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When the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider P.C. takes your case, we dedicate ourselves to protecting your right to fair and just compensation for your injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. We are not afraid to tackle difficult Alaska personal injury cases, families with wrongful death claims, aviation accidents, offshore workers with Jones Act claims, including those of tourists hurt on vacation in Alaska.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Ron Katz

    May 13 2019 From my first contact, Michael and everyone at the firm were extremely responsive and accommodating. My expectations were set fairly in our first meeting. No wild promises. I received clear explanations. The entire process was very professional. The outcome was inline with expectations. thanks to the whole team !
  • K Parsons

    May 10 2019 My experience with Michael Schneider. This Man is a Class Act Runs a Superior office to any. Mr. Schneider, Took the time to Explain my situation better and help me understand things about my injury. I never felt it was just a Money thing for him, he Truly Cares about his People. He spent at least a hour talking to me about my situation even though he wasn't going to be able to help...Out of State Injury I was never able to Hire Mr. Scheider, due to the fact my injury occurred in Wa. State However I would and I will if needed. There will be no doubt if I need a Attorney in Alaska, Who it would be...Mr. Michael Schneider Sir, Thank You So Much For your Help "Explaining what I needed to do for my case. You are a Kind, Polite, Helpful Man. Alaska you are Lucky To have a Attorney like Michael Schneider...
  • Andrew Romine

    Feb 09 2019 I was in a car accident that left me with some long term physical impairments that were not well known immediately after the accident. Michael guided me through the insurance claim process allowing me to take the time necessary to understand the complete impact that the accident would have on my life. Michael interacted with me through all stages of the process. We were able to make a fair settlement with the insurance company which was a huge step in the mental part of the recovery process.
  • HF

    Dec 10 2018 So grateful to have found Mike, I found a lawyer that fought my case with integrity and respect. Could not have asked for a more compassionate and kind team to work with.
  • Callur Robertson

    Oct 14 2018 Working with Mr Schneider was great.
  • Marion Kelly

    Sep 06 2018 Mike Schneider is a great lawyer! As a lawyer myself with over 20 years of experience, and as a former client of Mike's, I give him the highest rating possible. He is thoroughly knowledgeable, responsive, tough, candid, compassionate, fair, brilliant, and funny. His staff are also knowledgeable, professional, and thoughtful. When you need an advocate on your side, you cannot do better than Mike.
  • Elaine Dahlgren

    Aug 18 2018 I had no idea what to expect when Michael Schneider became my attorney but I quickly learned that he is professional, ethical and had my best interest in mind. He is someone I trust, we received an excellent outcome because of his expertise and advice. Michael cares about his clients and I would recommend him to anyone who needed his legal expertise.
  • darlene lind

    Aug 17 2018 Michael Schneider is not only a great lawyer to have on your side, he is also a person who actually does care about his clients. If there were stars that went passed five, I would have used them!
  • GD

    Aug 14 2018 I am a jaded reviewer. I spent my whole professional career doing claims management and litigation management for insurance institutions. This attorney laid out an action plan that I fully agreed with. No unnecessary wheel spinning, expenses or extraneous fluff. The results were much better than expected due to the complexion of the case.
  • Chas zoffer

    Aug 06 2018 Good
  • Julie

    Jul 18 2018 Michael was very helpful while working on our case. I recommend him as your lawyer.
  • Gloria E Clarke

    Jul 16 2018 Amazing person
  • Emma Nash

    Feb 08 2018 I am very thankful that Mr. Schneider was my attorney during a personally hard case. He was very efficient and prompt, very professional. I like that he gets personally involved, and that he cares.
  • Amy Zollner

    Feb 08 2018 I feel like Mr Schneider really cared about my family throughout our ordeal, and gave great advice during a time when we had no idea what to expect . He was very practical and thoughtful in explaining the process and the reality of expectations of outcomes. He was both knowledgeable and supportive throughout the worst experience of our lives.I would definitely trust him with any future issues that that need his qualifications.We are a family that has never needed a personal attorney and I feel very thankful that we were able to be represented by Mr Schneider .
  • Robert

    Dec 09 2017 Micheal Schneider and staff were so professional and effective. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
  • Sigrid Brudie

    Nov 14 2017 Mr. Schneider represented me and my son, and we are both very pleased with his personal attention to the case, his regular followup, and the satisfactory conclusion.
  • S Brudie

    Nov 14 2017 Mr. Schneider represented me and my son, and we are both very pleased with his personal attention to the case, his regular followup, and the satisfactory conclusion.
  • Jeff Lee

    Aug 28 2017
  • Jennifer Aist

    Jul 21 2017 I've been impressed with Mr. Schneider and his office staff. They are prompt and responsive to all of my needs as a client.
  • Elite Reader

    Jun 01 2017

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