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As a judge I had the opportunity to preside over the settlement of literally hundreds of dissolution cases and civil litigations. Reaching settlements in mediation and arbitration cases is hard work and I am positive that my years as a Superior Court judge will enable me to have a marked advantage in guiding your clients to a successful resolution of their dispute. In addition to offering mediation and arbitration services, I will also be available for early case assessment (ECA) consultation and appointment as a Special Master. It is my intention to create a flexible schedule to accommodate you and your client's needs and time constraints.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Andrew George Cerrato

    - Dec 18 2023 I recently had the privilege of working with Rickert Mediation & Arbitration, PLLC, and the experience was nothing short of transformative. From the outset, their balanced approach to mediation was evident. It's rare to find a mediator who not only deeply understands the complexities of legal disputes but also genuinely cares about the emotional and personal wellbeing of all parties involved. Mr. Rickert, with a combination of professionalism and compassion, navigated through our challenging situation. His insightful guidance and impartiality fostered a space where both sides could be heard and understood, leading to a resolution that respected everyone's needs and concerns. What truly set Rickert Mediation & Arbitration, PLLC apart was their ability to make a real difference in our lives. It's not just about reaching an agreement; it's about finding a path forward that allows for healing and growth. Their work has positively impacted my life and, most importantly, the life of my son. I am deeply grateful for their services and cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you, Rickert Mediation & Arbitration, PLLC, for your dedication and impact. Your work truly matters. Andrew George Cerrato
  • justin

    - Apr 24 2023 extensive
  • Teresa Keene

    - Mar 20 2019 Just had another great mediation experience with this fine man. He guides people who often despise each other to gentle resolution and agreement. A kind, thoughtful man. I'm a big fan.
  • george Thomas Freeman

    - Jan 22 2019 Judge Rickert is very caring and listens to my client's concerns. I highly recommend him.
  • David Lowell

    - Dec 24 2018 As he was on the bench (Judge), he is a very pragmatic, experienced, savvy and kind problem solver. A total class act and I recommend his mediating abilities very highly. Mike has exceptional people skills - my clients really felt he respected them and that he mediated objectively/fairly.
  • Douglas Shepherd

    - Dec 19 2018 Always enjoyable and productive.
  • Scott Volyn

    - Nov 19 2018 Judge Rickert is disarming as a mediator, while maintaining a professional focus on resolution. Having participated in scores of mediations, I can say that is a rare and valuable combination.
  • Morgan Witt

    - Nov 18 2018 Mike is knowledgeable and personal. If I have a difficult case I use him because the chances of getting a good result increase with him as mediator on the case.
  • Mara Snyder

    - Sep 22 2018 Mr. Rickert has settled a wide variety of my cases, including those with high levels of conflict. His experience as a judge provides invaluable insight for my clients, and ultimately helps parties settle cases successfully. I highly recommend using Mr. Rickert for mediation.
  • Teresa Keene

    - Sep 20 2018 Professional, kind, clients like him and he brings people together. I won't use anybody else from now on.
  • Bob Miller

    - Sep 19 2018 Judge Rickert (ret) is patient throughout the process, is able to bring litigants a sense of being heard and get the cases settled.
  • Corbin Volluz

    - Sep 19 2018 Eminently qualified and professional. Mike Rickert gets the job done!
  • stephen nicol

    - Sep 19 2018 Mike's experience as a judge truly shines as a mediator. His opinions about case outcome are spot-on and persuasive. Mike is knowledgeable and able to communicate both ideas and alternatives when a client gets "stuck". I highly recommend!
  • Craig Sjostrom

    - Sep 19 2018 Very positive
  • Robert Wolle

    - Sep 19 2018 Over 33 years experience as attorney in family law, real estate, bankruptcy and other areas. Experience also includes time as part time pro-tem judge, college professor, title insurance officer, and prosecutor.
  • David Lowell

    Dec 26 2018
  • Morgan Witt

    Nov 18 2018
  • Teresa Doctor

    Sep 26 2018 This guy is the best. I hesitate to say this because I don't want him so booked up I can't get him anymore, but I don't intend on using anybody else if I can help it from here on out.
  • robert wolle

    Sep 19 2018 Michael Rickert always comes to mediations prepared and ready. He has examined all of the materials that have been provided to him and is aware of the issues. He also has vast experience both as an attorney and as a judge. Finally, he comes prepared and ready because of the his innate insight in guiding the parties to positive resolutions. In every one of my cases in which Mr. Michael Rickert was the Mediator, the results have been outstanding. I would highly recommend Michael Rickert.

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