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Child Custody, Criminal Defense, Divorce, DUI and Criminal, DWI, Family Law
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Michael

    - Oct 15 2020 I am very thankful to Michael and the entire team for their support, communication, and the professional representation. Thank you again.
  • Michael Driggs

    - Sep 15 2020 Di
  • Hayley Reed

    - Aug 15 2020 Mike is responsive, knowledgeable and always made me feel at ease no matter what I needed him for. I’ve had quite a few attorneys in the past, but after I started working with Mike I’ve never looked back. Best choice.
  • Tracy

    - Jul 31 2020 You will be rewarded for putting your faith in Mr. Schmitt. He is an excellent lawyer who will give you the best, and most practical legal advice. He excelled at handling my case. I received an outcome better than what I had hoped to receive in Family Court. He was experienced and committed even when dealing with an extremely challenging opposing party and counsel. I would not only recommend him as an attorney, but I would also ask to retain his services again myself if it were necessary because I believe he is a talented attorney. If you are in a custody situation and find yourself looking for an attorney that will understand the facts of your case, and are looking for someone who will fight for what is best for yourself and your child, Mr. Schmitt should be your choice.
  • Sierra Breese

    - Apr 30 2020 Michael has helped me tremendously. I’ve been going through a divorce for over a year now and he’s be there every step of the way. If I needed to contact him out of business hours, he always answers right away or calls back in a timely manner. My divorce was and still is very stressful. He has kept me cool and calm the whole time. I’ve had a lot of anxiety that he took away. Very detailed and very relaxed person. Made me feel so much more confident than I was before I stepped into his office
  • Andrea Fetzner

    - Apr 28 2020 Michael has been everything I could ask for in an attorney. I have already and will continue to recommend his services to anyone in need.
  • EB

    - Apr 26 2020 Michael and his staff were kind, compassionate, but professional and good at getting what I wanted in my settlement.
  • Rodney J Sharpe

    - Apr 25 2020 Attention to detail. Thorough in all aspects.
  • AF

    - Apr 22 2020 After just one conversation I knew Michael Schmitt was the perfect attorney for me. He continues to do an amazing job. I have already and will continue to recommend him to anyone.
  • Ludmila Terentyev

    - Apr 17 2020 Excellent job!Highly recomended!
  • Lynn Becker

    - Apr 17 2020 Mike took an unpleasant situation and helped make it more tolerable when enforcing my divorce decree that my ex wasn’t abiding by.His knowledge and competence put me more at ease. He is always looking out for my best interest and I cannot speak highly enough of his staff as well. I will always recommend him!
  • Rodney J Sharpe

    - Mar 26 2020 An amazing Attorney
  • Jennie Goodwin

    - Mar 26 2020 Mr.Schmitt has represented me in family court. Michael has made these stressful times less stressful.He is very knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. I highly recommend Michael and his team.
  • Jason J OBeirne

    - Mar 26 2020 Completely professional. Due to my situation I turned to him as he was referred by others in his profession to handle a case like mine and now I see why. He is about consultation and not confrontation. About being prepared and proactive and is the best choice for matters like mine. I am always confident in court of his representation of me and my matters. He has earned my trust and respect in all of this and I highly recommend him no matter if it's cut and dry or complex as my matters. He is definitely one of the top lawyers in the area. Even his staff is top notch. Kind, responsive, courtesy is the best I have ever experienced, informative... Definitely principles over personality. As emotional as matters can be he keeps it logic and sticks to the facts at hand. Definitely above and beyond 5 stars he deserves.
  • Kristin Conti

    - Mar 26 2020 Excellent. Mike fought for me for everything I wanted and felt was fair. He was always on time, never made me feel less important. I will definitely continue using his services in the future.
  • Wendy Kieser

    Aug 19 2019 I recently retained Mr Schmitt to assist with a traffic matter involving my son. Most of my contact was with Kristyn, who went above and beyond to ensure his ticket was reduced as much as possible. She was a pleasure to work with, always responding immediately to my many questions. Mr Schmitt will definitely be my first call if I need an attorney in the future.
  • amanda brown

    Jun 16 2019 There is a lot I can say about Michael Schmitt.... He is one of the most professional lawyer I’ve seen perform. My son (19) is currently going through some stuff with the law and I had him call Michael right away. I know he is is very good hands with him. The conversation he was able to have with my son would be something he would say to his own son. He really cares about people. Thank you for all of your support. You are very recommended by me.
  • Jamie Pelkey

    Apr 04 2019 For some reason my last review isn't showing up. I originally retained Mr. Schmitt several years ago so I could obtain sole custody of my daughter. He accomplished the job despite my constant nagging and basically being the worst client ever. LOL. He then represented me for both the Custody and Child Support for my son. He got me above and beyond what I was expecting and was extremely professional the whole time. Two years ago (almost to be exact) I retained him to deal with my daughters child support matter. After two years going back and forth with her father, digging through boxes of financials and the many court date reschedules he showed up to court more prepared than any attorney probably would. Mr. Schmitt was able to calm my nerves and reassure me that everything would turn out fine. He was right.... Court order was then appealed by my daughters father and Mr. Schmitt got me though that without a hassle. Now that the appeal was denied and my daughters father still doesn't seem to want to pay what the court order says Mr. Schmitt will be helping me with this as well. Some say it's sad that I became friends with my family law attorney but when you can trust your attorney more than people whom share your DNA friend is the only word that works. Thank you Mike for your continuous efforts to straighten out my life.
  • Christopher

    Nov 20 2018 Retained Mr. Schmitt today! I already feel better. He’s a very knowledgeable attorney. I was referred to him! I would highly recommend.
  • K Moyer

    May 10 2017 Mike did an excellent job taking on my case at the last minute before the trial. He took the time to discuss the details even after work hours. His suggestions on handling some very personal and emotional communication matters were spot on! When it came to trial, Mike provided guidance and expertise that was invaluable. I highly recommend Mike for anyone going through a child custody matter.

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