a few years back and most recently with the sale of our house. The house had complicated buyers, but Michael navigated the sale effortlessly and Anne kept our minds at ease with daily updates and assistance. Thank you both! We will definitely use Kalil Law for future legal matters.
  • Dave

    Jun 11 2018 Mike and his staff deserve more than a 5 star rating. Mike handles my confidential situation with so much care, discretion, understanding and speed it was incredible how smooth it had gone. Mike was willing to meet at 7 in the morning to accommodate my schedule and Anne was always so helpful and pleasant to talk with. There is no one in the upstate area who could have handled this any better. Thanks Mike & Anne
  • Amy Osha-peruzzi

    Jun 08 2018 I can't stress enough what a fantastic job Mike did representing me in my divorce. Thank you .
  • JH

    May 28 2018 Patient, honest, upfront and always had my best interest. I would highly recommend Mike.
  • BP

    May 21 2018 My case was handled efficiently. Thank You
  • Joan Testa

    May 15 2018 Mr Kalil is very highly recommended by me..He greatly knowledgable ..professional..empathic/concerned for his clients interests..Michael takes the time and listens to all concerns...presents all courses of action..and does not proceed unless you are satisfied with the choice.Any questions I had were always answered and explained to me ..Michael Always returned my phone calls promptly. . He is not a typical "pushy" in a "hurry" Lawyer..Thank You Mr Kalil and also Ann for always being so nice
  • Eric C Bremer

    May 01 2018 Mike has handeled multiple legal actions for me over the years, all to 100% satisfaction. Ann is great too!
  • Victoria Staring POA for Therese Ebetino

    Apr 30 2018 I highly recommend Mr. Kalil for his integrity, knowledge and complete understanding of the law. Michael guided my sister and I through a difficult process focusing on the clients wishes and desired outcome while being prompt, forthright and honest. I would like to thank Mr. Kalil and his staff for handling my sisters divorce during a difficult time.
  • JAM

    Apr 21 2018 Mike was very up front and honest. Incredibly helpful and didn’t over explain anything. I will recommend Mike to anyone who needs a great lawyer.
  • Russell

    Apr 18 2018 From my first meeting with Mike to the last my case was handled professionally and through. All my questions about my divorce process were answered straight forward so I knew what was ahead of me and he was always available to take my calls. I would highly recommend Mike Kalil for your legal needs.
  • Paul Blakelock

    Apr 03 2018 Working with Mike on defense of my recent separation from my spouse has been a blessing. I learned more from him in 10 minutes than my former representation. Sharp, efficient, he doesn't mess around! I would recommend this firm to anyone serious about their personal marriage issues.
  • JML

    Mar 15 2018 Mike was amazing with me during my divorce a few years ago and again incredibly helpful when I needed to petition to change a few things with my divorce. I would recommend him to anyone looking to have their divorce taken care of quickly
  • David Sampson

    Mar 05 2018 I highly recommend Mike Kalil . His knowledge of the law and method of explaining it in terms a nonlawyer can understand was very helpful. Mike represented me in my divorce which ended a 30-year marriage. Retirement savings, pensions, the sale of a home, camps and various assets were involved. Mike worked in a very professional and timely manner representing my interests. I would use his services again if necessary.
  • Eileen

    Mar 02 2018 Mike and his staff were wonderful. Mike made a difficult time so much easier for me. Both Mike and Kasey were great to work with. Very professional and took care of everything; divorce, sale of Home, purchase of home, will and health care proxy. Would highly recommend Mike and Kasey.
  • Chris Lindsey

    Feb 27 2018 Michael did an excellent job helping me navigate through all of the difficult decisions related to divorce. I appreciate his support and highly recommend him.
  • Deanna Leuenberger

    Feb 21 2018 Would highly recommend Kalil LLC for any Family law issues. Michael focuses on the needs of his client and will get you what you want as your desired outcome. He is a no nonsense lawyer with a strong personality and those traits helped get me what was deserved.I will definatly call on him again in the future if ever needed! THANK YOU MICHAEL!!
  • C. Rudecoff

    Feb 04 2018 Mike did a great job handling my divorce. He is a good communicator, follows through on his timelines for getting things done and has a great office staff.
  • Edward Taylor

    Jan 27 2018 Mr Khalil did an awesome job helping me with and through my divorce. He was very understanding and made every effort to making sure I understood and happy with decisions that had to be made. I would recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance.
  • JL

    Jan 27 2018 Mr. Kalil knowledgeable about finances, retirement, and taking care of immediate needs. Timeline based on clients needs and participation. Cost was affordable and reasonable. Mr.Kalil remained neutral and assisted clients by educating them about possible pitfalls or building a future. Recommend to all who want collaborative divorce.
  • SS

    Jan 17 2018 Mike was a proactive, great communicator, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him. Prompt responses to all questions I had during the process.
  • Anthony carroll

    Dec 29 2017 Awesome job very professional
  • Lisa A.

    Dec 28 2017 I selected Mike Kalil as my divorce attorney and knew from our first meeting I was making the best choice possible to represent my interests. Mike has a way of making a difficult situation move smoothly and guides you with his expertise, but allows his client to be involved in the final decision making. He and his staff are knowledgeable and were always available to answer questions when I had them. I highly recommend this firm and will continue to use them for my legal matters.
  • Frank P

    Dec 28 2017 Michael was very helpful in answering all my questions and concerns. He works in the best interest of his clients getting them a fair and equitable deal giving the circumstances. Michael and his staff return calls and emails promptly to keep the lines of communication open to put his clients first and foremost.
  • Teresa

    Dec 28 2017 Mike is very calming and professional. His knowledge and thouroghness will leave you feeling confident and content with every step you take. I will forever be thankful for his legal guidance.

    Dec 28 2017 Professional, knowledgeable and quick to get things done. Would use him again if ever needed. ?
  • Steve B

    Oct 01 2017 Michael represented me in a divorce and child custody case. He was very helpful and accommodating. He took time to explain everything to me. He always discussed all the options with me. I thought he did a great job working with my ex-wife’s attorney, keeping things civil and trying to come to a equitable solution. Another pro: he is willing to come in early or leave late so I was able to come into his office before work to sign documents or for meetings. I thought his price and billing was fair. I didn’t feel overcharged.
  • Courtney O\'Rourke

    Jul 13 2017 I was referred to Michael Kalil for the adoption of my children. I'm so grateful that I was. I didn't know what to expect going through this process. He told me what to expect and he followed through very diligently. Him and his staff provide excellent & honest service. I can not thank them enough for getting the job done!! Courtney & Todd
  • Suzanne

    Jun 06 2017 In researching divorce lawyers, I picked Michael Kalil because his office offered both divorce representation and mediation services. My ex and I could only afford one lawyer between us, so I took the lead. I opted for the divorce route for us. I liked that he pledged to make the process as contention-free as possible and help answer my husband's questions, but if it did come down to a fight, he was squarely in my corner and would fight hard for me as his client. He understood everything we were trying to achieve, helped us get it sorted out into the legal documentation, and got us divorced as needed as quickly as possible. And, his support staff was super friendly and helpful.
  • Brandy Roberts

    Apr 18 2017 About 30 years ago my parents were involved in a divorce. I was a small child and had to visit Mr. Kalil multiple times. He was great with me and my siblings and made the best recommendation to the courts on our behalf. I will forever be grateful he made the best choice for us during this difficult time. My life would have turned out very differently had he not been appointed to represent our best interests. Excellent lawyer..extremely good with children and makes sound decisions for his clients.
  • Campany Roofing

    Feb 09 2017 I LOVED my experience with Mike. My ex and I went for mediation. Which worked wonderfully because we were both willing to work with one another for the sake of the kids and their best interest. Mike was so very thorough. He explained every detail about everything. He made sure we understood what we were doing when we were making choices. Although he NEVER told us WHAT to do. He let us decide after showing us both sides. He always made backup appointments in case he was called in to court on the day we were originally scheduled. We never had an issue with him being called in, but still very fair to us just in case. He returned emails and phone calls VERY promptly. I really could not of asked for anyone better! Having grown up in a family business and dealing with our fair share of lawyers, in my opinion Mike tops them all! He is GREAT at what he does. You can tell it is his passion and how his best interest is what is best for the kids! Which is exactly how it should be!
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